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  1. If that purfling cutter is the same one that I got from Amazon, and it appears to be, You'll have to grind and reshape the cutting tips. Mine came with needle like points beveled all the way around. They need to be single bevel rounded tip. They can be placed both bevels facing in or both facing out or both facing the same way for varying widths of channel cut. I bevel the edges of the purfling that go into the channel. You can scrape them thinner if needed. I lightly sand the perfling because the strips are quite rough as they come. They slide in easily no gaps no hammering needed. Test fit on scraps first. The purfling pick you have looks like the same one I have also. It works well for the purpose.
  2. MikeC

    Strad label

    looks like a D to me. Enlarged and enhanced.
  3. Why is there a greater distance between the E and D pegs, why not have all four pegs equal distance between them? Not just on your violin but I see that is standard on all violins. I'm just curious why they are spaced that way.
  4. The sad thing is if I had bought bitcoin in 2009 when it was a penny a coin I'd have billions now and could buy a Strad just for the fun of making a bench copy...
  5. That clears up my confusion. You're talking about adding an opaque pigment to a translucent medium, Thanks for clarifying.
  6. Can you explain more on this? Mix yellow and red to get orange, what does it matter if you mix red into yellow or the other way around. How would you make a brilliant red specifically? and what picture are you referring to?
  7. I'm slow, it took me a while to realize what's wrong with that picture lol
  8. No vetting, peer review or skil needed? Sounds like I have what it takes to make youtube videos... I was thinking of doing just that during my next build.
  9. Thank you, I couldn't find it for some reason. At one time he had some nice pictures of I think a Guarneri on there. Also he has a good image of some forms. That's where I got my copy of the Strad PG form. His design ideas seem to me to be just curve fitting not a primary design method. There are some other better design methods such as those of Francois Denis or going back even farther into the 1700s the design method of Bagatella which is seen in some of the artifacts in the Strad museum in Cremona.
  10. Gamboge may be toxic but common sense precautions will keep you alive. My wife says I don't have common sense. I reply you're right, it's quite uncommon! Orpiment, an arsenic trisulfide is also toxic but was used as yellow paint by the medieval monks who made illuminated manuscripts, the Book of Kells for example. Turmeric I have found is fugitive and also PH sensitive. I read the Foxfire books, the old mountain folks would make yellow dye from the gray moss that grows on oak trees. I was saving onion skins to dye powder horns but ended up using RIT dye instead so I never did try the onion skins. Regarding the 'golden yellow ground' of Cremona instruments. Someone whose opinion I trust has told me that a new chip of varnish off one of these instrument will reveal quite white wood underneath and that the yellowness mostly comes from yellowing of later overcoats such as french polish.
  11. does his website still exist? I can't find it now.
  12. I was reading Librem Segreti de Buttegha. The Andrew Dipper book not the original manuscript, apparently it's lost. He suggests a golden yellow pigment extracted from the under bark or roots of the Barberry shrub. Have any of you ever used that or know anything about it?
  13. There are some planes with adjustable mouth but I don't know of any with adjustable sole. Here's an interesting article on plane flatness and the three important areas of the sole that need to be flat. https://www.handplane.com/66/thoughts-on-hand-plane-sole-flatness/
  14. I don't know the answer to that. I've just read on here somewhere so that's how I plane mine. It works anyway. And I use a rub joint, no clamps.
  15. I have a Record No8 and can get a shaving about .002 of an inch thick the whole length of the joint surface. I followed recommendations of having a slight hollow in the middle because the glue swells the wood, otherwise there would be gaps at the end. after glue up, flatten the plates by planning cross grain on the maple and with the grain on the spruce.
  16. Good to see you here Davide. You have inspired me to make videos. I have not made any yet, perhaps this summer when I start on the next one.
  17. Thanks for the comments Andreas. What amazes me is someone who can draw portraits. I was at a bar one time and there was a girl sitting there drawing the people who were sitting around the bar. Amazingly accurate drawings almost like photographs. It's like playing music I guess, some people just have natural talent, I wish I had that kind of talent.
  18. Only one drawing allowed but now that it's over.. When I was in 2nd grade I started drawing contour lines around things. I think they thought I was strange.
  19. I like them all. I'll pick this one as my favorite because the surface texture is so well done. Comment on my own is I think I'm better at drawing hands than violins although my thumb looks a little wonky and my F holes are way too big. Happy new year everyone.
  20. Andreas that's quite a list. You forgot to mention the narcissists. See y'all next year.
  21. Welcome to the addiction good luck and post lots of pics.
  22. Where did you find the PDF? I was just googling for it and not finding it.
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