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  1. Great work! do you make your bridges from blanks?
  2. I have read a Razvan Stoica's interview and he says that he is now playing a 1729 Stradivari as winer of the Salzburg Strad competition, also on loan courtesy of Oyster... (sorry) Austrian National Bank, but seems that there is not any 1729 Stradivari on their collection.
  3. Yesterday night I found this: http://www.oenb.at/Ueber-Uns/Kunst-und-Kultur/Sammlung-historischer-Streichinstrumente.html
  4. Que putada Jose! Aunque no eches de menos lo que se han llevado me imagino que la mala ostia y la sensación de indefensión no te la quita nadie en unos cuantos días... un saludo
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