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  1. Hmm wasn't this violin in Monaco? I know an expert that saw the violin.
  2. I took a quick look and it seems that all of them are in the public domain (expired copyright)
  3. Cross pattée is used in hunderds of coat of arms of various countries and cities. I see zero reference to the iron cross/teutonic cross whatsoever.
  4. I agree with Martin, the bow shows absolutely nothing of Duchaine, it would've looked better for Tarisio to just say it's a French bow, quite silly attribution. I was quite interested in it but without seeing and going over my budget for an unseen bow I decided to pass on it.
  5. I guess you didn't watch the auction at Vichy! CRAZY prices sometimes triple the estimate. There's a lot of money that needs investing against the rising inflation.
  6. No it sold alright because they said bravo and clapped.
  7. I heard 2 million something but later heard 3,250.00, they looked disappointed! The Fagnola went cheap though... (if correct! After all it's Boyer...)
  8. Congratulations!! You just saved some money, not a Mennesson. Mennesson is quite similar to H Derazey.
  9. I talked about it yesterday with a friend, in the end it is much more profitable to simply become a dealer.. far less hassle! Especially legal can become tricky and expensive if it goes sideways.
  10. They do break, quite often actually and sometimes several times before being restored properly. If you don't mind, send a photo of the spline.
  11. I do, more often than not do they fetch higher prices than the same watch on chrono24, quite unbelievable! I decided to wait for the market to normalize again. It's not just watches though, it's with everything. As a bow collector i'm quite shocked, especially Vichy was a huge disappointment in terms of buying bargains, there aren't any.
  12. This is a "made according to guidance of" label which basically means it was bought from another workshop in Mirecourt and labelled by the Laberte firm. It's quite funny considering all Laberte instruments are made under guidance or supervision of Laberte as he did not make any instruments himself. The label does not seem authentic, the violin is low grade.
  13. Quite acceptable for an instrument of this age and provenance. Of course you have to see the instrument first before you can judge. Skinner's condition reports are quite meagre. I won't be surprised if they end up at Tarisio with triple estimates.
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