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  1. When you have about 20 or so Morizot Freres bows you easily mix up the bow with a different certificate.. they're all so similar
  2. There are bargains on ebay but it is not like it used to be say 6 years ago when every week i bought a nice violin/bow... sellers become wary and check their goods first and many deceitful sellers trying to fool the naive buyer. On a side note, bought myself a nice silver mounted Ouchard from ebay couple of months ago for 1000 euro... tarisio and other auctions are a mixed bag and you can't buy blindly. One time I bought a bow without seeing which had 8 grams of silver on it.. never again from the anglo-saxon auction houses. Too many dealers who dump their unsalable goods there and stuff that is nice is prey for the hawks. I have much better experience with european continental auction houses which in my opinion appear to offer more attic finds.
  3. That's quite the abomination. Looks like someone made this in a shed 50 years ago. Definitely not much older.
  4. If the piece goes from bottom till top it is most likely original. Some makers used three pieces of maple for their top. I can't tell if the F hole is crude or not from such a close distance. Would also like to see the entire instrument or mention the lot number so we can have a look at the brompton's photo's.
  5. I still don't see a photo of the replaced piece in the table... the crack looks fresh perhaps happened during transport? and was it also visible on the auction photo's?
  6. Someone tried to grill it, guess it wasn't so tasty. ......... Perhaps the certificates were written before the top was replaced.
  7. There's also a collin mezin I asked for additional photo's about a week ago but still nothing... promised I would get them tomorrow. I'll share them here when I receive them.
  8. There are some way to check this but some freres are darn close to pere and without having it in hand to check for some small "secret" traits that only apply to the pere. The head looks more freres, the curve/chamfers of the head go inside the stick quicker whereas pere is later. So I would say this is freres. However, the frog and button are very nice and could easily be père. The cozio archive is of no help, seems like there are morizot freres listed as père...
  9. I asked the auction why on earth they claim it to be French and asked for any supporting documents, my mailbox was silent...
  10. They have more, they don't share everything. If only you knew how large their database is! Anyway, the ones listed are ok except for one violin that stands out and this viola which I think was made in Mirecourt. Take a look at this violin: C bout and F holes, completely different, very personal and unattractive. Only the scroll seems to match This is exactly how I remember the 2 violins I had.
  11. f holes, edgework, purfling. everything is weird about her violins... photo's are not the real thing!
  12. This doesn't look like Jenny Bailly at all.. her work is... quite hideous, always. Looks more like something from Mirecourt instrument! Label also looks strange... I had two and they both had a grid of lines between the letters this one is solid.
  13. Vichy shipped in the past and gave several options with quotes (fedex, ups, dhl). Recently they stopped doing this altogether and only arrange packaging and you can provide them with a customer number to arrange/coordinate the pick up of your bought item. Or, use mailboxes. P.s, Vichy did gave me a cites certificates when I bought a bow with tortoiseshell though not required as it stayed in Europe. I'm not sure if this is standard or by mistake.
  14. I heard the pressenda plays lovely and the gagliano at bromptons, albeit it has worm so not for my me I'll go for the sleeper
  15. for JBV the Guarneri model is more sought after, so a higher estimate is justified. But, the condition is not nice as you pointed out. It would not be something I would invest in, there are plenty of vuillaume that are in a better condition for a similar price. A guadagnini in mint condition from his golden period can go for a million or more...