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  1. Don't scrap the plate and start over.  Put in the purfling do the best you can and fill in gaps with something dark.  It's a first build there's going to be problems.  Do it better on the second build.  

    If the pick is too wide you can grind it thinner.  I haven't measured mine don't know how thick it is but I used it unmodified just as it came from Amazon.  

  2. Sometimes while browsing old threads I come across pictures that I like and post them here so I don't lose track of them.   Mainly examples of nice looking varnish as I continue to contemplate what I'm going to put on mine after the grounding is finished.

    Bergonzi and P. of Montua



    Peter Guarneri of Montua.jpg

  3. Well, it is glued.  It will have a spiral bushing sometime soon.  I'll see how well it holds up.  I lost a small chip on the treble side.   If it breaks again I'll make a new neck but hopefully that won't happen.  I've been reading old threads here on MN about making spiral bushings.  

    neck glued 1.jpg

    neck glued 2.jpg

  4. 57 minutes ago, Richard4u said:

    It's an interesting question that I'm happy to answer.  I contacted the orchestra teachers for each middle and high school in the school district near me and offered each teacher a Starbucks gift card if he/she would play one of my violins so I can hear how it sounds ( I play cello ).  They all accepted.  Then, I gave them a business card and told them that if they knew of any student needed a violin, to contact me.  Well, it worked and I've sold them to many students, mainly the high school students who are going off to college and will no longer be renting their instrument.  I also got a local music store to put my violins out and if they sold one, they got a 25% commission.  That worked well, too.

    That's very creative!  Good idea.  

  5. Wow Don, both those pictures look impressive.   I was wondering after the joint is glued would it be a good idea to drill a couple small holes and glue in pins to strengthen the joint?   

    Is a hide glue joint as strong as the wood itself?  


  6. I guess it's a small blessing in disguise.  The first time I glued it I only got glue in those two small areas on the scroll side of the hole.  Now I can get glue on the entire surface.   If anyone has a good way of clamping it let me know.   

  7. 1 hour ago, m.makepeace said:

    I'll have to do some experimenting with different blade geometries. In any case I think the hock knife is a good starting point.


    I agree the hock knife look like good quality.  I could use a good marking knife for wood working. I might get one of their larger ones for that.  

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