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  1. I remember that I was looking for it as it was based (loosely) on Jacqueline du Pre's life. As Hilary and Jackie was no where near in the making. I thought Jacqueline du Pre played the cello?
  2. i'll even get a VCR that makes copies and volunteer myself. I'd donate some blank tapes (I could wipe out Best Buy?)! What a project this could turn out to be, LOL!
  3. HKV, don't apologise, I know that you had a lot of projects going on now, anyway. Toasty, I am really interested in conitinuing with classical violin, but while there are a lot of videos out there for fiddling (various types of fiddling at that), there is almost nothing available for classical. Thanks for the suggestions, I guess I'll keep looking. HKV, it would be great to see a video of the reunion even if there is no teaching on it!
  4. Hi, I've not been on for a while, and am ready to start playing again, but am without a teacher now, so I am kind of stuck at a certain point in my books. I was wondering if there are any teachers here who have ever though about putting together a video series (I had asked HKV at one time to think about it, but he was so busy with other things that I don't know if he even had time to think about it, or was interested). Some of us are in such remote places, that a video series would be helpful in at least showing what is what. I have my books, but I am the kind of person who has to see how things are done to understand it. That is one reason the posts here don't help me much. I've tried them, but just don't get it. I had one video from Mel Bay Productions that taught the G, A, and D major scales and then stopped there, and my teacher was impressed at how well I played those since I had learned them from a video, so I do know that they help a lot. Anyway, it is a large project, I know. But it would be a great one! I know homeschool families, and families who can't afford to send their children to the two teachers this area has, and a video series would be really helpful for them too. I Do realise a teacher is best, but many people here are basically self taught, and I, myself was for a while, so I know it can be done, and in my case would certainly be better than no teaching at all. Thanks for reading!
  5. Awhhhh, it sounds like you are all going to have a great time. I've just now started catching up to the threads, so I've just read all the preparations HKV has put into this day. I wish I could be there, (especially to take HKV up on the offer to teach thosee who can't play since I no longer have a teacher), but it just can't happen this time. I do hope you all have a great time though!
  6. I got a terrific deal at Stringworks. I paid less than the $800.00 you are willing to spend for a whole package. The tone is great (my teacher was really impressed with the tone). The people are friendly and will answer question after question until you feel comfortable. The flaming IS real too! good luck on your hunt, you've been given quite a few promising leads!
  7. MacKay, I've never bought an instrument off eBay but I bought a really nice violin bow and a brand new violin case from there. One really important thing for bidders to do is check a seller's profile. Even if they have negative feedback, it's important to read the comments that go with them to find out why. I have read comments from people who were just having brain cramps and could have fixed the situation by contacting the seller, and I have read feedbacks from at least one seller whose profile is full of negatives and he just sounds like a jerk to do business with. One can tell a lot about a seller by reading feedback and profiles
  8. Donuel, My Morgan loves that scroll! I knew she would, she is a marine life lover at heart!
  9. I've only bought strings from them, but they have been great for buying those from. The last time I bought strings, they even showed me how to spend the $30.00 to get free shipping( buying 1 extra string, which comes to the same amount, but I got something for that 4 dollars!). I am impressed with them.
  10. Donuel, that is terrific work! My daughter loves dolphins so we see plenty of them around here!
  11. AnneS

    Which Sex?

    quote: Originally posted by Orendacats: Female here, like you couldn't tell from the Not Made for a Violin thread. Lisa LOL! I remember THAT thread!
  12. I actually saw Salvation Army people last week who had heaters that looked like torches! It's about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Polecat, my kids and I went to a Christian music festival ths summer, and stood in line for almost an hour to ride the gondola to the top of the mountain that part of the festival was being held at. While we waited, there was a group of teenagers sitting off to the side and one of them had a guitar. He had been playing and singing all day so he and his friends could attend the next morning's pancake breakfast on top of the mountain. The noise level at this festival prevented us from hearing him very well, but we did throw some dollar bills in his case (I gave each of the girls some to put in). It IS important to encourage musicians and we were happy to give them some. What we could hear was some of the prettiest music played that weekend, so we felt it was well worth encouraging someone who might turn out to be a future musican at this festival.
  14. Mr Pate, I tried your auction number twice and the message I got was that the auction number was invalid or no longer in their data base. Sorry, I couldn't check it out.
  15. Our worst pests of this year were the bears and moose (we live up in the mountains). Bears have walked our street a lot at night time and they have taken over a really nice road that many kids in the neighborhood enjoyed riding their bikes on (because it was so quiet). We also had a large moose run out of the woods and toward the children playing on our street (well, in fairness to the moose, he just wanted to go that way, he wasn't charging, but it was scary). Poor thing got so scared with all the screaming that he did donuts on the road trying to re-orient himself! There were skid marks all over the road. We have had so many of both it has been a dangerous year. Moose tend to run in front of cars, and bears just tear everything apart looking for food. Oh well, that's what we get for living in their territory I suppose!