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  1. I have an early Vuillaume violin from 1828/1830. Your scroll doesn't seem right as the early JBV violins have somewhat of a flat top when looking from the side. Also the pin under the button should be 2/3 under the purling and about 1/3 visible on real JBV. Try to get the article on early JBV violins from the Strad Magazine from Feb. 2020 I believe. Still your instrument looks really nice.
  2. My experience buying and selling through Tarisio NY has also been a positive one...
  3. This is strange... I play most violins offered for sale through Tarisio NY. Many violins come with horrible set up. One needs to spend thousands for proper set up after purchase. Since when are they setting the instruments up?
  4. I had a very similar looking violin when I was a kid- labeled Joseph Klotz Mittenwalde 17**... yes with an "e" at the end of Mittenwald. Anyway it looks like inexpensive violin aka the "usual"
  5. Yes the video is great... interesting how it is always around the note C in his case half step lower B...
  6. So removing the center mounted chin-rest almost completely eliminated the wolf tone. Then I experimented with different side mounted chin-rests I have lying around. The one made of olive wood seemed to be the best fit. Thanks for the input
  7. Marc Laberte perhaps? ... lower end model
  8. haha this thread is taking a strange turn... good idea to experiment with lower tension strings. Will keep you posted
  9. My luthier is away for a few weeks teaching a class in Massachusetts. I shall wait for his return. I may try the eliminator
  10. Any tips on how to eliminate an intermittent wolf tone? Seems to only appear on the note C in first position on A strings and also on the same note on D string in third position. The instrument was not properly set up after I acquired it. I just picked it up from the shop after replacing fingerboard, new bridge and complete set up but the wolf tone seems to be still present.
  11. This looks nothing like Rocca (father or son) I have seen before.
  12. How about the most obvious Strad... his cellos are really not that popular. Most A list players prefer Montagnana, Goffriller nowadays no? Rostropovich played a Strad...
  13. True... but I guess there are less options when it comes to cellos. Tecchler also comes to mind where his cellos are much more sought after than the violins.
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