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  1. I ended up buying W N colors brown madder,naples yellow,raw sienna and lamp black.Grumbacher linseed oil aswell.I had to use my raw hand to cover a few areas.How can i buff down the prints from my hand or will they level as it drys?
  2. Can someone tell me a few good basic colors for me to purchase ? I will probably be buying W & N oils.From what i have read i will need a blue to tone any brown colors i use? Also Lamp black was mentioned as a good color.
  3. Thank you very much to everyone.There is much information on the Internet about this but most is to complex to follow.So if i am using the oil colors to fully color the instrument i do one coat of color then seal with a coat of varnish then repeat until the desired finish is achieved? Or can i do multiple layers of glaze on top of each other then just do a clear over top the finished instrument? So i will use artists linseed oil such as the commercial ones at the art store.Any certain type of tube oil colors or brands which would be best for violin finishes?
  4. For some time i have been interested in using a glazing technique to varnish but have never quite understood the process.I believe from what i have read that oil paints are mixed with linseed oil or some other things then applied to the instrument.I don't want to do anything very complex if i don't have to so is anyone can give me any simple explanation that would be great!I am mostly interested in this for the blending and antiquing possibilities.Another thing i would like to know is can i use the glaze on top of a instrument i started with oil varnish>?
  5. Yes i am staying out of this also ...
  6. Uploaded with ImageShack.us One of the $50.violins.Thanks James!
  7. The 2 with no flame are $50 china varnish toys.The rest are mine.
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