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  1. you may get more ideas over at The session www.thesession.org
  2. by less obtrusive are you meaning aesthetically or phisycally? I had tried a playonair several years ago and for me it was more like getthedamnedthingtostayonyerviolinair...
  3. I'll just stick to the chamois and the rubber band... but does the chamois ever wear away the varnish due to friction rubbing?
  4. thanks for all the replies...after reading this I'll stick to a rubber band...I liked the idea of it though...I don't mind the junking up look of a rubber band, but the rubber cement seemed a little easier...one less step...trying to uncomplicate things....but whenever I do that it seems to become more complicated...why is that?
  5. Will rubber cement hurt the varnish of a violin? I am playing without a shoulder rest and have used a chamois cloth to help keep the fiddle from slipping around. Recently a friend showed me her trick...apply rubber cement on a cosmetic sponge and let it dry. The sponge then can be placed on the back of the violin and removed at will. I've tried this on a lesser quality violin and it looks like there are no adverse effects. What do you think? thanks
  6. so David, perhaps you could comment on who makes the best choppers...Orange County or Big Bear?
  7. I didn't know that Prince played the violin!!!!
  8. I would respectfully disagree with that statement. If violinists playing "traditional" music only listened to the scratchy old fiddlers with poor tone playing out of tune, then the tradition would surely die. In a sense the tradition is still evolving and fiddlers who play with the style and sense of Jamie Laval are helping that along just fine. Jamies roots are in the Scottish tradition and in that idiom there is a long history of musicianship that goes hand in hand with the tradition.
  9. so, Ken, you like the big smokey petie Scotch, ehh? I like the Glenmorangie cask aged stuff..the port aged is delicious... I've seen a couple Hardies, and played them too..yours looks like the Hardies i've seen...
  10. my parents were looking for a sportscar... they had driven BMW motorcycles all their lives... they drove Porsche Boxter and hated it...did not handle well or seem to be made well they drove a Mazda Miata and said that it was a much superior car than the Porsche then they drove a BMW Z3 and came home with that.. but I think they really liked the Miata better... amybe if the BMW didn't have a label that said "made i Germany" (well now South Carolina...) having said that there are a couple young luthiers from Italy who are quite nice...like Tadioli but I imagine that he could have been born anywhere and made some nice fiddles ...just because you're from Italy does not mean that you can make spaghetti!!!
  11. sunnybear


    indeed, Happy Birthday perhaps a special dinner is in order...
  12. well, if you have it in your blood to get the Forberger, nothing much is going to change that. But I can have a lot of respect for a shop that will tell you that they would love to sell you a new fiddle, but can "fix" yours for a lot less.
  13. I think the Guarneri Quartet are more likely candidates,right Manfio? I really enjoyed watching that too.
  14. I do not know of any other string that responds so well to a change in E string than Dominants. They are still my first choice after my love/hate relationship with Eudoxas. I have not used the Special E. I use either the Gold Label, or a Jargar Forte. With Eudoxas I use a Golden Spiral. The seduction of trying new strings is very strong. That is what drives a new product,not necessarily need, but allure. I have tried a lot of the strings on the market, and always come back to Dominants (or Eudoxa).
  15. No that is to say, if you don't read music, how are you going to use an "advanced" book? there are some things published that have some music and a cd together like the Irish Session tunes Orange Book, or the Comhaltas books but what are you asking, per se?
  16. yes, I was referring only to the Olympus DS 30..I have no idea if other recorders have other features which mine does not
  17. Andres, I am plesently surprised...there are different "voice" recording sensitivities, so as long as you pay attention to those, you arein great shape. Before the digital, I used a minidisc (still have it, a Sony) witha n external mic that recorded beautifully...but the hassle (to me) of "real time"uploading to computer and then editing, using Audacity, made it almost not much fun to deal with. With the Olympus, you can plug and play via a USB...this alone is well worth the marginal difference in sound quality. A friend of mine did a "session" recording and the cd that was made was really really good. the ONLY thing I don't like about teh digital is that there is no way to name a file...the files are all stored in folders, which you can rename from the computer... ...but I am not using the Olympus as a storage device (like an I Pod) anyway.
  18. I just got an Olympus DS 30..easy to use, keep it in vilin case.. just recorded a whole weekend of Scottish Fiddle workshop (plus the after hours jamming) with room to spare. THe Edirol is nice but I did not want to spend that much money. THe Olympus has a slow playback feature too
  19. I like the 2nd Jerry Holland book, too..also they are using quite a bit from the Athole Collection these days
  20. Ryans Mammoth was the C.B. "bible" for years and years
  21. and go here to listen to what Cape Breton music really is http://www.capebretonlive.com/
  22. go here and go to Tune Collection and look at the table of contents http://www4.ncsu.edu/~pfackler/Music/
  23. thanks, Jacob...I have had it looked at...the neck angle is not quite right, but when I had it looked at, I wasn't really thinking about what the change in tone may be. The playability really is fine and the g responds well all the way up into about 7th position...but I am not really worried about the g string in 7th position, or 6, 5 or 4 much for that matter...not for this fiddle (and my other one either : ) )...I am sure that there could be work done to modernize this fiddle, but still wondering about tone. If the neck angle is not quite right...(too low) what would raising (or correcting) this do? Yes, and I am aware that the work done to anything is subject to the person doing the work, and I do not believe for a second that all old (or new) violins are created equally.
  24. ...well, like I said, its a fun fiddle to play...and it has its own issues...I have a nice violin as my main instrument, and did not pay vry much for this one...as to how good the luthier was, it is hard to say. I think he (she, but doubt it) used the pregnant pig model as the guidelines...however, it is fully blocked and lined, so that is testament to something...just not real sure what.
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