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  1. Has anyone tried Bell brass for that "glam" look?
  3. Fred's Fine Violins & Septic Tank Cleaning
  4. Is Elon Howe still a member? I used to belong​ when the group was in Ann Arbor.
  5. Thanks to all who replied. Comments were informative and helpful.
  6. Has anyone here tried this type of glue? If so, what are your comments pro or con? Thanks!
  7. Have you tried super glue remove/nail polish gel?
  8. Here in Michigan,morels are considered a delicacy!
  9. Whatever became of those cute whale-shaped planes made by Ottner-Bottner?
  10. Jim, you could say your wood has been thoroughly "cat-scanned"
  11. Slightly off topic but referring to Matts "most terrifying words in the English language" My vote goes to"some assembly required"
  12. At last,a breath of fresh air among the fumes from boiling varnish!
  13. Happy B-Day Craig! Wish I were 60 again! Coming up on 78 on New Year's Eve.
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