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  1. What would be a fair price for the Pillot if I am to sell it? I don’t want to give it away but then again I understand it’s not something great...
  2. Thanks very helpful info
  3. Ok here are some brighter photos of the head
  4. Here are some better pictures of the head
  5. What can you guys tell me about this bow. I have to get rid of some of my other bows to be able to buy the Vigneron. This one an example of my better ones. Who made PILLOT branded bows?
  6. Yes definitely not up to date with that price range...
  7. Just a hefty price... even at 50% discount
  8. What’s up with the price of this one
  9. Violin is Thibout circa 1855. As far as the bow pictured as Martin said Raffin certificate states VIGNERON pere/fils
  10. Here is the bow in question. Just tried the chords in the Brahms aka triple stops. It was pretty much all kah kah kah. IDK could this depend on the player haha ??? For the haters of CF bows my Arcus Cadenza Gold gets through long rehearsals of a Mahler symphonies and other monstrosities like no other. At 46 grams it’s like holding a 3/4 bow. When I play chamber music and solo repertoire I’m considering this one... hopefully when I’m ready to sell it I‘ll be able to recover and make some $
  11. Really??? That's good to know. Thanks for your input I'll pay special attention to projection and the amount of sound it draws out of the instrument when I am testing it.
  12. I see... very helpful.
  13. I draw the line at 60 grams. I had in mind the bow offered for sale by West Country Violins. I always have an excellent experience dealing with Brian. His prices are right and the instruments do not disappoint