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  1. Did you try them out? I know Becker's sound good, appearance wise they're quite boring. How's the Gagliano? looks 100 times more exciting though the scroll is somewhat misformed
  2. Last time I was there (pre covid) they got fines when the police arrived. Funny thing is there's a group of Gypsies buying the cheaper stuff at Vichy only to be shipped to Bordeaux/Marseille area to get a "make over" including new labels and stamps.
  3. I have doubts about the Antoniazzi at Bromptons, and that is said lightly. I did not see it in person but there's a reason it did not sell... on a side note, perhaps someone could shed some light on lot 158 at Tarisio, looks like a lovely violin, yet did not sell. Perhaps too expensive in combination with the small size? (personally I like 53.1cm)
  4. No, it can be on workshop bows also! I had some higher-end laberte/jtl bows (fricot, e.a brocca, blondelet, sarasate virtuoso) and they also had the nicks. I think your bow is from one of these Mirecourt workshops.
  5. For that money I know someone who sells the real thing with papers... Auction=Retail.
  6. Ok it's two pieces, but not in a mitre, we can exclude all the fancy makers now Can you check if the heelplate is fixed with one or two pins and if has a triangle on the ebony on opposite sides? I'm starting to think it could be a nice JTL bow..
  7. It's very rare to see a L Bazin with parisian eye! I have my doubts about the head. The lowerback of the head should be swept further and generally the head is longer. The heelplate does not have a mitre, instead it's one piece. Furthermore, the heelplate's pin in not centered which is a very important feature of one particular maker: Morizot pere. The parisian eye not being centered and slightly lower placed in the frog could indicate Mirecourt or the Morizot brothers. The head does not look like Morizot brother though and on a drunk day their father might have made it... It's difficult to say a particular maker from photo's. If you can, check if the width of the frog gets wide towards the stick (use a caliper) If it does, you have a Morizot on your hands. (or a German bow!)
  8. Makes sense if you look at their current and previous auctions; which were to say the least "disappointing" .
  9. Need more/better photo's... and as always, you can tell everything from photo's!
  10. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/browse-the-archive/makers/maker/?Maker_ID=233 Though this particular cello has nothing to do with Guadagnini nor Italy.
  11. No it is not required, the student auction at Vichy does not come with a "free" certificate, only their premium auction does. By law you can return the item if found out to be a counterfeit or not by the maker which the expert said it was, the law is a bit vague on it and there have been some lawsuits about it, particularly with art/paintings. I'm more talking about the workshop bows by D Peccatte made from albeille or exotic hardwood receiving papers saying it's "made by" instead of "workshop of" even when it's quite obvious (no S on head, length/place of mortise for instance) I'm sure this also happens with other instruments that are made in the workshop but certified as by the maker himself.
  12. As a bow collector, I do notice a lot of tourte's and peccatte's "suddenly" appearing... I guess the demand for these is so great that simple peccatte/tourte school bows are being certified as the real deal.. I'm quite certain some experts will fall from their pedestal in this decade. In general, I find it alarming to see how many certificates are being written en it frightens me to be honest , 10 years ago nobody would care less for a simple jtl or laberte bow, now the market demands it comes with a paper! I understand this is partly due to the many fakes out there. And yes, I have seen certificates that are plainly wrong for obvious reasons, these can range from small mistakes such as fully or semi mounted/length of stick/ nickel or silver mounted, etc... But also some big mistakes where the bow was obvious maker x and it had a paper saying its made by maker y, of course showing it to a different expert(s) confirmed my opinion.
  13. Interesting article, it seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree, or as we say in German "Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm"
  14. Anyone know what has become of Machold? He should be out of jail by now!
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