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  1. i am going to Aspen this summer... third time actually. I will be there half session, meaning i'll be at Aspen for 4 and half weeks instead of full 9 weeks. I"m siked to study with Mr. Kang!
  2. HKV> Me? Yes i have learned the piece and performed it at the Kennedy Center. I loved every single second of playing the piece!
  3. yes HKV you have played tzigane for me over the phone but I didn't classify listening on the phone along w/ my recording experiences. I watched Oistrahk play Tzigane on video. I am usually a huge fan of D. Oistrahk but his Tzigane did not cut it for me. It sounded a bit too russian to me, if you know what i mean.
  4. I have a recording of Gidon Kremer playing this piece on the violin (hehe obviously) and i ABSOLUTELY love the piece/playing. I wanted to learn it so i looked up the sheet music at shar but they only had the cello version of the piece. Anybody know how i can get the violin version of the piece?
  5. He just moved his home to Indiana University this academic year.
  6. i LOOOOOOOOOOVE Tzigane. I still think it's the best piece written for violin just like rite of spring is the best piece written for the orchestra. I agree with HKV that Tzigane actually is not the hardest piece written for the violin. There are harder stuff like... ernst's polyphonic studies or waxman's carmen fantasy.. the list goes on. Tzigane is just a really well written show piece that makes the audience think that the piece is very hard. Anyways... i actually did not agree with any of the recording i have listened to so far (bell, sophie-mutter, rapin, perlman). The cadenza section in the beginning is TOTALLY different from one person to another. One of the main reasons that i didn't agree 100% with any of the violinists i listened to is the fact that none seemed to be following ravel's intentions as to how long each note/rest is supposed to be. Had Ravel written it to be played as freely as we normally do these days, then he would not have bothered to calculate all those 16th and 32nd notes and rests. I would really like to get a hold of rabin's or francescatti's recording. The last page... do lots of rhythms.. w/ different bowings... and use the metronome.
  7. Try doing them downbow staccato even if it means doing them slower. Somehow doing downbow staccato helps the upbow staccato. Also, group the notes by the strings they are on so your bow hand knows what string to go next on for which note.
  8. quote: Originally posted by iupviolin: If the Florida orchestra is like this than there are 2 female concertmistresses in America I believe the term concertmistress is not a politically correct term as it has connontation of referring to women as lesser being than men. " a : a woman other than his wife with whom a married man has a continuing sexual relationship b archaic " as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary. besides meaning women has power and authority. Because the word has double and rather contradicting meanings, the term "concertmistress" is considered politically wrong and should not be used.
  9. quote: Originally posted by iupviolin: Can you name ONE female concertmaster (concertmistress) of any major american symphony orchestra besides Cecylia Arzewski (Atlanta)? Sure Nurit Bar-Josef of National Symphony Orchestra just earned her concertmaster seat half year ago after her position as assistant concertmaster seat with Boston Philharmonic. Sharyl Staples of New York Philharmonic is assistant or associate concertmaster of NY Phil. There is a DePasquale (i forget her first name) in Cleveland Orchestra who also holds second or third chair in first violin section.
  10. The Juilliard School "boasts" the acceptance rate of 9% or so. Of course that is the acceptance rate of the whole school, not just the music department. The drama division is known to be the hardest to get in but trust me, music division is not a safety for anybody even if you are a pre college student at Juilliard. Um... regarding ms delay, i believe she has stopped teaching completely. Juilliard and Aspen still keep her on the faculty list for some reason.
  11. I am a senior in high school. I think that explains it all. a violinist as u can tell from my name.
  12. I was furious when I found out that Bartok's Rhapsody #1 was composed in 20s or 30s. I"m not that worried about the 20th century piece as of now cuz... the tape doesn't require it.
  13. Actually no need to stay away from her, if u mean her as being ur teacher. The reason being is that she doesn't teach anymore. She didn't even come to Aspen this summer because she was really sick. The same situation applies to juilliard starting this school year.
  14. his beethoven violin concerto is just GORGEOUS! someone told me that no one else can play the minor section of the last movement like ferras plays.. and i completely agree!
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