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  1. I can't imagine this higher tuning would be good for the instrument.
  2. "this lightweight mute instantly gives you the unique tone of Stephane Grappelli's later years" Grappelli used many different mutes over the years and it is possibly questionable to think that the way he sounded was because of a mute. Some of his guitarist said that he had several violins he used and he always sounded like himself on all them.
  3. I bought that very mute several years back which was pricey at the time. I did not like it at all, thought it too heavy. A good hacksaw cut on both sides making a three-prong mute and burnishing all of the edges from the cut really improved it IMHO.
  4. I hate second hand information pertaining to the great man.
  5. I would love an audience with the overlord, Queen of the Muse, and gather any other information I could.
  6. Grappelli used mutes from the Hot club to his old age. I've seen him pictured at a BBC broadcast that had him in close proximity to the mic, using a three prong metal mute. There are pictures of him with the old slide roller type of mutes and later in life with the round disc type. I've seen him play live where uses the mute off and on depending on the song and was lucky enough to see him perform about 20 times, as well as having every commercial recording I could ever find.
  7. I started out playing mandolin at 14 yrs. old, at the advise of my Uncle, a B. G. banjo player. I was able to teach myself from records, played bluegrass with bands in central and southern Ohio, mostly around Cincinnati. With the Katie Laur Band I had the good fortune to perform with a fantastic fiddler, Buddy Griffin. He managed to enlist me for 2 recordings supporting singer and guitarist, Mac Wiseman. It was during this time I was playing more fiddle (for my own amusement) that I heard Grappelli. I wanted to play in that style and really concentrated my efforts on swing and jazz fiddle and grew more dissatisfied and disillusioned with mandolin, which as it turned out were great "training wheels" for fiddle. The mandolin was less expressive and spontaneous and I played less and less as the decades went by. I have all but abandoned mandolin, but even in my 60's play violin 2 or 3 hrs. daily. It is my refuge and therapy, compulsion and love.
  8. If only there was a tattered, beat up, case to go with it!
  9. Why do folks think a ratty case is important, more so than actual pictures of the violin?
  10. James R. Carlisle often used American Red Maple and Adirondack Spruce. I think earlier Martin guitars also used Adirondack Spruce for their tops???
  11. @ Mezzopiano, just regular bow hair. @ Ernee. Those are the very same bows I was speaking of and I think I heard that very same thing that you did about Emerson quartet using them, or at least owning them.
  12. Has anyone heard or have any experience with those carbon fiber bows coming out of, I believe a Cleveland violin shop? I think I remember reading, they were very good for the price, as a second or "picnic" bow.
  13. For anyone who appreciated Grappelli, I have recently discovered this high quality, live recording from the Great American music Hall in S.F. They were pretty hot that night. Grappelli was 68 years old and IMHO, was playing at his peak that decade. There are some tunes they never recorded before and ranks high up indeed and is a good representation of his unique, hot playing. Released on David Grisman's label. "The Man with the Violin" acousticdisc.com
  14. Does anyone have any opinions on Berg Bows made in Bloomington Indiana? They are not strictly carbon fiber, but I'm not sure how/what they are made of. They seem to be popular among some of the Cincinnati symphonies players.
  15. Didn't Heifetz have an aluminum violin that he played in tropical regions?
  16. I very well could be wrong, but to me the tailpiece looks totally unremarkable, like something you would see on a flea market fiddle.
  17. Yikes, that sure is ugly. (Not the cat) Is it really all done by hand?
  18. You should see the Dominant Pro packaging. It might be even more excessive, and reminds me of a high priced CVS receipt.
  19. Another vote for Martin Swan. Great customer service and knowledgeable.
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