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  1. How about a carbon fibre violin, www.carbonviolin.co.uk Will have some ready soon working on the first 5 the one in the videos was the prototype.
  2. Would like very much to do a compare but no one here I have found so far has one, probably cause they are so expensive. Thats why I am making these and for about half there price.
  3. I agree people will either love it or hate it because its different, but the big bonus is as a violin its indestructible (well very strong) and is not effected by hot, cold weather and does not not mind getting wet or very dry. I had no hesitation putting it in a cardboard box and posting it to England (trusting the postal service would handle with care) So it travels well without the worry of damage. Again not for everyone but some people will appreciate these features.
  4. While the violin was away in England being accessed with an expert who is going to help make a few small changes he took some nice images which I have put up on the website. www.carbonviolin.co.uk
  5. there are images of the prototype construction here http://img816.imageshack.us/g/picture032e.jpg/
  6. Apart from a little change, do not want to alter to much as its really good as is, the moulds are being remade to perfect cosmetic finish, so should be making these in a month or so time. This is what Jonathan added after he has had it for a week. The violin as it stands is saleable now: it really does what it says on the box - it looks and sounds like a good traditional violin, but in sexy Carbon-Fibre.
  7. Hello everyone my name is Stephen, I am in the process of making a Carbon fibre violin. I am an Aerospace engineer and know all about carbon fibre but as I know little about violins I am being helped in this area by Peter Boardman peterboardmanviolinmaker.co.uk/ The making of the molds and construction of the violin will be easy for me but it will take a few prototypes to get the tonal values to Peters satifaction, once complete I hope to sell these, as I work full time and this is a part time project I will only make a few to start and then make to order. I have the top plate finished and will have the bottom plate, sides and neck (in one piece) complete next week. I will upload images of the top plate and the rest when complete. If you are interested in this project email and let me know. I posted this on another forum and though it might be of interest. The prototype is finished now and there are a few vids some poor picture quality but it gives some idea of its so, there are 3 vids here
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