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  1. What exactly is musilage anyway?   

    I don't know if it's true but I read somewhere on the internet that you can test the oil to see if there is musiage in it by chilling it in a refrigerator.  If it gets cloudy then there is some musilage still in it.  If it's pure then it should remain clear when chilled.  

    Everything you read on the internet is true right?  

  2. After a little google search on breaking an emulsion I found something that said add salt so I'm thinking salt water will reduce the possibility of emulsion.  As for my batch, it's in the freezer now.   Once the water freezes I'll pour off the oil and try another wash.  E, I don't know how much musilage is in it if any but thought I should try washing it.  I only used one of those four bottles for this.    After sitting two days the oil layer on top is still opaque yellow so for sure water is still in it.  

    I may have used too much water?  

  3. 6 hours ago, JacksonMaberry said:

    But this is just the beginning of processing oil for varnish. Joe has already given away all the secrets over the years, here and elsewhere. There's nobody in this business more generous with useful information. 

    just the beginning of processing?  What else do I need to do to it?   My goal is to make it alcohol soluble and I know how to do that.  

  4. 23 hours ago, joerobson said:

    I do not use sand or salt when washing linseed oil for varnish making.

    on we go,


    Joe,  no salt or sand?   Just plain water?   That was my main question, will plain water work without salt and sand.  

    I'm going to try it and see what happens.  

  5. 18 minutes ago, JacksonMaberry said:

    Spurgeons site is going away at the end of September this year, so download all the PDFs you want before then. 

    Thanks for the heads up on that.  I didn't know it was going down.   I'll download again.  I know I have all that somewhere on a hardrive but I'll grab it all again.   

  6. Hi Carl,  good to see you're back!    Well I have some 3D files ,I think it's the Betts Strad,  and thought it would be nice to get a 3D print of the top plate,  especially the area around and below the lower F holes to have a better idea of how he did the fluting in that area.    That's a pretty big object to print on a 3D printer though.     

  7. I just put my finger tip under the blade and feel how much is sticking out. When if feels right, I tighten the screw.   Finger tips are very sensitive to slight differences in how much the blade is sticking out.   I like Rico's slip of paper idea though.  I'll have to try that!  

  8. If you do decide to use a pipe and propane torch make sure it's an iron pipe and not copper.  Copper gets too hot too fast and will burn the wood, iron wont.   Also I agree with the leather belt, it works well.   

  9. On 9/29/2019 at 3:12 PM, Televet said:


    Wouldn't it be rather lovely if Maestronet could act as a matchmaking site for something other than the 'Russian ladies' that those who don't use ad blockers regularly find around the site.

    Puns on matchmaking will be accepted!

    Why would anyone not use an addblocker?  I haven't seen any advertisements in years.   I wonder about people who make advertisements..  what's it like producing something that everyone hates.


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