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  1. Saving the mold

    Davide, do you trim the inner edges of the linings before or after you remove from the form? I'm working on my first build, your videos are very helpful.
  2. Saving the mold

    I'm glad to hear that, since mine are going to be distorted.
  3. Violin geometry references

    Both C bouts can be produced with a single simple four bar linkage. I'll have to look for my notes on that. It's been a while since I played with that idea.
  4. Violin geometry references

    how did you do that? What software?
  5. Custom suction rib system, save 80 % of time…

    looks interesting. I was wondering what method you had come up with. Maybe that would be good for a high production shop. I'm building my first one and found it quick and easy just attach the rib to the bench with a holdfast and plane it with a toothed plane from around the middle out, then turn it around and do the other end. I made a sanding block with sides that extend down as a depth stop also and was thinking of making depth stops on a toothed plane.
  6. SUPER GREAT DEALS [revised 6 Nov 2017]

    Hi Pierre, thank you. it will be interesting to see your thickness method. I am in my first build and used a toothed plane and a block with depth stops to ensure I didn't go too thin.
  7. A suggestion

    I think there are some brokers that allow short selling of bitcoin. I still trade currency pairs, hedging long and short at the same time so it doesn't matter which way price goes, I make pips either way.
  8. Budget repair ideas

    no don't strip the original finish off, you'll destroy it's historical value.
  9. Worn varnish under chinrest

    indoor looks better, the outside bright light made it look like bright white wood.
  10. Worn varnish under chinrest

    that looks like it was done with sand paper
  11. Perry Sultana...

    Guinness great choice!
  12. Mike Molnar's Bench

    Michael that's starting to look like some of my samples. Look at page 5 on my thread.
  13. MikeC's bench

    Hi Michael, I've spent a lot of time trying to get the corners right, Davide Sora videos make it look easy but its taking me a while to get a really good fit. C bout ribs are now glued and I'm working now on getting the curves right on the corner blocks for the upper and lower bout ribs. More pictures soon.
  14. I will start making Violin

    You don't have to be able to play music but it helps if you have some wood working skills. I have just recently started building my first one also, well really it's the second one but the first was many years ago and it did not turn out very good. You should post pictures as you build it.
  15. MikeC's bench

    fit to form is slightly off but not too concerned with that. One rib had a little difficulty bending so it has a little bit of a crack only on the inside. I'm a little concerned it might break when taking the form out but I may be able to get some glue down in there. The linings may cover it and hold it together. I got a pretty good fit to the corner blocks. The dowels started out round but I planed one side down to match the curve of the corner. I started to line them with cork but then decided that wasn't necessary. C clamps would probably apply more pressure but the dowels seem to work well.