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  1. It is a German Nicholas Lupot... perhaps from his Stuttgart production line? Haha
  2. Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation. It is a totally different approach from my restorer Hans J. Nebel. He always explained to me that proper edge around the lower bout indicates quality and properly aged material when the violin was built. Old school I guess…
  3. I am not sure I understand. Many of these old German violins have little or no edge left due to shrinkage of the top mainly and poorly aged material. This instrument seems to have plenty of edge left both on top and bottom hence it is one of the better quality instruments IMHO
  4. It seems like a nice amount of edge on the lower bouts. No shrinkage = good material.
  5. Deutschland... Looks like a solid instrument and in good shape. I am sure with proper set up it will make a good instrument for your kid. Perhaps better than many of the Chinese options in the $1000-$2000 range.
  6. Is it a gentle abrasive? Does it apply something like shellac to the instrument or is it a combination of both?
  7. When it comes to turn of the 20th century it is Milan Bologna, and Naples that is of interest... some Genova and Venice makers as well such as Enrico Rocca and Degani.
  8. Just a few bows and my fiddle... korfker rest, leatherwood rosin and a mute r
  9. Hmm interesting... a (former) member of the New York Phil
  10. Looks like Simon School Unstamped... hahaha
  11. Hmmm that's a tough one. With the Seidel Strad you have not just a great golden period Strad but also an instrument that is sought after by superstar violinists. I bet Josh Bell, Kavakos, etc were thinking should I sell mine and buy this one. For those reasons I doubt the early decorated Strad will reach 15mil.
  12. Not a record but it certainly did well...
  13. Yep... now the question is after you factor in the premium can one sell it for more? It was not a great sounding example. It's ok. With a new set up and putting another $2-4K in fine adjustments perhaps will make it sound better.
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