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  1. In reply to: I bought a DVD player just for this Me too!! In fact, I bought the DVD first and played at my friend's computer, then I bought the DVD player.
  2. I have acquired a old German fiddle 3 months ago. It has two large cracks on the top above and below the left f-hole. Later one luthier told me the upper crack is not very well repaired (with a cloth only) and that area is very thin and you can see lights come through. 2 months ago the weather here in Hong Kong became dry and a buzz developed. I then took my violin to have a check. The first and second repairmen messed up with my violin and damaged the sound comepletely. They sanded the fingerboard, top nut, glue top and back. The outcome was it buzzed more. I had to pay a third repairman to change the top nut, bridge and soundpost to restore my violin. But still the fingerboard is so much lower now.... Yesterday the G string had a buzz again. My violin teacher said it is very possible that old violins (with repaired cracks? ) develop buzz in dry weather. My former old violin was such a dull that I might not notice it for ten years. Even with basebar crack. Can anyone tell me if that statement is true. Does it only happens to violins with repaired cracks or old violins or new violins too in dry weather? I hate the thought that I pay 300 dollars and all the works for nothing and turns out with a poorer violin after but I want the truth.
  3. Regarding which one projects better, that particular Zygmuntowicz or that particular Palm, Don't you guys get it ???!!! It is the same with the story that people praised Heifetz 's (or Kresler?) beautiful del Gesu when he is actually playing something else. It is simple as that. Mr Olivares projects better than that guy at the Emerson quartet.
  4. http://www.shirakawaviolins.co.jp/strings/index.html
  5. For straight and perpendicular bowing on open strings, how about buying a set of Supersensitive 's "Tone Shaper Bow Guide"? http://www.swstrings.com/product.php?id=382 Anyone have experience on this? I would have been able to give you some ideas on that if only Southwest strings gave me shipping quote 15 days ago. They still seems to be lost from the Earth.
  6. EMI Europe is going to release a DVD of Milstein alone so we have to wait for some time. Here is where you can order a DVD of Jacqueline du Pre: http://www.hmv.co.jp/Product/detail.asp?sku=551794 Excerpts from: Brahms' Sonata No. 2 in F, Op. 99 Offenbach's Duos for two cellos Beethoven's Sonata No. 3 in A, Op. 69 Schubert's Piano Quintet in A, D. 667 "The Trout" Beethoven's Piano Trio No. 5 in D, Op. 70 No. 1 "The Ghost" Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85
  7. Francescatti DVD (plays Beethoven concerto) in the Q Disc set of 8 CDs Damm, can I just get the DVD alone! Then I would have the Beethoven concerto DVD collection by Oistrakh, Kogan, Menuhin and Francecatti. May get Mutter later...
  8. I used to blame my bow when it bounces... because it is a cheap (but fairly decent) Chinese bow. But last weak I have the chance to play a Joseph Alfred Lamy and it bounces like hell!!! After a few days I play my teacher's french bow and it is smooth as silk, much better than my own bow. My teacher said it is the playing style that varies. The Lamy needs heavy pressure and pull. While his french bow is on the heavy side (but well balanced) and need to be play relaxedly.
  9. I wonder if there are strings which may accelerate the "breaking in" time of new instruments? Would tension be a variable?
  10. Why not make your own shoulder pad? I made two pad from foam swimming board. Sewn and Wrapped up in chaomis. You can position it anywhere till it fits and can make any shape and thickness. It is easy.
  11. I know nothing about conducting but there is one man that can't get out of my mind. Sergiu Comissiona. Anyone know him? I have attended an Asian Youth Orchestra concert with him conducting the Dvorak's Symphony No.8. That's the no.1, the most wonderful experience in my concert life. That orgasm was still there after days.
  12. Thanks everyone. In the booklet of my Heifetz CD, it says "Heifetz played his arrangement of Auer cadenza in the 1st movement." Auer's cadenza is available at Frank Music Company. But how different is it from Heifetz's "arrangement" ? If the difference is small, I will just obtain Auer's.
  13. It is the one Heifetz recorded with Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch. Does anyone know if it is in print? Can't find it anywhere. Where can I find it......... Another question. Which is the favourate cadenza among soloist? Is it Auer? Thanks.
  14. http://www.shirakawaviolins.co.jp/strings/...3?instrument=VN
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