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  1. yeah it would look cool made of brass. I like old brass fittings on tools. It would be heavy though, maybe could make cutouts to make it lighter. This one was just roughed out with bandsaw and drill. I didn't try to make it pretty but it's functional. When it gets out of alignment due to the wood moving with humidity changes I can adjust it with the brass screw anvil at the bottom. That's actually a brass toilet bowl screw . The thin metal used to lift the dial is a cut off section of a hacksaw blade.
  2. The dial caliper? It's a scrap of poplar. works well but I have to adjust the settings since the wood moves with changes in humidity.
  3. I thought Walmart was the evil empire... but you can't get gouges there.
  4. I don't know about the inside but what I find interesting is at 0:39 the top plate appears to have dark varnish under the fingerboard. I thought they left that area unvarnished.
  5. I hesitate to chime in on such a thread as this but thought I would share my amateur's experience. No1 and No2 were decades ago. First one was terrible although I thought it was good at the time, now I realize how bad it was. No2 was a partially precarved kit so I can't take much credit for it other than just putting it together. Fast forward to now and No3 is turning out much better having hung around MN for a long time and absorbing as much good information as possible. Davide Sora's videos have been very helpful also. Don't be modest Davide your videos are a great resource! Al
  6. well it's a nice looking color kind of a brick red.
  7. Do you think that could have been used as a colorant in Cremonese varnish?
  8. To be a little more serious vs. my last post. This guy has a series of videos building a homemade fiddle. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCajJXy4U6HARqoIzVcQp_ow
  9. This guy has some good videos on building a Stainer https://www.youtube.com/user/RFPerras/videos
  10. I tried to contact Mr. Ervin but he never replied. Some of his videos are interesting although not for making.
  11. You got the Octave plot working well I see. Good job! I still haven't taken the time to really get into it.
  12. nice video but... steel wool? really?
  13. If it's just ground color I like the one on the left... 2nd from the left looks too pink.... the right two don't seem to have as much color might look too white under varnish.
  14. Homemade graduation caliper and final back plate graduations.
  15. Why do you want to cook in a closed container? Are you trying to retain something that would otherwise evaporate away? Rereading your first post you say in the absence of oxygen. What would be the reason for wanting to cook in the absence of oxygen? If it's a corked vessel I would assume any pressure build up would just blow the cork off if it's not in too tight but I would be concerned that the contents would also come out along with the cork. You asked about safety and I think a large open vessel is safer to avoid any possible pressure build up. I wouldn't want to be a victim of ho