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  1. I'm new at this game (3mo.). I'm trying to graduate to songs with 4 flats, typically A,E,B,D,. My question is when I hit the D flat should I use the middle finger (turning it into a "C sharp" in my mind) or just pull down the forth finger (usually used for a "D" on the "A" string). I know the sound result will be the same, but will either approach hinder me later?
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, will let you know what i do....
  3. Went ahead and bought a h. siegel HS-20 for $125.00. Sound is good enough to use at sea but I will have to get the nut filed because the strings (dominants) sit too high and I can seldom bow a string with my fingers on another like on the Scherl. Thanks for all your help guys....
  4. What i meant was that i am looking for a "beater" (in addition to one for the move up). In other words maybe someone has experience with the low end stuff (for sea) and a different one to "move up to" from the Scherl.
  5. To amplify my last, I'm looking in the under $2,000.00 range.
  6. I have been playing 4 mo. now and enjoy it a lot but am already looking to research my next instrument. I have a Scherl and Roth E301H Prelude series. It is good for now, but am looking toward what would be next. Also, I go to sea on a sub and am looking for a "beater" to take with me that won't sacrifice so much in tone that I can't continue to learn but that wouldn't be a tragedy if broken. Any advice on a beater or on a step up for the Scherl? Please be specific on model since they vary so much.
  7. Just started about 3 months ago. Saw a tape you put on the fingerboard to show you where to put fingers. Should I use one until i'm used to it or will it just lead to undue reliance?
  8. I am ordering new strings for the first time. Can someone tell me the difference between ball end and loop end? I have the kind with the eyelet at the end is this loop end?
  9. Busted my first string. The "a" string. Can someone walk me through the do's and don'ts on how to restring? It has Thomastik Dominants and I want to do it myself...
  10. O.K., I've been at this fro about 2 months now an hour a day or so, I find I have to take every other day or so off since my fingers are so raw. Anybody have a solution to sooth fingers?
  11. I am new to the instrument and I can tell you that I would go to anyone who "said" they could teach and evaluate them in the first lesson. Of course being 43 yrs. old it is much easier than if I was sending my son/daughter. Perhaps as a draw you could offer a couple of lessons free as an evaluation for the student and then charge normal price. (30-35 an hour in our area) Credentials don't mean diddly to me, but then I'm olny playing for my own enjoyment and in church. [This message has been edited by oldsubguy (edited 11-22-2001).]
  12. The bow dropped on it and caused a 1/8 X 1/16 gouge on the top. I would say it is probably 1/32 inch deep. Although not all the way through, it may propagate. What should I do now.? It it only a $600.00 violin (Sherl and Roth R301E4H) but I don't want to harm it. Should I try to varnish over? If so, what kind?
  13. Thanks for the tips, just didn't know if this was normal or not. (unease of beginner)
  14. I like the new strings, (first set after steel core d'addario preludes), This is my first night with my new dominants (no jokes please) but the "D" in particular seems to "buzz" or have harmonics and they are going out of tune after evry 15 min or so of playing. Is this normal for new Thomastik Dominants and do they "settle in"? Help, I play in church tomorrow night
  15. Thanks for the tips. got a teacher today. We are going for at least 4 lessons and then we'll see. also had some Thomastik dominants put on in lieu of the D'addario preludes(steel). Wow, I don't bounce anymore with them and the new pernambuco bow! The bow is also a "sweeter" sound than the glasser horsehair and I find that I'm able to play some more notes than 1 during an up or down stroke. SWEETNESS....HAVING FUN NEAR SEATTLE... DAVE
  16. Try getting a hold of a magnetic mattress pad from www.nikken.com. They are great AND PRICEY, but they could change your life! My mothers arthritis is much better. You can usually find a local "dealer" that will lend you 1 for a week to try it out. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. They also have lots of stuff for wrists, backs, hands etc. Good luck!
  17. DEB: I played "How firm a foundation" and "Whosoever will". I am practicing with our piano player so that she and I can play together later though. Wow! is it different with accompaniment! Cadence, depth, everything. I am a "mechanical player" right now but am working on getting some expression too. Right now it is hard for my mind/arm to do anything but 1 note up then 1 note down. I'm working on it though. Sometime i can do it if they don't "crossover" from 1 string to the next. Our church is small and they just like hearing something new. This is great because I can play for them and they love it even though I'm not that good yet.
  18. One thing that can really help is "Magnetic wraps" The NIKKEN company makes a hand wrap (item#1687) that may help you. If you have a NIKKEN dealer in your area, many are willing to loan them out to try before you buy since they are quite pricey. I do sell them as well and they work great!. or go to www.nikken.com and go to products then "elastomag handwrap" I have a website too where you can go online and buy one. These are great, but don't work for everyone. The great thing about them is that they are non-invasive. Look in your yellow pages and find a dealer. http://www.5pillars.com/nikkenmagneticrelaxation/ Sorry for the pitch, but they really do work for my mothers arthritis!
  19. O.K. so I got one of those "dampit" humidifiers for the instrument. but when I soaked it, the holes still looked yellow instead of the shades on the card that came along with it. Anyone have any experience with these?
  20. Thanks for all the suport and advice. I ordered a bow from ebay. Here is the page. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1484580854 so we will see. I find that I just can't seem to get the "g" string down right like the others.Maybe because it the least used in the songs I play. The strings in their order of easyness/playability for me are: A/D/E/G. Is this the way for others or could I be doing something wrong? No teacher available. Still working on it. I WILL PREVAIL!
  21. Just atarted 2 months ago. Played my first solo last night at church. Had a blast. Am using a Scherl and Roth R301EH with a Glassner bow. Decided to get a wooden one though. ?: Should I be standing or sitting when I play? Also, this instrument has "steel strings" Should I change to "Thomastik" or just wait a while>
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