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  1. NY prices... they always find something to bring it to $500
  2. Looks like it needs at least $500 in set up cleaning and re-hair. After that you may get 1000 to 2000 for it
  3. Actually I have noticed that most instruments in the "Fine Instruments and Bows" auctions are also lacking proper set up and pretty much all of them include one to two Roths... I am guessing the primary factors are condition and level of doubt on authenticity. Most composite instruments also end up at T2
  4. At an auction such as Tarisio one can buy anything from a Mario Gadda workshop to a Negroni among other makers within that range. In some cases you may find a great sounding one... most of them will be just ok
  5. OMG! Let's not also forget Carlo Gesualdo, who killed both his wife and her lover. Since he was a count he was untouchable...
  6. I had no idea about this. Any articles you might share about this? Joseph Rocca also had a very turbulent life from what I understand
  7. Is a symphony by Beethoven the best? No it simply was the benchmark that everyone else followed. Works by Mahler or Strauss are much more complex in fact. Cremonese makers set the standard and have become pieces of art. As GeorgeH said "they don't make them anymore"
  8. A while ago we discussed one of my bows branded Oscar Meinel. In my case Pfretzchner but made for the Roth workshops. Good quality stuff although I personally am not familiar with the PW Meinel label.
  9. With that color looks like Candy yum
  10. What does that mean? I know a Tecchler cello in NY that is around 1 million. Euro 85K is a steal
  11. I have an early Vuillaume violin circa 1828 (Rampal Certified). I have showed it around to some of the New York experts who thought perhaps the scroll is not original because it featured a slightly flat front… then I just came across this Strad article. Evidently the “flat front” was a feature till 1830 or so. Just proves how much the “experts” don’t know. Excellent read by the way on JB Vuillaume from the February 2020 issue. Article by Jonathan Marolle
  12. I think the Rosin might be
  13. Whenever I get a bow re-haired at Hans Nebel's I get the shiniest stick and metals back no matter how grimy the bow was in the first place. Rate has been consistent between dirty and relatively clean bows. He also straightens the stick as much as possible whatever that means... his rate hasn't changed in recent years.
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