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  1. Not really. I have a Grandjon father violin from 1810 and it is 365mm. The larger size was the norm in the 1800s French violin making
  2. According to the Tarisio database not a very valuable maker...
  3. I dropped a BOVEDA 72% in each one of my cases. The humidity in my house is about 22-24% so the boveda brings it up to 38-43% range now
  4. I knew about Gemünder... didn’t know about Silvestre. Thanks for sharing
  5. Around 1828/1829 in particular and in addition to Derazey who joined about 1830 from what I read
  6. I’ve played a couple of these GG branded instruments at Tarisio. This one looks exactly like the ones I’ve seen in person if not one of them. Did you buy it there? They were always ascribed to Mario only although labeled and branded Gaetano all over.
  7. I would classify it as "ugly" rather than "interesting" or "unusual"
  8. germain


    Do any of you visit the above blog post? I was really enjoying readying through the pages about the different Italian makers. It was very informative. I've been getting an error message lately that the blog is for 'invited' guest only
  9. yeah dry ivory soap. A little Vaseline should be ok for the adjuster - metal parts only
  10. True... I guess that would be the next step
  11. No it is stated in the Rampal certificate where he attests of the violin make "...except for the top which is French 19th century." Literal translation
  12. Can someone ID this top? It is confirmed that it is French and 19 century and thats all I know. It is the top to a very valuable instrument but not original to that instrument.
  13. They make good chinrests... not so sure about their violins
  14. I would never sell unidentified violin objects to my students. Nice sounding specimens such as the OP make good orchestral loaners and rentals as long as they are in decent condition to take the abuse...