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  1. I know him personally. Nice chap, never had any issues with him. It's his company and he's trying to establish a foothold in the instrument market. Possibly the worst/difficult time to start... He helped me tremendously with a Gagliano violin that had to get an x-ray/ctscan performed upon.
  2. I had a Leicht bow once that's silver mounted. Is yours pernambuco? If so, 125usd is ok, if not, return it.
  3. Do you mean the tiny black spots? It's dents/scratches from one's finger/nail. I also see some light reflection further towards the edge. Nice viola but the condition (repairs to scroll) and lob make it commercially not interesting, the estimate is steep also, but that was not your question.
  4. At auction, these violins fetch anywhere between 50 and 250 euro. The provenance is useless without proof and with proof it is still a lot of money!
  5. You can see the effect has worn off near the handle! I don't know what they did to it but it's something chemical. Bazin and Tubbs used some sort of acid to make the stick darker, I have no doubt something similar happened here. I also don't think it is Pernambuco at all, looks more like brazilwood/albeille.
  6. Not Morizot. Looks like the wood has been treated to make it "stand out" more. I have a Sartory with a similar pattern but it is not treated.
  7. The bows look nice but expensive, 40k starting for the F Peccatte is just ridiculous, add commission and you have a full retail price...
  8. the bow looks german but without seeing proper photo's of the head and maybe the underslide of the frog
  9. This again? I thought we agreed on posting the auction link next time... not going to say anything based on these photo's... give me some proper one's of the head and I'll think about it.
  10. Bids are always placed last day if not last minute to keep potential competitors at bay, if a lot gets a lot of attention immediately it is likely others will spot it and bid on it...
  11. Maybe someone thought this could have been a Testore, scratched purfling and one F hole higher (albeit the wrong one) Without knowing how it sounds, go for the Chinese, your kid won't play on it for long anyways
  12. I wouldn't buy any of these. They are very schoolish, as if they were made by someone who just finished their education, nothing personal about it at all. All 3 could've been made by the same person. Don't bother with these. I'm quite certain these instruments will not sound very well, trial and error has put my biased opinion on modern Italians as being loud and without warmth and depth. Of course, exemptions are there but often by makers who are already established. As said before, TRY before you buy or let someone else try. I know some very well instruments in this price range from est
  13. I meant if the item was to stay in either the UK or move to a different member state in the EU. Items marked ‡ or Ω in the catalog These items are classed as temporary admissions and are sold under the Auctioneers’ Scheme, but import VAT of 5% (for items over 100 years old, marked ‡ in the catalog) or 20% (items under 100 years old, marked Ω in the catalog) will be added to the hammer price. For non-antique items, Import Duty of 3.2% is charged on the hammer price. If temporary admissions are to remain in the EU, an administrative fee of £115 per lot will apply for bringing th
  14. You buy the taxes for temporary import but you can get these back if the item is exported again, though the auction house does not help you with this so you have to fill out all the forms and provide proof yourself and send it HM treasury and/or customs. I had the same question and this was the answer, too much fuzz for me.