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  1. I'm not sure which violins were built from the PG form. Others here may be able to answer that. It might be worth some searching to find the exact size in millimeters of the PG form to make sure it prints out the actual size of the real form. But I think if you print from that PDF it will be the correct size. In that PDF I wouldn't pay any attention to all those curly lines, Muratov was trying to use curved lines to model the form but Strad probably used simple straight edge and compass to design it.
  2. Here's the PG form in PDF format. It should print out full size I think. Muratov-PG.pdf
  3. I copied and printed the image of Strad's PG form from the Sergei Muratov site. I don't know if that site is still up since I can't get to it from here at work but it had good full size pictures of some of Strad's forms. Also you may be able to print a form from makingtheviolin.com If I can find the image file on my computer at home tonight I'll post it here.
  4. Well now that we have a Space Force we can have real space cadets! But with a name like that who's going to join?
  5. how do you get density and weight from a CT scan?
  6. potash is various potassium salts (potassium hydroxide, potassium carbonate etc.) derived from leaching wood ashes in water, so not the same thing as alum.
  7. Don't worry it's deja vu... just a gglitch in the matrix.
  8. Doubling the edge? How is that done? Nothing special about this spruce but I'll save it for a future build.
  9. I don't think I'm going to try and make this one work, better to start over and do it right. So 15 would be a minimum? Better to go a little higher than that?
  10. That looks too stressful and time consuming but a neat idea!
  11. It's hard to get a good photo that shows the arch but I'll give it a shot. it's hard to get the camera angle but here's a pic, it looks too flat and low to me compared to the back plate which you can't really see the back in this photo. Well I get some kind of server error when trying to upload the photo. oh well, I have another spruce jointed and ready to work on, so maybe I'll just start over with that one.
  12. I thinned it down too much I think. Is 12.5mm too low for the top arch? That includes the edge thickness. So 12.5 from where it glues to the ribs.
  13. There is certainly a lot of research and a lot of clues.
  14. I think that would be a very long list
  15. So to put it in a nutshell. No one knows what the Cremonese ground actually is right? Joe are you suggesting your balsam ground is it?
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