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  1. The front of this instrument doesn’t belong to the rest of it. It had been replaced with another French top but late 19th century. The rest of the violin back scroll ribs are early 19th century - 1828/30.
  2. Here you go a work of art from down the block from the JTL store…
  3. Exactly. Also thinking of the talent that worked for Vuillaume, not to mention the bow makers. Of course there were plenty of similarities especially in the training but the greatest talent was employed in the workshops of Vuillaume (Hill and Bisiach respectively)
  4. That’s a bit over the top. Let’s be realistic here. They are trade quality instruments. They make decent player instruments made by the thousands hence the low price, most of them sound really nice but far from a piece of art.
  5. Same origins for sure but perhaps he was a bit more sophisticated doing a real arching rather than a hot plate? Haha
  6. "... JTL a music store selling everything from factory made violins to B flat saxophones..." hahaha not my quote but one of the greatest French restorers in NYC
  7. Is there any particular reason why some of the greatest makers put pins partially under the purfling so that only about 2/3 of the pin is showing? I have see that on Strad violins, Lupot, Vuillaume, and even in the work of some of the great modern Italian makers.
  8. You can get an excellent Mirecourt fractional violin for 2 to 4K. If you are lucky under $2K. Anything else would be a waste but it is your money... There are also nice new violins from Yamaha and the Howard Core Catalog in the same price range
  9. Do yourself a favor pay the $60 and send a few pictures to Dmitry Gindin. If this is a real Cappa you need the proper attribution and a certificate.
  10. I have a few violins that are part of my collection and I do not play on a regular basis. Should the string tension be eased on those instruments for the time that they’re just sitting around?
  11. So I am guessing the person that bought it for 37K was trying to acquire proper attribution for 9 years. He/she could not and that's why decided to sell it- luckily with some profit.
  12. Can someone enlighten me what "School of Antonio Stradivari" means? Francesco and Omobono died in the late 1740s so it's not by them
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