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  1. Yes, I am lucky enough to hear they playing in Singapore recently. Very humourous indeed. I like their playing but they played mostly on their compositions.
  2. Hi Muon, How about give it a shot with midi file first? midi Get a midi editor software to mute to violin part(track) or perhaps, you can slow down the tempo abit.
  3. I am still pondering on which to decide. Symphony or green for my dominant strings(GDA)? Arsweet, wht does grabby means? and how do you people define the word "sticky" for rosin? Does it mean, less frequent for the need for re-applying the rosin? Any advise would be appreciated : ) Canzonetta
  4. I had start switching from a kun alike to Wolf Forte-Secondo about a year ago. Reason is, 1. It seldom drops off 2. Comfortable 3. Able to make my violin sounds better as compared to kun (it's just my personal preference)
  5. Hey, I've encountered the smilar problem too. It happened once on both my G and D( medium) string for about 1-2 cm. For subsequence purchases (from the shop), I alway make an attempt to open the package on the spot before I leave the shop. I do not really feel the diff in term of quality.
  6. You are right. The actual soloist is Li Chuanyun. Nice show!!!
  7. I've used Silver (medium) D. The shop assistant told me that Silver D is more popular hence I went for that.
  8. On my violin, it lasts about 3 months on average where I practise for 2 hours per day or lesser on average, more during weekends and I am not a professional violinist. Thanks to One hill tree's recommendation, I've switch to Larsen's Strong G and D, Medium A and Medium gold E.
  9. Yes, I did. I have got the same problem of having my Evah P's A color> string fraying at the nut. It happened once. My dominant, infeld blue and Larsen strings never give me such problem. I thought I was just unlucky or something is wrong with the nut.
  10. Oops. Do u think you can scan it or draw it up? Some common chinese pieces for student level might be 1. Fisherman Singing in Dawn. (Yu2 Zhou1 Chang4 Wan3) 2. Butterfly Lover's concerto
  11. I think you are referring to acciaccatura color> Hope this helps http://www.articulatemusic.com/ornaments.html
  12. Chinese (Mandarin) Violin - Xiao3 Ti2 Qin2 Bow - Gong1
  13. Oh no, when I was a trumpeter in my high school concert band, I was trained to feel the beat, to watch the conductor instead. She doesnt likes the idea of foot tapping especially during performance. It looks ugly. Hence, I have developed the habit of NOT doing tapping when playing. Now, coming to violin, I have to rely on metronome alot and my teacher have to tap her foot for me occassionally during lesson. I have tried and find it extremely difficult to re-pick up the "foot-tapping skill". I know I am going to face trouble for site reading test during the upcoming examination if I still do not know how to tap. Counting by heart is quite difficult for me especially when it comes to play off beats. So, is there a need to learn foot tapping?
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