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  1. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    Yes, indeed. That one is spectacular. This one -- well, maybe I just don't understand art. Maybe it's not what it once was.
  2. Downforce Experiment

  3. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Good. I didn't think so.
  4. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Martin Swan, if I'm not mistaken, some people have denounced conclusions from his forthcoming paper, without seeing the data. If that is not the case, then you and other critics need to make that very clear. But regardless of what was denounced, what is undeniable here is the tone of one or more persons. Debate and alternative opinions are acceptable. Other data is even more acceptable. What is not acceptable is the tone. I do not condone that in any way. If some people think it is fair to criticize in that way, then I think it is fair to denounce the critics on procedural and fairness grounds.
  5. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    GeorgeH, you have repeatedly denounced Bruce Tai's arguments even before you have seen the data, or at least all the data. You have denounced him as a pseudoscientist, even though he has posted most of the world's data on some extremely rare samples. You have adopted a persistent accusatory tone that many of us find unacceptable. I was going to warn you away from this behavior, but it's too late. I have already written you off as a crank with an agenda, and others have too. When Tai's papers are published, and only then, you will have an opportunity to submit a comment to the journals. That will be considered by the editors, possibly with the advice of referees or an editorial board. It might help your case if you have any credibility of your own as a scientist or luthier. You will have one and only one shot at making a carefully-written, carefully-reasoned argument. Unfortunately, this is the Internet, and you are allowed to filibuster. The rest of us will have a scientific exchange of ideas and arguments in the spirit of learning something about old instruments. You, on the other hand, seem determined to continue with an unhelpful, accusatory tone. Have a good trip, and take your time while the rest of us discuss the subject impassionately.
  6. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Amen. Well said.
  7. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Don't be absurd. And don't be insulting.
  8. I made one once for myself. It was moulded to the angle of the mandible (look it up), with perfect anatomy, and it was wonderfully comfortable. I never found that it locked the violin in place, and I personally don't understand that common complaint about chinrests. It was a prototype that I used on a somewhat junky violin. When I got a better violin I realized it didn't fit the violin very well, so I decided to make another one. Meanwhile I just made do with a lousy, standard wooden model, and then I got busy and never got around to making a better chinrest. But I really recommend doing that. It doesn't make your Bach worse, but it might very well make it more comfortable.
  9. I've never seen a commercial chinrest that matched the anatomy of the human jaw or any part of the jaw. None of them even comes close.
  10. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Cairo, Illinois? ...Consider flying from Midway on Southwest.
  11. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Seriously, not wanting to discourage you, just so you know, Chicago is BIG, and traffic can be slower than Miami evacuating in a hurricane. So you don't want to go very far if you can help it.
  12. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    You could always go deer hunting, then butcher the carcass in the living room -- just to break in the new digs a little. After that shock a few shavings and a little spilled varnish and tools and wood everywhere will seem like nothing.
  13. Login attempts of would-be hackers

    OK, mine was really hard, but now it's impossible to guess.
  14. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    The changes in weight are small, but the compositional changes are quite large. The compositional data are in Table S10. Look for the supporting information (SI).
  15. Case humidifiers

    How many kg of air is in one of your cases?