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  1. They can't be all that smart to post an ad in Vietnamese, no one here can read it except for the resident polymath.
  2. It was a nice feature to have the latest all in one list, if there were some way to filter out the spam.
  3. Del Gesu photo.   That's a nice color photo you posted in the pegs and buttons thread.  Is there any chance you could post more of that instrument?  or send them privately?  I would like to see more of it.   

    1. MeyerFittings


      I had that shot of the pegs on my computer (I didn't post that photo). Can't find it, but i'll look some more. 


    2. MikeC


      Oh sorry,  I thought it was you that posted it.  It was DoorMouse,  my mistake. :)    Nice photos on pinterest thanks! 

  4. Nice, What instrument is that?
  5. What kind of touch up varnish would be used on an edge like that?
  6. I got a cheap optivisor off Amazon but surprisingly it has good quality glass lenses.
  7. Speaking of Cremonese construction methods. It's accepted that they put in the purfling after the box is closed. I assume they carved the recurve channel after attaching the neck but before putting on the finger board because it goes under the finger board. But they put the purfling in after attaching the finger board because the purfling stops there. Would that be right? Also in CT scans the purfling is not always straight up and down parallel with the ribs, it seems to be angled a bit. So why is that? Sorry, getting way off topic, never mind.
  8. you don't put purfling on the inside of the plate, but yeah it could be holding plates while gluing in a base bar or something, Someone was certainly working on the inside while the outside was arched. Pivoting on a central hole is also exactly what you need when carving cross arches.
  9. Everyone has a favorite tree to bark up!
  10. I think the thickness bulge on the inside seems to be more the rule. The Titian comes to mind since I have copies of that. But I've seen it on others also. I think I see a pattern. Plate holder I mean the cradle in the museum in Cremona, what ever it's called. If it really was Strad's. Obviously in use the plate would be arched on the outside while the inside is being worked on. My guess is they didn't finish one side then work the other. They probably worked both sides before it was finally finished.
  11. Don't end the thread till you show the final varnish!
  12. better watch out. Beteljuice will show up.
  13. The inside arches are not the same, You can see that in CT scans. That doesn't mean they didn't do the inside first. They could have but then why is there a hollowed out plate holder. Anyway the CT scans reveal something about arching and thicknessing if you look carefully.
  14. I hadn't thought of that. Good point.