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  1. I don't think this style marking knife would have much use in violin making but it's good for marking layout lines when making dovetail joinery and other wood working projects. I haven't made dovetails yet but I want to make a box to hold small items and use dovetail joints.
  2. yes, put the flame some distance away from the edge and let the heat creep up to the edge, you will see the colors change, if you get blue on the edge it will not be hard or hold an edge, you want to dip it in oil as soon as bronze color reaches the edge. This is 01 tool steel, oil quench. For something this small you might be able to quench it in water. But it could crack if cooled too fast in water. Here is a picture of the finished blade after sharpening.
  3. lol, I did this when my wife was at work. I was off for a vacation day! Yes it can be done with the torch but you have to be careful not to overheat it, the temperature change happens quickly with the torch. Oven temperatures can vary and the dial can be inaccurate, I found that 410f is the right temperature to set it. I tried 420 and that was almost too hot, 350 was not hot enough.
  4. Since I forgot to show the heat treat of the violin knife, I made a double bevel marking knife and show the heat treat process.
  5. I started gluing the linings to the ribs. I need to get better at aiming the camera, part of it was out of frame and the viewing angle is strange.
  6. I use one like this from amazon. It has two blades to make a parallel mark all around the plate. It's not for cutting to depth, just use it for initial marking of parallel lines around the edge. Then I used an exacto knife to follow the lines down to depth. The blades supplied were un-usable as they are. They are sharpened to a needle point, so I had to reshape them to a knife edge that will cut wood fibers in a controlled way rather than trying to drag a sewing needle around the wood. Once the blades were shaped properly it worked well to mark the purfling channel. There are lots of other purfling cutters besides this one though, probably much better ones, but it worked. There are some older discussions here on the site about purfling cutters, do some searching for those Here's a link to a good thread on the subject
  7. I have better stones than cheap harbor freight diamond plates but didn't want to set up the good ones. It's sharp anyway...
  8. Here's the first part of the knife video. I forgot to video the heat treat and final sharpening so I'll do that later. I still need to make a couple of marking knives so I'll show the heat treat process when I make those, coming up soon...
  9. Hi Sean, I'm leaning towards a Kawasaki Z900 but I'm going to a Suzuki demo ride this weekend. I want to test ride a GXS 1000GT it's a sport touring bike. It's a gixer thou with saddle bags. I might get to ride a hyabusa while I'm there too but I don't think I'll be getting one of those. I like the zx14 also, I haven't had a chance to ride one but I like the look of it and sat on one at the dealership. Thanks for the comments on the violin build. I've been working on the rib garland the last few days, putting in the linings. I'll have a video of that coming up soon. Today I decided to make a violin knife. There will be a video on that soon also but for now just a picture.
  10. Keep posting results. I tried to make some, it works ok but not as good as commercial rosin. If you come up with a good recipe and share it, I may try it again.
  11. I've been working on the linings today. Here's a short video of notching the corner block, I get a little sloppy with the fit. I need to try to be more precise.
  12. Don't get stressed, just enjoy the process and learning.
  13. True, I thought about that but didn't mention it. I think there are some historical instruments that have some of that.
  14. I don't seem to find planing the end grain of the blocks all that difficult. I have a video that shows it. The .5mm is not a problem, the plate will flex that much. I flatten the ribs first then put in the linings slightly protruding and then plane those level with the ribs. I check it on a flat surface to make sure there aren't any major issues that I hadn't noticed by eye, especially the upper section when I lower the neck block.
  15. I agree with Evan, the corners are too long. You could take ribs off and do over or since it's your first carry on and do the next one better. For my current build I used corner block templates from MN member Addie, for the last build I traced them from a poster of the Stradivari Titian. Either one works well for keeping the corner the right length. You're doing well to get the ribs and linings bent and glued, don't worry if there is a little gap between them and the form. For thinning rib blanks I like to use a toothed plane.
  16. A brief break from the violin build while I play with magnets.
  17. A short video, bending, shaping and fitting some linings.
  18. That glue seam is way too open. You only have 5mm to work with, saw it apart carefully with a thin saw. Japanese saws are really thin so maybe use one of those. Then plane just enough to get a good joint. That's just my opinion. I don't glue size before the actual glue up. Others do. You need a light tight dry fit before gluing.
  19. Well, that was interesting. Probably lake pigments, although those are quite easy to make. I dislike those computerized voices in videos, he should use a better translator and a real narrator. but I wish all his videos and website were translated, I would watch them.
  20. After thinning the linings to 2mm, reduce the height to 7mm
  21. That reminds me of a youtube video titled, why can't we build a Stradivarius. Well the answer is simple, you're not Stradivarius!
  22. Thinning the linings to two millimeters.
  23. Hi Nicholas, I am videoing the entire process or as much of it as I can during my current build. It's not a how to instructional series but just showing my build process from start to finish. My videos are not as good a quality as Davide's but I'm trying to show as much detail as I can. Currently I'm just finishing up the rib structure. If you would like to follow along, right or wrong this is how I build one. Keeping in mind it's only my second one. https://www.youtube.com/@CooperViolins
  24. Hi Nick, thanks for the arching explanation. I can kind of visualize what you're saying but pictures would be great! I'll make a plate from scrap wood and see how it works.
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