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  1. @ Mezzopiano, just regular bow hair. @ Ernee. Those are the very same bows I was speaking of and I think I heard that very same thing that you did about Emerson quartet using them, or at least owning them.
  2. Has anyone heard or have any experience with those carbon fiber bows coming out of, I believe a Cleveland violin shop? I think I remember reading, they were very good for the price, as a second or "picnic" bow.
  3. For anyone who appreciated Grappelli, I have recently discovered this high quality, live recording from the Great American music Hall in S.F. They were pretty hot that night. Grappelli was 68 years old and IMHO, was playing at his peak that decade. There are some tunes they never recorded before and ranks high up indeed and is a good representation of his unique, hot playing. Released on David Grisman's label. "The Man with the Violin" acousticdisc.com
  4. Does anyone have any opinions on Berg Bows made in Bloomington Indiana? They are not strictly carbon fiber, but I'm not sure how/what they are made of. They seem to be popular among some of the Cincinnati symphonies players.
  5. Didn't Heifetz have an aluminum violin that he played in tropical regions?
  6. I very well could be wrong, but to me the tailpiece looks totally unremarkable, like something you would see on a flea market fiddle.
  7. Yikes, that sure is ugly. (Not the cat) Is it really all done by hand?
  8. You should see the Dominant Pro packaging. It might be even more excessive, and reminds me of a high priced CVS receipt.
  9. Another vote for Martin Swan. Great customer service and knowledgeable.
  10. Why on Earth? A low "F" string. It sounds like a crime against nature.
  11. My very favorite violinist, Stephane Grappelli, because he was a creative rather than an interpretive player. Living violinist. Hilary Hahn , Julia Fischer and Roman Kim for classical music.
  12. Didn't Heifetz use glass of water inside the cabinet where he stored two of his violins to add some humidity?
  13. Who was it that said if, "If had more time I could said less"? Or something close to that.
  14. Apologies, I don't know very much about a subject, but would it be possible to build a ukulele that is tuned like a viola with a scale that note the same way?
  15. You have not mentioned "Berg" bows. I had a Arcus and sold it after I determined it didn't work for me, but I've had the Berg now for 8 years and it is a reliable practice bow, for daily use. I never use it though for performance or though, always using my better sounding wood bows.
  16. I call my violin, "The Carlisle" in honor of its maker, James Reynold Carlisle" made in 1943, the year the United States mint produced steel pennies, for wartime use of copper.
  17. I found this clipping you may find interesting. The Legion of Honor said they didn't know why Heifetz bequeathed the museum the violin. I have my own theory on that. His entry point into the U.S. in his early teens was through the S.F. Golden gate. The museum is located very close to the opening of the Bay, just S.W. of the bridge. This would be the place he would first glimpse his new home, America.
  18. You might contact Rolland Feller in San Francisco. I believe he is the violin's caretaker.
  19. Stephane Grappelli, 1908 - 1997
  20. Yes, I believe this to be one of his 75 hand made fine violin.
  21. I have a 1943 James R. Carlisle, # 1142, made in Cincinnati that I really love. It has a handmade label with the thumb print and is a Guarneri model.
  22. Where is Padah-Hound lately? Is he still in business?
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