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  1. Yep. I've seen two real CFLs and this one looks damn close from what I see in the pictures...
  2. A little bit off topic but why did clean French fiddles with Rampal certificates ended up at T2? Also the Pietro Landophi Lot 226 looks very intriguing to me. Could it be real?
  3. I remember seeing a discussion a while back here... https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/340015-at-it-again/
  4. Haha yes you are right I guess...
  5. True and I am all about individualism... I have an instrument with an unique scroll but it is also executed with beauty and precision not like the one on the OP
  6. Yes I can tell by looking at your profile picture... but come on this one on the OP is pretty funky looking
  7. Whoever made this violin scroll was not their "forte" https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199552000&cpid=3759669248&filter_key=
  8. Ouch... and then they dipped the entire tip and upper half in the bucket with black paint to cover it up
  9. Jeemin Kim in NYC is an amazing restorer.
  10. Well... I hope during 2022 those of you who are selling bows- sell many. Those of you on the hunt for bows - find your dream. Happy New Year to all!!!
  11. Everyone searches for their dream instrument first... then the bow search begins. Never heard of anyone buying a Voirin or a Tourte to play on a JTL/ Mark Laberte violin/cello etc., For years I used a great playing bow stamped P. Serdet (commercially made in Mirecourt for the Serdet workshop) with instruments from a completely different legue
  12. Emile Germain was my first decent violin I owned hence my screen name. Consistently- very solid instruments
  13. Could not agree more... but most pro- musicians take out loans (often given as an interest free loan from their institution or orchestra) to barely scrape the price of a nice instrument. "The absolute finest bows that exist" are pretty much always out of the question for most pros due to their cost.
  14. It is a personal preference. Some people still prefer gut strings (Eudoxa, Oliv) vs. perlon
  15. The instrument is more important. The same OP question could be asked about strings. Bow, strings make a big difference in enhancing the spectrum of sound but not the core of sound as GeorgeH said. Nowadays there are many inexpensive but great bow options due to new emerging technologies such as graphite/ carbon fiber etc., In my opinion an Arcus S7,8,9 (Cadenza models) outperform most classic bows at a fraction of the price. The new high tech materials also extract more sound out of the instrument which in some cases is too much- impossible with an wooden bow. The agility of the stick gives a great deal of precision and one can find amazing options all under $5K. Not to mention there are other great options like CODA bow under 2K that would fulfill the need of most advancing students.
  16. I like Despiau 3 tree or 2 tree. I get them from Howard Core. Metropolitan Music also has them I think...
  17. ... this conversation is taking a rollercoaster turn hahaha I blame Philip for it
  18. I’d much rather be heartbroken and sip French wine in my misery than drink Dr. Pepper and watch baseball…
  19. Hmm if I can only pop the top... that's all I have for now
  20. Very true. Will get in touch with Peter R about this top for sure. I've been on the quest to find out who made it for quite some time.
  21. Now that I learned something about "the bee sting" here is my former violin N. Audinot. No bee stings By the way it also was Rampal certified.
  22. Actually there are a few remnants of a stamp of some sort on my violin but I am guessing that’s just some leaked ink? I cannot make anything out of it although I was able to take some pix
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