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  1. For me it looks like an interesting Neapolitan violin, but from photo's only I could be miles off... I wouldn't bid on it without seeing unless it stays under 1k, which I doubt.
  2. I'm surprised the del Brocco sold for so much, maybe someone thought it was the real deal? The work is obviously not Bignami but del Brocco, if anyone has access to the Cozio archive it's a dead on match.
  3. He's been on Ebay pre 2010. I remember he tried to sell me a fake Pollastri once, I'm not going to discuss his "own" work but it looks more oriental than Italian.
  4. This is a Ausonia del Brocco violin... estimate seems normal and they sound terrible, move along.
  5. All of those names are considered "safe" and each have their own specialty. It is known for Blot and Carlsson to specialize in 20-21th century Italian violins. I wonder who the dealer was that stated the violin to be Chinese.
  6. No they do more. I know at least several instances where one of my bows got rehaired, i'm more careful now and deliver with new hair from my own luthier who does it much cheaper. Strings, bridges, soundposts get replaced too. I'm not sure about more complicated matters such as cracks, fingerboards but I'm sure they can do it but it would be more economical to have this done before consigning.
  7. I once consigned a fine Louis Gillet bow at Tarisio, it was sold for a good price, more than what I paid for it from a small time auction house so I had a profit. The buyer subsequently consigned it again at the next auction, it sold for the same amount. Maybe he had to wait 5 more years?
  8. Probably not high-end enough... If we're talking about high-end Italian that means for me 3rd grade makers such as landolfi, gagliano, grancino, testore etc... it's widely accepted for instruments by these makers to have sp crack, bassbar, edge doubling, new linings/blocks (though I don't like this personally) and other defects. If an item does not sell it doesn't automatically mean it is bad.. I've seen items consigned (mainly at Bromptons) for retail price or more, items that were great but didn't sell because you can get them cheaper somewhere else.
  9. I'm sure this was not a secret... Of course I can't go into details on what I consign only that it always sells for the higher estimate or above, I don't consign junk. You know I'm a collector and sometimes I have to find some cash to purchase something I want more.
  10. So you call me a liar? I have copies of such contracts that I can send you (for your eyes only obviously)
  11. I don't remember paying 15% consigners fee at bromptons/tarisio/I&H. Perhaps because i'm a long term customer and actually provide items which will sell perfectly fine at retail but since I buy/sell quickly I don't want to wait a year or more and I'm ok with a lower profit. I pay 0-6% depending on what I consign.
  12. Can we play a quizz "let's find the fakes?" I'll start, Jean-Jacques Audinot never made any octagonal sticks according to his son Pascal. The head,frog,button are all wrong.
  13. I love Deconet, the only "maker" that depreciated in value! Where else can you get a fine Venetian violin from mid 18th century less than 50k at auction. However, this violin has little to do with Venice.
  14. Both bogus... There was a very nice Paul Serdet at Tarisio in March, stunning to look at but only sold after the auction...
  15. What happened to this? Bassbar crack, soundpost crack front and back, several long cracks on the tables, button crack/restoration on the back, back seam detached, weird neck graft/restoration and looks like its revarnished.