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  1. Hi, I have a Violin that says Imported From Germany, Regraduated and Adjusted, V.C. Squire, Battle Creek, Mich. 1897

    Any contacts that you may suggest for a value.  It is in excellent condition and sounds sweet.  Thanks.

  2. warning...these cellists are not very friendly
  3. I charge by the semester. Semesters are 18.5 weeks. Parents/Students pay in full the day of the first lesson. If they show with an excuse about not being able to pay, they're disqualified. I have enough students on my waiting list to take their place. If I miss a lesson (as happens sometimes - I travel frequently), I offer 3 weeks of makeup lessons at the end of the semester (in June and in January). I never do a refund (I've never had to). Most of my students are adults, tweens or home-schooled. Generally, I do not work with small children, but even if I did, I wouldn't mind if they called me by my first name. I do have several children young in age, but as they are home schooled they are much more mature than tweenagers or even some of the adults I work with.
  4. The Spiccato bows are made at Peter Prier in SLC, UT. As they still buy horse hair from me, I think they are still making the bows. You should give them a call and find out where you can buy the bows. I agree with what's been said here, but I still think contacting the manufacturer/importer is a safer option than randomly looking at stores. Inventory is a big problem in this tricky sales climate. Nobody wants to maintain an inventory for various reasons. There's a shop in my home town for example that has about 75% consigned instruments in inventory (they don't have any assets invested in them). The rest of their stock are cheap Chinese fiddles or inexpensive Romanian or Czech instruments (again, very little assets invested in inventory). They drop ship many items, the items they do buy they purchase minimums only. It's a hard world to compete in, the violin shop world. Most of their assets are tied up in rentals, but then again, 45% of their income is in rentals... I digress.
  5. Personally I have tried several of his instruments at the VSA and in stores, and I also have sold one of his 5 string violas. Very nice workmanship. Very high quality.
  6. I'm familiar with Jinyin. Are you buying direct from the factory or through a dealer? I've been to the factory. It's quite an operation! About a 5 hour drive from Beijing and not easy to get to. In a factory town, most of the able workers work at the factory. They make many different instruments, not just bowed-string: winds, brass, strings, percussion. It was at this factory that I heard the lovely melody "The Butterfly Lovers" for the first time. I talk about it on another forum. I think this factory is doing a lot of good. The are obviously very open to learning from westerners and applying what they learn to the instruments they make. I was quite impressed with the attention to detail and quality of work.
  7. I sell a lot of plastic bow tips. You know most of the bows coming with cheap Chinese rental instruments have plastic tips. They break pretty easily though, all it takes is one good whack.
  8. Quote: I want to talk about electric violins (don't throw things, OK? ;-) ) Anyone actually gotten hold of one of these? Are they great from a luthier's point of view, or just another pretty high-tech face? - Frank Hi Frank! You're from my neck o' the woods... Anyhoo, yes I buy from the same supplier that Barbera buys from and so have tried the instruments (actually before he cuts a hole in them for tone and volume controls and swaps out the bridges...they're decent fiddles. Nothing special. I do like the 5 strings, however, and have since sold one or two. They're the only (Chinese) 5 string acoustics on the market today that are genuine 5 strings. I've seen many converted 4 violins and violas over the years. Yuk
  9. As someone with a pipeline (as MD puts it) to a factory in Riuping, I concur...this is DEFINITELY a Chinese violin. Nothing wrong with that, by the way. I think the Chinese manufacturers have come a long way in a very short time.
  10. personally I've used dominants for years, but more recently (as I've been playing a lot of 5 string) Helicores.
  11. Yeah Kenny and Denny at IVS! The twins...the only way you can tell 'em apart is by putting a mandolin in their hands. Denny's a drummer and can't play a string instrument for the life of him! They're good guys. I like IV a lot. I think they do a really great job at what they do, with a lot of good humor and I agree, energy! My Dad's been ordering supplies from IV for years. I've never bought anything from ILS personally, although I have sold them a variety of diff things over the years. They seem like nice enough folks, but their phone line is often busy and it's hard to get through to them.
  12. Does, your, bubble gum lose it's flavor on the post hold over night? Duh...yes? Well, unless your fiddle is made of carbon, yes of course it does!
  13. I use a Bobelock double case (2 violins). It is both zippered and locked. Lasted so far about 8 years.
  14. too heavy! the things weigh a ton. what's up with that?
  15. Hi Connie Thanks for adding me back to your violin webring, by the way! I have some vaguely interesting answers to your questions: 1. price is relative. I have some beautifully made and very professionally mounted brazilian bows here for under $1000. 2. viola bows are slightly longer than violin bows, have slightly more hair in the ribbon and are heavier (between 63 and 68 grams). Viola frogs also are shaped like a small cello frog (with rounded corner). 3. you haven't tried our bow hair. It's the best. Used by the top violin and bow shops in North America: Wm Salchow, William Moennig & Sons, Stamell Strings, Robertson & Sons, Michael Weisshaar, Joe Dacunha, Ute Brinkmann, Lynn Hannings, Peter Prier & Sons, Benoit Rolland, Morgan Andersen, George Rubino, Hideo Kammimoto, Horst Kloss, Doug Raguse, and more...IM me for details. I can also send you samples if you think that would be helpful