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  1. MikeC's bench

    Thanks! toothed blade I discovered works wonders compared to a regular blade, no tear out at all.
  2. MikeC's bench

    Oh I almost forgot, getting back to the grain angle in the tail block, you learn by doing. It's a natural result of angling the grain for the corners. If you have a block of spruce and you cut it at a 45 degree angle so that the corner blocks come out right then you just split off a chunk for the tail block and the grain is already at an angle.
  3. MikeC's bench

    Making some progress. Bent ribs for the C bouts today. I gave up trying to use an old clothes iron and wood bending form. The ribs kept cracking. I made a makeshift homemade bending iron by using a propane torch to heat an iron pipe held in a vice and for the bending strap I used an old leather belt. It worked really well. Ribs bent easily with no cracking. I also made a homemade toothed plane blade to thin the ribs. I left the blade marks on the inside of the ribs DelG style. That way if anyone opens it someday they can at least see that it was hand made.
  4. Il Segreto di Nagyvary

    Saffron and shrimp shells shhhhh......
  5. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Hi Bruce, for those of us who are not chemists can you say in simple terms what chemical elements are found in Strad maple that is not in modern maple backs? or spruce if that was examined also.
  6. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hi Pierre, I am curious about your homemade rib thickness system. Can you show a picture of it? or explain how it works?
  7. Back Plate thickness in question

    currently working on my number 1. that one looks good to be your first.
  8. Back Plate thickness in question

    those corners look long
  9. Paper fibres caught in varnish

    Hi Conor. I'm curious what kind of varnish is that? Is it something you made or purchased? I like the color even unpigmented.
  10. The Purpose of Ground?

    Conor that looks good. In the antiquing picture is that with a varnish applied? Does it have anything added to it like lakes for color?
  11. The Purpose of Ground?

    All this talk of grounds... let's see some pictures, I see one, anyone else ? I would post one but wasn't going to bother getting the ingredients until after the build. I saw a really nice looking finish on a facebook page but it might not be cool to copy someone else's pic and post it here
  12. Maestro Sora strikes again!

    very nice, I look forward to seeing some videos when you get time to make them
  13. The Purpose of Ground?

    sorry this is kind of off topic but what are the methods of treating leather?
  14. The Purpose of Ground?

    "The classic way to give an illusion of depth to a finish in wood or leather is to first coat with a bright or even somewhat white layer and then cover that with a transparent but darker layer." I don't understand this. Can you give an example of a coating like that?