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  1. You can get an excellent Mirecourt fractional violin for 2 to 4K. If you are lucky under $2K. Anything else would be a waste but it is your money... There are also nice new violins from Yamaha and the Howard Core Catalog in the same price range
  2. Do yourself a favor pay the $60 and send a few pictures to Dmitry Gindin. If this is a real Cappa you need the proper attribution and a certificate.
  3. I have a few violins that are part of my collection and I do not play on a regular basis. Should the string tension be eased on those instruments for the time that they’re just sitting around?
  4. So I am guessing the person that bought it for 37K was trying to acquire proper attribution for 9 years. He/she could not and that's why decided to sell it- luckily with some profit.
  5. Can someone enlighten me what "School of Antonio Stradivari" means? Francesco and Omobono died in the late 1740s so it's not by them
  6. That frog looks Deutschland... small inner circle compared to outer circle - somewhat disproportionate. I was told that is a German thing
  7. Wow this violin and this thread... I was told years ago by Rene Morel that the further apart the sound holes from the standard measurement the worse the sound of the instruments will be. If he were right I can only imagine what this thing sounds like
  8. Ok so now I am told by some friends in the trade this has nothing to do with Markneurkirchen and that it looks French???!!! I understand it is pretty rough. Possibly amateur?
  9. A few pix after the super Nikco. Something bothers me about these sound holes. Also as far as age where do you guys place it?
  10. Prices are in British pounds so the final price is about S26/27K US
  11. Why? It's an art work on its own
  12. The crack repairs and set up is near perfect... This was not done on "someone's kitchen table" - Hans Nebel quote
  13. Let me know your thoughts on this one. The restoration must’ve been done by Benning. How did I guess that haha
  14. A real Antoniazzi for $30k would be a good deal....
  15. ... but after conversion and premium it will still come to $30K US https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199355392&cpid=3732602880&filter_key=
  16. I have an early 19th century violin by Prosper Grandjon with LOB 365mm. Barely fits in a case. From what I understand this size was normal for his instruments. Was that a normal practice for other makers as well from that time period and what was the reason for it? Perhaps it had something to do with Stradivarius’ grand pattern?
  17. Auction houses do that. The less responsibility for them the better. I have a Gadda violin. Certificate, build, varnish seem almost identical. Problem is that nobody knows who exactly made these in the Gadda workshop. Tarisio calls them "instruments form the late Mario Gadda workshop"
  18. Tarisio in Berlin, Florian expanding to San Francisco. Life must be good in the high end violin trade...
  19. Looking forward to reading this thread
  20. ... was not a maker but a violinist and a collector who hired/ bought from Venetian makers and then inserted his own labels? Do I have it right?
  21. Wow this will take viola jokes to a whole new level...
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