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  1. Staylor - where is this r&r chatroom you speak of ? I get totally lost on this www, but thank fucg I just about manage to hold on to my knickers (smelly & crusty as they are). Now how do I get on to this chatroom ? And will I be greeted with a cocktail ?
  2. I've never played in an orchestra, but I can't help admiring anyone that can pull that many musicians together, to make beautiful music. I believe he's been involved with some of that ?
  3. quote: Originally posted by stephen redrobe: Also many people have an involuntary sympathetic reflex in the bow arm causing them to release bow weight commensurate with the decrease in finger pressure as applied by the little finger. Do not allow this to happen. Keep the bow weight constant with all fingers. Stephen. Hmmmm that's true and exactly what's been happening to me but I never realised till now Excellent advice --- I just experimented with consciously keeping the bow pressure the same, and discovered my pinky comes out in the same kind of sympathy reflex with the bowing, a much stronger sound instantaneously (still need to exercise pinky some more though) Thankyou, I'm amazed at this little bit of insight, I had been struggling with this problem for ages and now see a 'way out'.
  4. Hi, I have recently had a freebie bow thrown in with a violin I bought, restored and I love it, I've swapped over to this one now because it really works for me. It has Maestro printed on the side and was made in Germany. I've tried a search but found nothing about the makers - have any of you got any information on them ?
  5. The diamond business has always been pretty cutthroat and immoral, I personally never did see the attraction, apart from a geological (right word?) point of view. Sure they're very pretty, but I have a ring that has semi-precious tiny shiny stones in it, which receives a lot of complimentary remarks --- on the other hand, a friend of mine who has a big diamond ring, receives no comments whatsoever.
  6. quote: Originally posted by Johnsmith: 7.And last but defiantely not least; The new and revolutionary Barne`s Velocipede Foot Powered Scroll Saw! http://www.americanartifacts.com/smma/barnes/b2.htm That is a bargain if ever I saw one !
  7. Are you sure it's the longest one ? It would be such a shame if you missed it by one more post. Slurps back the pasta and beer --- waiting for the next longest thread
  8. THE ASTEROID! Fortunately Redrobe knew a bit about mass, velocity, and down range energy, having read the diary of his Great-Great- uncle Norbert. And, little beknown to everyone, the bardender was an amatuer alchemist. He assessed the situation and decided that a good supply of O'Conners Irish whiskey mixed proportionally with that amazing rosin just might do as a propellant in a pinch. The air ducts leading to the roof could theoretically be used as a launch tube; now all they needed was an object of proper diameter and sufficient mass for a counter projectile. With not a moment to lose their eyes scanned the hall and lo and behold, their gaze fell upon.....Isaac Stern. They quickly bound and gagged the projectile and added the propellant. Redrobe then placed the projectile into the breech of the makeshift gun - and taking some delight in the look upon the face of the projectile... but suddenly,Redrobe recalls the capsule, that was found in the odd shaped box with the note. The small glowing object, that is only pungent at night and grows to 5 times its size when it rains. "Ah ha! Perfection!" exclaims Redrobe who proceeds to place the capsule....... in the small concave indentation at the end of his combustion probe (nobody was aware that all along, Dr Redrobe carried an identical capsule upon his person ). His eyes lit with gleeful purpose, just as he was about to ignite the gagged and bound projectile ..... [This message has been edited by zizzer fingerz (edited 04-09-2002).]
  9. Suddenly, an agent from Pirastro, sensing a business opportunity, approaches Hestin to request a trial set of strings.....Thus the great shouting actor and gunman began his 40 days and 40 nights weaving through Egypt. My wonder! The agent is none other that Carl Flesch. By this time Stephen has recovered fully forom his brief inebriation, blaming it all on mistaking a glass of Mark O'Conners pure Irish whiskey for a light sherry. He has already helped Grey Violiner out of the pit and is considering lending a hand to Auer, when Flesch - noticing Auer for the first time - completely forgets the string deal and rushes over to the pit. These two could never agree on proper form for a good bow hold and...called upon Charlton Heston to settle the issue.. Heston was a bit "tied up" at the moment but agreed to help and, taking careful aim got Flesch plumb between the eyes. Quick as a flash Harvey Keitel was on the scene and emptied his Beretta into Heston. He then handed over a banknote to mojo and said "hey you ******* ***** go and get me 200 ****** cigarettes for the afternoon you ****" Mojo left and..... burst into tears at the way Charlton had demanded his smokes in such a brutish manner . As his sobbing died down to a mere dribble, he hacked back the snot, took a deep breath , and then noticed the most ghastly ......
  10. quote: Originally posted by onewl: Has anyone gotten their posters from this website? i haven't Me neither, they've ripped me off
  11. A horrible plastic recorder was my first hands on experience with musical instruments, and I thoroughly hated playing every christmas carol that the school proudly presented in their horribly repetitive christmas plays. It was a nightmare, I was not born into this world to enjoy any kind of limelight whatsoever, and this school/recorder experience put me off the musical scent for years. At least I learnt to read music through it, and that was an enjoyable experience, and has proved very helpful in later life. [This message has been edited by zizzer fingerz (edited 04-06-2002).]
  12. Horace, why have you suddenly got two E's in your name ? My son thinks all sorts of things are a joke, he doesn't find you particularly amusing though. And no I have never ever played Paganini. Staylor, SO what next ? Are you bored or something ? sitting on the edge of your seat ? There is no more, got a problem with that ? Lymond I love cool pyro's, and as far as being deliberately hurtful, you're wrong, but I can't be bothered to explain my behaviour to people that are deaf dumb and blind so don't even ask. What is it with some of you, aren't some people aloud to disagree with your opinions ?
  13. quote: Originally posted by staylor: I meant it was a truthful re-telling of what took place in my household. If you find it ugly, then you agree with me on that point. The reason for my post is no better or worse or more worthy than the point of your post. Why does this bother you so much ? If Heifetz received those comments, I'm sure it had something to do with recording qualities relative to the time ? My son has been subject to all sorts of recordings from me, some with horribly distorted feedback and all sorts of other interference, let alone inferior playing. He was in the same room as usual, and yes, he looked horrified for the first time when he heard one of hkv's recordings. If you don't like that fact , I'm sorry but it's still the truth. Not your truth, but very much the truth around here. For the record Staylor, you could tell without a doubt that my son really did think it was me playing for quite a while. [This message has been edited by zizzer fingerz (edited 03-31-2002).]
  14. quote: Originally posted by HungKaiFun: Obviously I can! I don't want or need to raise your blood pressure Huang, but I'm about to tell you a little story, bear with me for a moment ? I often record myself and play it back for practice and learning purposes. When I played one of your Pag clips, my son turned round with the most ghastly expression, and said in a somewhat higher than usual voice " IS THAT YOU PLAYING" (horrified expression is the phrase I'm looking for) I couldn't help laughing, he has never EVER put my playing down, even in it's worst and most painful moments. That is 100% true story. I dispensed with any subtleties because you clearly don't respond to them very well. NO professional criticism with me, just out and out ugly truth.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Horace: Um.......how's this a flame bait? Please please just pray for the shoe fairies to come and save you Horace, the only alternative you have, is to shut THE F*CK UP. [This message has been edited by zizzer fingerz (edited 03-30-2002).]
  16. Horace has got one BIG STINK *** ATTITUDE. I would never encourage that in a student, and that's just for starters. I've been trying to ignore Horace , but the poor boy ? .........
  17. I raise a toast to Troll and his/her new Bride/Groom mustn't assume Trolls are male sorry ! may you live a long and tuneful life together for ever --- uh ah huh, uh ah huh (Elvis impression in case you wondered !) Your very good health [This message has been edited by zizzer fingerz (edited 03-29-2002).]
  18. quote: Originally posted by Pennstater: Nice contrast to other clips. I think the ability to play slow well is a lot harder to learn than fast passages. I agree, much much harder. Yep, it was a great clip Phantom, I'm jealous rock AND classical ? Hmmmmph, some people have all the luck.
  19. Thanks Fingers, I've ordered the Grisales poster too , hope they haven't ran out ! Hmmmm, wonder if it's being too cheeky to get my sister to apply for another one for me.
  20. Mr Donald Woof still hasn't answered my valid question ! Woofy, if you're prepared to tell people what's good and what's snot, you really ought to give a decent answer and explanation. ziz
  21. Lotsa luck to you paganini, I was hoping it would turn out a lot better than this for you.
  22. Nice looking instrument though !
  23. The hard wax has got to be a cake of rosin, that's my professional opinion
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