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  1. I saw a while ago a Carlo Testore that belonged to a retired NY Phil member asking price was $150K it needed over $35K in restoration work. 30-50K estimate isn't a bad price at all... I am guessing this one isn't a Carlo Testore but some apprentice. Price seems fair though
  2. This is perhaps the scariest rendition of the Brahms violin concerto I've ever heard....
  3. This looks more like it...
  4. Nothing pretty about this instrument... I saw a real one a few years back. It had a double purpling front under the fingerboard almost likle a V shape interesting concept and very unique looking f holes. It was interesting and striking looking not like this one. Not very valuable from what remember anyway estimate was 5-8K I think
  5. germain

    Reshaping neck

    Thanks all for the helpful tips
  6. I recently obtained a violin that needs the neck to be gently reshaped because it feels a bit uncomfortable. I can totally do it myself and refinish it but wondering what to use to seal the wood after sanding. I have ultra fine sandpaper and steel wool and I can get it to that point no problem but would like a recommendation on some kind of polish to seal the wood. Any recommendations?
  7. T2 indeed... I stand corrected
  8. Tarisio is usually pretty conservative when it comes to attributions etc., If it says circa 1730 that's what they believe it is.
  9. Having had more free time than usual I've been reading a lot more on various violin makers. It is very interesting how German violin making is perhaps not considered among the most highly regarded but at the same time so many makers of German descent are actually considered some of the all time best. Help me complete the list: Matteo Goffriller, David Tecchler, Carlo Landolfi, Michel Platner, Nicholas Lupot
  10. The last name is more like Serbian not Italian. One can get a better instrument from the Howard Core catalogue at under 1K than this...
  11. Met Opera Orchestra was just laid off till further notice. Hopefully will be back in September. NY Phil will follow all of Broadway musicians and actors are currently without a job... this will affect the instrument market a great deal. For those who have money now it will be a great time to buy a fiddle at a great price
  12. Anyone play this one? Label says 1737 Tarisio says it is made in 1780 dendro is somewhere in the the middle... no other provenance other than Tarisio proforma certificate. 140K British
  13. Crappy factory made instrument...