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  1. There is something really cool and odd about it ath the same time. What does the manuscript label read? I clearly see Fecit in Cremona 1700 but I cannot read the writing above. I think I see "Guarneri Giuseppe"?
  2. Thanks for the input. It certainly seems this was the way it was built. The frog has a very rounded channel somewhat unusual shaped that fits very tightly in the "Vuillaume" channel of the stick.
  3. I just noticed that one of my bows is missing the frog metal under slide. The fit is perfect as it is and there is no evidence of pin holes. Was that a normal practice at some point back in the day?
  4. The color of the stick is a pretty light yellow gets darker towards the tip. The pictures really don’t represent the color scheme very well. Will try to take a few more outdoors
  5. The bow needs new hair and lapping... as of now it is at 53.9 grams. Stick is very lively. I am able to play it even as it is right now. Seems to be in pretty good condition
  6. I don't think so... If it were Heifetz, Milstein, or someone of that stature I'd yes
  7. The Sacconi violin went for $110K ($132K with premium). This shattered prices by some very nice Ansaldo Poggi fiddles I've played at Tarisio recently. Having had many instruments set up and/or restored by Hans J. Nebel I've heard countless stories on Simone Sacconi and his pupil Dario D'Attili and their path in New York from Emile Hermann to Wurlitzer... In 1933 during very tough business years (when this fiddle was made) Sacconi worked on 57th Street and his pay at Emile Hermann's was "whatever was possible". Only if he knew that people would pay $132K for his violins now.
  8. OMG you nailed it. Couldn't ask for a better visualization... and I envision Martin as the "Hunter" with a two barrel shotgun desperately trying to blow the marsupial to bits and pieces.
  9. Looks like a pile of... wood. Too bad my fireplace is all gas
  10. that Marsupilami is on of Martin's all time favorites... haha
  11. Nothing cleans a violin like Xylene... I use it outdoors with a respirator or a fan blowing away from me. Wear gloves. A cheap fiddle ain't worth it getting cancer.
  12. With the winter weather coming I decided to switch from Stretto to Boveda. With the first one I always kept forgetting to put water in it and the Boveda is completely maintenance free. So far the hygrometers in all my cases are registering all around 47-50% humidity. Anybody else here using them?
  13. Are you talking about Lot 130 or 143? If nice sounding examples they should hit $10K. Both are pretty standard Gadda violins and quite beautiful in my opinion Great player instruments although some do not sound as good as others. Personal model seems to be always more I don't know why. Mario Gadda himself was a bake faker and many of his work bares other labels such as his father Gaetano etc.,