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  1. I prefer to look at a Pressenda haha
  2. I like it... anything is fixable. The question is whether or not it is worth it
  3. The Milanese families such as Testore and Landolphi made violins for nobility (high grade materials and varnish) and then instruments for the "local musician's union" if I can say so. This is a typical "Milanese cheapjack" as described by the Hill firm. It is the perfect example IMHO. Chippy varnish, poor material, unfinished pegbox, scratch purling to name a few...
  4. I bet it would have been the Nicolo Gagliano. It was among the most complete packages- pedigree, appearance playability and sound were above average
  5. Remind me again... Leon Bernardel is a trade name for which firm?
  6. Could be restored for that much more I guess... still a soundpost patch on the back is a NO for many people. What is Raffin Certificate for? I guess it comes with a decent bow?
  7. Also interesting how the speculative lots sold such as "ascribed to" Balestrieri and "by a follower" of Guad... both with now obsolete Wurlitzer certificates
  8. The Nicolo Gagliano ended up selling with a considerable discount in the 'unsold lots" it was among the better sounding high end lots.
  9. None of the high end lots sold… all of them were pretty dull. The Cappa and Perlman’s Pietro G of Venice sounded ok but nothing special IMHO… strangely this ugly duckling sold
  10. One would think a resonant violin is a good thing... Perhaps you can take it to a respectable luthier where they can adjust the bridge and sound post and check your set up etc., Not too many people use Eudoxa strings anymore. Try Obligato if you are looking for darker sound or Dominants for simply well balanced sound
  11. Check out West Country Violins. They ship worldwide... They have some nice instruments and you can negotiate 10% discount
  12. Did you say kashkaval and kebab... haha OMG so much better than any fiddle...
  13. Reminds me of something like these... https://dimitargeorgievstudio.com/violins/
  14. How is Martin's statement wrong? Both Tarisio and Bromtons are very successful establishments. I've personally dealt with both and they absolutely have their unique way of doing business. Both houses turning millions in revenue...
  15. Dov from dov-music.com has very reasonably priced pernambuco fittings
  16. When it comes to the "Milanese Cheapjacks" I always preferred Landolphi
  17. Going to play them all in a week or so...
  18. especially the Ruggieri, the CF Landolphi and the JB Vuillaume... Andrea Guarneri is Ok too from what I can hear on the recording... and an Enrico Rocca in near mint condition??? Interesting description.
  19. Looks like a violin from the Howard Core Catalog... something like their artificially aged looking instruments named Köhr
  20. This violin needs at least $3K in restoration work... and one can get near mint condition Mirecourt instrument like that for 3-$4K in some cases for half of that price...
  21. OMG is this going to help me play more in tune haha
  22. Circa 1920 and typical of his best work according to Raffin
  23. The button fits the stick perfectly. I took these pix after the repair and I was told to wait a few hours till I tighten the bow hence the screw is sticking out
  24. It is a Victor Fétique
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