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  1. germain


    Don't know if i is real but it is quite beautiful...
  2. Any suggestions on a violin endoscope? I am looking for something decent and with rapidly changing tech I was wondering if any of you have recommendations. Thanks
  3. Agreed. Inexpensive German “Maggini” it’s probably more expensive to restore than it is actually worth...
  4. Exactly. Very hard to explain so I gave up. Thanks for this. Nobody does it like Hans. Pretty amazing
  5. I really want to do one of his workshops. Must be awesome. Enjoy
  6. I have a few violins set up by Hans J. Nebel. Whenever he fits a new fingerboard he makes the neck and the sides of the fingerboard completely shiny. Almost like a clear coat of varnish is applied by I don’t think this is how he achieves this. Any ideas? I really like the “two tone” effect between the shiny sides and regular look on the playing surface of the fingerboard. I hope the pictures are clear enough.
  7. The apocryphal label and the first major overhaul was 1923 I guess...
  8. Haha I’m trying to keep everyone sharp and on top of their game here
  9. Hmm ... the prize could be one of the south of France violin gems perhaps? I am not sure he’ll accept it haha
  10. I promise you this one is not from our "friend" from Southern France
  11. Ok we are getting close... The instrument is labeled as such but Monsieur Rampal says: “... although bearing apocryphal label Charles Jacquot the instrument is authentic to ... circa 1855”
  12. French - yes Mid 19th century - yes someone with very greasy chin played it - yes
  13. Fire away your comments and is the best sounding instrument I have ever played/ owned. As you know I play pretty much every lot on the NY auction scene... The amazing sound is due to the wonderful work and restoration of a NY maker. The instrument has a certificate so the origin and restorer will be revealed at the end of this discussion thread. Jeffrey Holmes was the winner of my last quiz. Let the games begin...