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  1. Frog seems good, 2 part heel/backplate, stamp at the correct location, button has the typical collar and cap. Only thing I can't see properly is the head and if it was broken or not.
  2. I was very interested in this violin but covid-19 prevented me from flying to the UK (closed borders from outside EU) And for this money I can't bid without seeing. If it sounds good someone good a nice violin for a good price. Condition report seemed ok for an instrument of this age.
  3. A violin - Turin school. Quite often used at major auction houses. If they are correct, is another question... especially with the Turin attribution one should be wary that the violin might in fact was made in Mirecourt.
  4. Crazy right? We both know how well these instruments can sound as opposed to the holy Italian violins... I put a very very very good sounding H Silvestre at auction couple of years ago, table revarnished but o my did that violin sound good! Also sold a P Silvestre at auction, not because i can't sell it (sounded great) but because I got it dead cheap somewhere else and i'm ok with the price that was promised and it sold for.
  5. Don't get the whole Poggi fuzz myself. Seems like a lot of people cashing these in at auction now. I don't think they'll go up more, would be crazy they topped over some of the old makers such as Gagliano. Pedrazzini is a mixed bag, he had several grades of quality and some are quite commercial. His later work is made entirely by Novelli. It's a shame, his own personal work with that lovely soft red varnish is very attractive and plays good (I own one myself so I'm biased) Fagnola, like a wooden door with strings. Probably only famous because of Pressenda. Nothing nice about this at all! Should be on par with makers such as Curletto. Probably heavily bloated by Asian buyers with little taste for sound. There are still plenty of underrated makers out there who produced good instruments throughout their entire carreer, of course I'll drop no names for obvious reasons. Same with some 20th century bowmakers though I'm starting to see more interest in the names I have in my list which is unfortunate for me. Some have risen 50% in price in a couple of years Sartory seems to be in a never ending ladder. Couple more years and it's at the same level as some bigger 19th century names (Maire, Maline, F Peccatte). I believe there should and will be a correction on Sartory.
  6. Looks like a new Chinese to me.
  7. is this the Russian guy from Hannover? he's on every platform selling junk.
  8. Which parts did they share? Are you saying maker X made frogs for maker Y and maker Y made sticks for maker X and maker Z just made buttons and occasionally a complete bow? If so, I disagree one can easily see differences between each maker who worked for Vuillaume. Even the violins show subtle differences though to a far lesser extent.
  9. I have to be honest that I guessed the Dodd cello, like you said who knows this. Henry doesn't have capped buttons, at least from what I've seen.
  10. ha 10/10 what's my reward tarisio?
  11. Has quite some issues. Backseam was detached, corner missing. I can spot a bassbar crack at the bridge area and possibly a soundpost crack but the seller put a lot of rosin at this area so it is difficult to see. All in all, total wreck.
  12. Aren't those terms heaven for auction hunters/experts who know more than most other people or is that a misunderstanding?
  13. lot 130 please. i think it is highly underestimated, possibly to extract more buyers. It's a lovely looking violin. Am wondering if it has soft oil varnish or if it's more hard and chippy.
  14. When you have about 20 or so Morizot Freres bows you easily mix up the bow with a different certificate.. they're all so similar