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    Made in Cremona

    On the rare occasion when I've gotten a speeding ticket I usually tell the cop to give me two of them, Why? because I'll be back through here in a little while.
  2. MikeC

    Made in Cremona

    Dad used to say "just a durned old picture hangin there on the wall" I think that was a parody of some song.
  3. I would keep it just for the neck, nice flame and antique patina. What does the back look like ?
  4. I like the squash, such an unusual design. I wonder does anyone actually pay those prices for ebay junk? Maybe I should sell mine there.
  5. If it's that red I wonder if you could make a lake pigment out of it, might be fun to try.
  6. J. What is that? It looks like an egg in a jar of wet hair. I think you mentioned hybiscus tea? That sounds interesting, I may test it out. For those of you who like a greenish gray, just about any alkaline will do that to wood. I put some baking soda solution on some maple one time and got that ugly green gray. Didn't do that again.
  7. Juarnerius, can you post a link to that thread? I must have missed it. Sounds interesting.
  8. MikeC

    juzek peg shaver

    I can't resist.
  9. You would probably go spinning in various directions because of the bow arm movement. Newtons laws of motion in an inertial reference frame and all that.
  10. If you use a propane torch and a pipe, use an iron pipe not a copper one. Copper gets way to hot too fast.
  11. I like carnatic violin music and there are some lessons on youtube but it is hard to learn from them.
  12. Are any of you still doing 3d printing? I'm just getting interested in it.
  13. Hi Fade, I think more explanation with photos and videos would be very interesting.
  14. "Hey where's that Guarneri kid, I need someone to pump the fireplace bellows while I varnish this fiddle." A. S.
  15. Strad applied his varnish with an airbrush? It must have been water powered, I don't think he had electricity.
  16. well at work I'm known as Agent Smith so yeah... heheh
  17. funny, when I saw the title LAFF I immediately thought of my linear algebra class...
  18. kills the chatoyance, The worst muzzleloader finish I've seen was by a well known maker, he used some kind of tar mixture. Look under sofa cushions for the keys, that's usually where mine are.
  19. I didn't have any difficulty using a round pipe vs something C bout shaped. Someone suggested one time that I should make a video. I would like to but not sure how or what camera equipment I would need.
  20. sorry I'm slow to respond, I have a one inch diameter iron pipe for that
  21. I don't know if a heat lamp would be hot enough but you could try it. Get the iron hot enough that if you fling a few drops of water on it the water should sizle and vaporize quickly, it only takes a little practice to get the right feel for it. I use an old leather belt for a bending strap as a backing for the ribs. No need to buy a metal strap, the leather works fine.
  22. If you're on a tight budget as I was. I used a propane torch to heat an iron pipe for bending the ribs. Don't use a copper pipe it gets way too hot and will burn the wood but iron won't do that.
  23. This is what I use for ribs, with a toothed blade. I cut the teeth in it with a dremel. I also have a non toothed blade for that same plane.
  24. David seemed uncharacteristically harsh, did his signon get hijacked by a troll? Going through andropause? Or is he just having difficulty finding sheep? I was going to suggest makingtheviolin.com but someone beat me to it. Also watch Davide Sora's youtube videos, they are priceless!
  25. That's what I was thinking. Looks more like walnut than maple. And those look like pores not rays.