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  1. G2 Epoxy works best on pernambuco which is acidic. If a spline is used and it fails it can be repaired. If a metal pin is used and it fails it is very difficult to repair. I have had to work on both.
  2. I have an Alberti tool which takes all the guessing and danger out of boring bow butts. I have a Bow Badger which does a similar job, but I think the Alberti is more accurate. I have also used my mini lathe with no disasters and have done it by hand on new bows. With a bit of practice and some patience they all will work. It is just that some methods work better than others.
  3. It is too bad you are not in Canada since I have a good quantity of bass pernambuco blanks.
  4. Despite storms, pestilence, plagues, and politicians we have survived another year. All the best to everyone in 2022.
  5. I give mine to a local woolen mill.
  6. I have one of these that I never use. I find separate blocks to hold the head and frog work better for me.
  7. You can use a chisel plane or a file. I use a small draw knife.
  8. These replicas are very unbalanced and difficult to play because they want to rotate to the left. I had one like this with aluminum horns and have one just like it with brass horns that is impossible to play because of the added weight and useless tuners. I also have another that was built in Germany in 1910 that is much easier to play because it is lighter and way better balanced. The diaphragm seems to be better because the sound it produces is improved and not as metallic as these Asian ones. Apparently Heifetz recorded using a Stroh violin.
  9. If you want something that works get an old Delta 24" throat cast iron one. They are heavy and don't try to run away from you and the blade is supported when you are sawing.
  10. I am contemplating a two volume set on sound post designs. No illustrations, only descriptions. It should be an all time best seller.
  11. I applaud the effort put into the book, but for me it is one of the most boring tomes I have ever read. We have a display in the shop I work in of the worst specimens that have crossed our benches. It is much more interesting to mock and ridicule these efforts. To each his own.
  12. Pernambuco will turn water pink. Ipe will not.
  13. All the best to everyone in 2021.
  14. Put everything in a large leakproof plastic bag and introduce Halon fire extinguisher gas. seal the bag and leave it for a day. The gas won't harm the instrument or bow but takes the oxygen out of the air and suffocates the little devils. Halon is hard to get since it has stopped being used for fire extinguishers other than race cars and aircraft.
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