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  1. How would you luthiers go about repairing the neck on this1/4th French violin? Traditional way of adding extra maple, carving a new larger top block or perhaps simply gluing it all back? I have never done this repair on a child's violin and maybe simply gluing and retouching it will suffice because of the lower string tension on a smaller violin? The crack on the top is not a problem luckily it doesn't reach the soundpost area. I will be donating the violin to our local music school once finished.
  2. I understand where you're coming from Martin, you're a dealer I'm a collector and I don't mind spending big bucks on something in mint condition with the most beautiful wood. However, the Sartory's still sell for less than at say Tarisio... I just don't understand why people still want them when you can get a Jacques Audinot or JJ Millant that plays better for far less. Of all the bows I purchased at Vichy not one was weak not played bad. Maybe you expect a Morizot to play as a Peccatte? There are some bow makers who you can buy blindly. Not just the consistent Sartory who's bows I personally don't like (lack of personality) for obvious reasons i won't say names as the makers are still quite unknown though not surprisingly have increased a lot in the past years, apparently others found out. Still, you can spot the good playing bows by looking at the wood quality, balance and weight as i'm certain you knew already. Perhaps there are other factors that determine the higher results? No interest on savings, high precious metal prices and political uncertainties? Or perhaps because pernambuco trees are protected and good logs are extremely hard to come by.
  3. Vichy is bow heaven for a collector like myself. Italian violins are rare and often go for high results because as Martin stated out the eastern buyers simply have deeper pockets. But those people came long before the Millant collection, first time I was there in 2013 30% of the people were from Asia and I don't see an increase. Let's hope everyone spends all their money on the overpriced Millant stuff so we can get nice deals the day after. I disagree about things going for full retail. I nice Sartory at Vichy is usually an untouched attic find that has not been played in years and often has the original lapping and faceplate. This is something you rarely see at English or New England auctions where I barely see any bargains and where things sell AT retail prices. But to answer your question, people do reply in English if you ask a question. There is also a monitor which shows the current bid.
  4. Thanks, I found 2 in my big box of chinrests. Anyone interested at €200 a piece?
  5. How can one tell if it's an original Hill chinrest? Is there any marking on them?
  6. Perfect example! This one does not have the jigged edges on the font.
  7. how are you so certain? to me, the varnish looks like its sprayed on... everything about it screams Romanian of Czech in a bad way. I don't see any personal work in it. Label looks like it came out of an inkjet printer as well.
  8. Would like to see some examples to compare the 6 gulden between the 12 gulden work.
  9. the "certificate" doesn't say anything about who made it, just labelled or it is cut off from the top of the paper.
  10. In a not so distant past I owned one that I purchased directly from the maker. The violin sounded ok nothing special, loud/strong and with a terrible wolf on some notes in first and third position. I parted with it as luthiers I showed it to said it was Chinese. I still remember one luthier saying "no self respecting Cremonese maker carves such a scroll" and "did mister Mazzotti have Chinese eyes?" At the time (2011?) he sold the violin for either 2000 or 2500 euro... you can ask yourself if it is possible to make a living if you spent x amount of hours making a violin and getting paid so little. In the end he got upset when I confronted him with the opinion of his colleagues and posted some things on facebook in a not so friendly manner. Italian temperament? Let's hope his current output sounds better.
  11. It seems that lot 202 the Francesco Ruggieri has been withdrawn, I wonder what could be the reason? It had a bid of gbp 350.000 and the reserve was met. It was an interesting instrument albeit without any original varnish but of good length, for sure a good player. Does anyone know more about it?
  12. He still does... perhaps his son tests all instruments? Can't believe people still buy there, most nervous and annoying person I've ever met, likes to cheat people to and doesn't care.
  13. same seller, he uses same camera all the time