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  1. I've done that, but without knowing what to look at the differences are mostly too subtle to see. The scroll differences are the only element that are clearly evident.
  2. I want to be able to recognize the differences between the key elements of Strad, Amati, Stainer, etc. and have searched with no success for websites that directly compare and explain them with side-by-side photos or diagrams. Can anyone steer me to a site that does that?
  3. I received the free replacement frog (Thank You, Andrew Glasser!) and I think I installed it correctly with the help of ctviolin's instructions and it will serve as a back-up. BUT...the new frog came with two small trapezoidal threaded nylon blocks that I didn't find not on the old bow so I didn't know what to do with them. I'm assuming they're used only on newer Glasser bows.
  4. I got a response from Andrew Glasser and he is sending me a replacement frog. Hopefully, I'll figure out how to replace it without ruining the hair, and salvage the bow as a spare.
  5. So which shall it be? I simply don't know if Xmas has a large influence on instrument sales the way it does in some retail segments and I don't want to drive 50 miles each way only to see the left-overs after inventory has been picked through for the best instruments for Xmas gifts.
  6. Now I see why you didn't call me as you said you would. VIolin shops tend to be busy right thru Christmas to tax season. Violin dealers like myself tend to buy violins at the NAMM Show which will be held in Anaheim in mid January. The NAMM Show is open to the trade only and is the largest wholesale venue for new instruments.There are no "deals" to be had from European dealers at ...

  7. I'm ready to hit the violin shops to look for an intermediate level violin, but thought it might be better to wait a month so after Xmas for the shops to replenish their stock. Am I right to wait?
  8. This was a PR stunt. Performing in a high traffic area as people who have tight schedules rush past is pointless and perhaps exploitative in "proving" a false premise.
  9. Glasser's website says they only do refurbs in volume for their dealers (min. 10). I may call them Monday. I think they should replace the bow...its clearly a defective part, age notwithstanding. I've seen hints in some forums that they had a "recall" for bad frogs some years back, but no details. Great detailed repair instructions. I may try it just for the experience; I'm no stranger to tools. Nothing to lose but $6 for the frog.
  10. The plastic frog on my son's Glasser bow split right through at the tensioning pin. Gorilla glue won't hold the ribbon tension. Frogs shouldn't split. I think Glasser ought to replace the bow, even if it is several years old. I e-mailed Glasser; no response. I'm not going to spend $50 to have a $75 bow fixed. I found a source for a replacement Glasser frog for a few bucks but that would mean opening the wedge and removing and reinstalling the hair myself, which I figure will be a stinker to put back together. Opinions? PS - Already ordered a much nicer replacement bow from Shar. If I fix the Glasser it would be a spare.
  11. Thanks for the tip, we exchanged e-mails but he had nothing at my price limit. Dennis
  12. Thanks for the tip, we exchanged e-mails but he had nothing at my price limit. Dennis
  13. Precisely. I ordered a wooden bow from Shar Music. It can be returned if not satisfactory.
  14. If anyone is following this thread, I've narrowed it down to a Shar beginner's bow in brazilwood or the basic Glasser fiberglass student grade. This is only for re-entry...if he sticks with it maybe Santa will spring for a nice Coda carbon next year.
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