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  1. I apologize for some lacking information. The orchestra director at the other high school in town quit. So, our orchestra director took over both high schools in town. We have a performing group called, "In Flight". Since our orchestra director has both schools "under her wing", we have combined the Cooper Fiddlers with the original members of In Flight. We're thinking of a new name for our group. Our director has also created a program that interacts with the middle school orchestra students called The String Project. In which interested middle school students pay a $5 fee per lesson with a high school student. The high school student uses that $5 to take private lessons with a teacher in which the high school student pays only $10 each lesson with a teacher or college student The school website is run by the school. I'll talk to my director to see if we can do more. We've had a city wide concert last spring, in which all the 6-12 grade orchestra students performed together. The ENTIRE school board and district principals were invited. And only ONE person showed up, the principal of Abilene High (he had to let us in)... We did have a full house although. But no media attention or school district TV... We do have 3 magnificent universities in our town, Hardin-Simmons has been a great help to us. And once again, I do appreciate your ideas and comments. They have been so helpful.
  2. Our high school orchestra, just like many other out there, is on the verge of getting cut by the school board because they don't think orchestra is essential to many lives. But believe it or not, it is. We are wondering, what can our orchestra do to promote and raise awareness of our High school orchestra in our school and our city because, we are not as well known as the other high school orchestra, the Cooper Fiddlers. We've thought about putting ads in the newspapers and televison, public performances, and so on. Our school barely even knows that an orchestra exists in the school. They think we are band! We are not! We are wooden instruments, with bows, and strings! I came to this message board looking for some help and ideas on how to gain attention to our orchestra. I'd like to thank you all in advanced for your response to this thread. http://www.ahseagles.com/
  3. We have a Violinist come to our school and help us with our music, and its getting towards the end of school and I was wanting to get her an appreciation gift. Shes helped us SOO MUCH! Any suggestions on what I should get her. If it matters any, shes a college music major and in our city's Philharmonic
  4. Has anyone played SYMPHONY NO.4 by WILLIAM BOYCE? Not the grade 2 piece arr. by Elliot del Borgo, but the all the movements? Cause our youth orchestra conductor is thinking about playing it.
  5. At our youth orchestra , We've played no songs ya'll have mentioned. Procession of the Nobles Malda, Down a Country Lane Copeland, Pavane Faure, Finlandia Sibileus, The Ascenion, March Slave, Yorkshire Ballad, and Norweigen Dances Grieg
  6. Has anyone played "Concerto Grosso" by Margaret Farish? We are planning to play the entire Concerto for our final Middle school concert this may. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has played/heard this concerto before. Thanks
  7. I've recently bought a StringWorks Virtuoso Viola, and it I was EXTREMELY Pleased, I also got a GENEROUS deal on it. The sound is unbelieveable, it sounds better than my main $2000 viola that I have. The staff was very helpful and understanding. And by the looks of the message board, the Maestro is also a good instrument. That is just my 2 cents [This message has been edited by violist87 (edited 03-21-2002).]
  8. Who do you think makes the best bridges? Prefabricated or Handmade? My Viola as a Bausch.
  9. Has anybody tried/seen this!?!?! It glows in the dark according to http://www.concordmusic.com/ Does it like harm the bow??
  10. violist87


    Hey, thank ya'll for your comments. Any bow would be better than my cheap-o-la Glasser Beginner Synthetic Bow. I'll talk to my parents about seeing to get a Composite or even a Carbon Fiber
  11. violist87


    Has any one tried out a Glasser Composite Bow? My orchestra teacher said they are better than brazilwood bows. Any one have comments...?
  12. Hi, I'm planning to purchase a new Viola and someone reccommened this to me. Has anyone tried this Viola or just a Johannes Kohr instrument.
  13. Has anybody tried out Deathridge Violins?? They are located in Abilene, Texas..
  14. Hi, I'm a student in high school that does a lot of practicing (about 3 hours a day). I currently have Dominants on my 15" 1998 Viola. I was wondering if there economical strings for a student like me. My Dominants are starting to go flat. SO I'm in the market for new strings.
  15. Woops, I didn't mean only $200-275. I typed it at 2 in the morning. What I meant to put was $200-900.
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