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  1. Thanks everyone. It IS finished, by the way. Yuen, it is fully varnished with oil varnish-no colour added. I have made the violin for my daughter, and that is what she wanted. It would probably not be my choice, but it actually looks fantastic when you see it for real. The photos don't really do it justice. Anyway, I've been rather cautious with this violin because it has exceeded all my expectations, and I have seen way too many beginner violins with a thick, dark varnish that doesn't really work for me. I didn't want to ruin it. Having said that, the luthier that has been teaching me actually varnished it for me! It really does have a sensational tone, and I don't think that he wanted me to ruin it either.
  2. Here are some pics (I hope!) of my first and only violin. The back is European maple from SVS tonewoods. The front is an unbelievably gorgeous piece of Alaskan Sitka spruce that was given to me by ctviolin. It is based on the Del Gesu "Alard", and the sound is huge. Scroll Back Scroll Front Scroll Side Violin Back Violin Front Violin Side
  3. Don't worry CT, I will certainly post pics soon. We've been playing it in the white-it sounds awesome-strings and fingerboard are now off again to finish some detailing and for the varnish......you'll be shocked at what a woman has achieved!
  4. Another question. What product is water based, a pink colour in the jar, and has been around for ages? It dries clear on wood (I've tested it). I'm thinking of using it as a ground, but the luthier that's been assisting me (greatly!) won't tell me what it is!! Any ideas?
  5. Well, the good news is that my one (and only) violin is ready for varnishing. My daughter wants to keep it 'white', though......any suggestions as to what I should use? Xan
  6. quote: Originally posted by: Soundboot For some reason I can't mention the violin maker I spent time with as Maestronet detects the name as a censored word!!! What is going on here? LOL!
  7. The stamped name on my bow is on the wood (and it's very plain). The frog does have a stamp, but it's very worn-it looks a bit like a cloud-though it could be the remnants of a flowery type of 'Gotz'. Nothing I would class as a shield or a star!
  8. Are all Gotz bows rated with stars adjacent to the stamp? I have a Gotz bow with no stars that I can see, and someone else I know has one with 3 stars-which he says is 'superior' to mine! My bow would be older than his-I quite like my bow, so I will in no way be offended if mine is a base model. I'm just curious.
  9. It's German. Actually, I have no idea. I just couldn't resist saying it!
  10. I think you'll find that both the professionals and amateurs on this forum are unbelievably generous with their advice and encouragement. Good luck with your projects.
  11. I loved Obligatos,......until I tried Larsen violin strings. I'm afraid that I've been totally converted to the Larsens.
  12. My son's Cello has just developed a horrible ringing sound on the open G. It's a Chinese Cello, with a previously unusually nice sound for the type of instrument that it is. I've held the tailpiece etc, but can't find a way to stop it. It doesn't seem to be present when the string is stopped. The strings have been on for about a year. Any ideas?
  13. Quote: I've been wondering what brings people to this highly unusual activity. In this country there are probably not more than 6 people who do this and as a percentage we must be one of the smallest group of hobbyists* on the planet. Just a wild whim for me. I actually have no idea at all where the thought came from, or why I acted upon it it. Good fun, though. No woodworking skills at all, no design skills, and no family history..... I have progressed to the purfling stage now, which I am quite excited about!
  14. Unfortunately I don't think that any of the people on this board should worry about me taking their profession or hobby-whilst I love violin making, I actually find nursing much easier and financially advantageous!! I've been making the violin for almost exactly a year, and I am doing it tough. The lesson is for 3 hours per week, and I must admit that I haven't been doing any work on it at home. And I have been spending more time than I should chatting and drinking coffee at the lessons than actually working.... That will change from this week though!! I could have got someone to use a router on the edges etc, but I really do want to do it all myself. And the mould took me ages.... The teacher is actually very generous with his time and talents and bales me out all the time. What he can achieve in 5 minutes could take me two hours, so he does help a lot. I think that a lot of the problem ct is the wood that you gave me......there is so much! There is just so much beautiful wood to whittle away at. I'd like to be half way finished to the finished in the white stage...that would be progress.....and the thought has crossed my mind to paying the luthier to do the scroll.... We'll see. I'll try and up my work rate and see what happens. Alan Coggins said that it would take around two years, I really don't want it to be three.
  15. ...it sounds as though this will be a 3 year project then!
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