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  1. Are there plans available for smaller(1/2 or 3/4) violins? I think I remember a post where someone stated that you have to take your 4/4 plans to a print shop and have them downsized. If so, what math do you use to arrive at proper graduations? Also, what are the percentage numbers for thedownsizing of the plans? Pals, Vic.

  2. And I think that Fiddlewallop would like his original question answered. How do you tune a plate? This thread has quickly turned into a debate about the virtues of plate tuning where all of the experts get to blow their horns. Pals, Vic.

  3. The Art of Violin Making is written for someone who has never built a violin. I have the book, among others, and was a great help to get started. Strobel states from the very beginning that the book is written to help the rank beginner make a decent sounding fiddle that you can be proud of. I would suggest following the book for your first few fiddles. You will find it interesting how the note drops as you thin your plate. If you get to the target weight and graduations, tap the plates and record all the data. Have fun and don't worry about making a master violin. Pals, Vic.

  4. I would like some recommendations for commercially available oil varnish. The varnish that I have been using is relatively inexpensive and when buffed up to a gloss, it kinda resembles plastic. I would like to know what varnish you use and where I can get some. I am an amateur builder and would like to upgrade to a nicer varnish. Thanx, daddy-o496.

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