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  1. How close are you getting just by eye? What are the shaded pencil areas? Have you tried a toothed blade plane to prevent tear out? And finally... sorry for so many questions but what material is your template made of? It looks like a thin piece of drywall. When using a template, I smear the edge with soft artist charcoal so it marks the high spots on the wood. I also prefer the half templates.
  2. I made a short video of trimming the block to final length. My video making skilz need some work.
  3. After cutting the corner blocks I had to trim them to the correct length. I clamped a backing board in the vice with the block in front of it and took fine shavings down to a scribe line.
  4. Thanks Davide, but there is something wrong with those links. They take me to youtube. I found some other handmade rasps online, the brand is Auriou but I don't know if they make the size needed for violin making.
  5. Hi Davide. Who makes those rasps? They look much better than the ones that I have.
  6. First watch Davide Sora's video, it's awesome! and then... C bout appears to be cut in too far from the edges. The first thing you should do is trim some more off the top of the plate so that the long arch template fits. That should help get the C bout lower and closer fit to the template. Don't worry to much about the overall height, just don't go too low like 12mm like I did on an early plate which I had to scrap. Then get the upper and lower bout templates fit as well as you can. I use half templates, they seem to work out better for me. It gives some freedom to fudge things a bit. My first one started out a bit peanutty in the middle like that but I was able to work it out.
  7. Cornerblockology Started making some corner blocks. This is willow, I think.
  8. I started preparing some rib blanks, just smoothing them since they had some rough surface. They are still about 1.5mm thick so I'll have to thin them some more.
  9. Veneered on both sides and put a lite dye on it. Maybe I'll shellac it. Blocks coming soon...
  10. Looks real good for number two. What's on the eye of the scroll?
  11. My Record number 6 has a reasonably flat sole.
  12. Perhaps it worth noting that the ends get cut away, unless you have really short boards with just enough room for the plate outline.
  13. Inflation is amazing! I'd just like to go back about 13 years and buy bitcoin for a dollar and sell at 60k
  14. With holes drilled and lines and compass arc, but still need to veneer the other side.
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