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  1. Mold Material

    Peter K G, what is that big circle in the middle of your paper G mold?
  2. Torbjorn Zethelius's note on arching heights.

    Ken N. I looked at your blog. I would like to see more how to on your makers bench thread. I'm getting ready to make plates and interested in trying the inside first method. I'll try it on scrap first before I start cutting the good stuff. I have copies of the Titian poster so I was going to try and use those arches as a guide.
  3. PegHeds....

    I don't understand that about the string and peg angle. Can you show a picture or drawing to illustrate?
  4. Interior details of Guarneri DG violins

    The bas bar appears parallel to center line, is that normal? How do you know the end blocks are replaced, wrong size or shape? Is the ventral pin at the center of thickness?
  5. MikeC's bench

    And new toys to play with, well they are not exactly new, probably date around mid 1800s. Hand planes are about 16 inches long. That other thing is a miter box.
  6. MikeC's bench

    I just have this urge to take it off the form but I know better and will have to exercise some patience. The ADD in me want to hurry up and see what it looks like off the form lol. The end gaps shouldn't matter. The linings will still perform their function of stiffening the thin ribs and providing gluing surface for the plates. There are actually two small spots where there is a slight gap in the rib and lining but they are so small and with good solid glue on either side, there is no flexibility so I can't close them. The closeup photos make them look bigger than they are. Also in one of the previous post photos you may see a crack on a C bout rib on the inside. It doesn't go all the way through and the lining covers it. The photo here shows a slight defect in the rib, a dark spot and sort of a hole that didn't close all the way. I didn't think it would be necessary to put rubber bands on the closthes pin clamps and for the most part that seemed to work pretty well.
  7. MikeC's bench

    Almost forgot. Here using a block plane to cut the linings down flush with the ribs. By looking through the top of the plane I can see whats being cut, lining or rib or both. Goal is to cut only the lining since the ribs are already where I want them.. The block plane is a little too big, I need to get a finger plane.
  8. MikeC's bench

    C bout linings glued in. I made a homemade 1.8 mm chisel to cut the mortices for the linings. There are some slight gaps here and there but not too bad considering it's my first time. Those of you more experienced, do you leave the ribs on the form until ready to glue to the plates or take them off now? Edit: Here's another photo of the gap between lining and rib. This is the only place where there is a noticeable gap between lining and rib. There are also some gaps between the end of the lining and the blocks. (Last photo below)
  9. noob: rib assembly

    a person who is inexperienced in a particular activity phonetic spelling of newb short for newbie as in someone who is new at something.
  10. Instrument varnished with my product

    It's made with 'raw' linseed oil? When you say raw do you mean it's not processed in any way?
  11. noob: rib assembly

    I agree they all look too long except the one. Also grain lines should be at a 45 degree angle not horizontal but that's not important enough to redo them. It's still possible to make them shorter even with the C bout ribs glued in. To ensure I didn't get too long in the corners I copied the corner blocks from the CT scan of the Titian. So if you have access to a poster with a CT scan that's a good way to get them right. Good job bending the C bout ribs without cracking them!
  12. What loupes to buy

    That's what I do also. And sometimes I'll wear two pair of reading glasses... like binoculars.
  13. Seal violin form?

    hopefully I wont have a problem with glue sticking to the form. I did not seal it with shellac or anything. I only brushed melted bees wax on the edges.
  14. Violin finger tapes : Help beginner

    Even the article says the placement may not be exact. your finger tip is not an exact point either so could vary one way or the other. also is it the front or back edge of the tape or the center of the tap that should be at that measured location? what I did is make small diamond shaped piece of tape and put it on the side of the finger board with the point a the exact location. But still it's not exact, depends on how well tuned each sting is. Finally I took the tape markers off and just find the right note by ear. I'm just a beginner too.