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  1. Hahaha. By the way I agree with the Chopin "attribution" haha
  2. wow you also bought a violin in a blind auction??? You might be the bravest maestronet member I know...
  3. Absolutely true when it comes to the most pristine items, but from a players perspective (or advancing conservatory student) on a limited budget why buy lets say an Audinot for 25K EURO ( dealer price) when at an auction you can get one for 15K or less. Some really nice sounding examples I played at Tarisio didn't even reach $15K from what I remember.
  4. Buying "blind" at auction is something I don't understand. Paying 2X/3X at retail when an option like Tarisio is available is also something I don't understand.
  5. Perhaps after this crazy COVID situation we live in is over I should get back to testing all the lots... germaphobic reasons have prevented from doing this for over a year now
  6. You did well my friend don't sweat it. For $2280 you got a decent bow. At that same price you'd pay for a low grade ARCUS Sinfonia. Did you try it?
  7. Here is a real one... why do people label them as Italian? Because of the name?
  8. Left to right (top row): Mario d'Alessandro, Charles Beare, John Roskowski, Simone Fernando Sacconi, Luis Bellini, Dario D’Attili. (lower row) Hans Nebel, René Morel, Vahakn Nigogosian
  9. Tarisio posted this great photo on social media. I figured to share it for those who did not see it...Rene Morel is smoking a cigarette haha
  10. Not really. I have a Grandjon father violin from 1810 and it is 365mm. The larger size was the norm in the 1800s French violin making
  11. According to the Tarisio database not a very valuable maker...
  12. I dropped a BOVEDA 72% in each one of my cases. The humidity in my house is about 22-24% so the boveda brings it up to 38-43% range now