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  1. A friend of mine is an artistic director for a theatre group. They need a composer/musical director. This is a paid gig. I hope this is appropriate to post to the board. I didn't want to let the opportunity go by without mentioning it to fellow Maestronetters. Contact me offline, Antiquaar1@aol.com
  2. I think that it's great to be curious about another's cultural background. I think that it is even fine to ask. I'd rather someone ask me if they want to know. I feel that asking someone who is either from the continent of Asia or is Asian American "what brand of Oriental" they are is a culturally insensitive use of the language. I do understand though that we can sometimes throw words out that are not meant to hurt or misrepresent.
  3. I'm really trying to hang in there with this board... You want to know what "brand" of Oriental this little girl is? This is a child you are talking about not a bar of soap. She may be Asian, she may also be an American but one thing that is certain...she is not a "brand."
  4. Last week after a long practice session I walked out on my back-porch for a change of scenery and continued to practice the Tenessee Waltz. This happened about 6:00 in the evening. The next morning there was a knock on the front door and a package in the mailbox. In the package was a note saying how beautiful the waltz sounded while they (the next door neighbors) consumed their dinner on their patio. Also included in the package were some sweet tart candies and bubble gum. It was addressed to my six year old son!
  5. I purchased the method book from Dale Music in Silver Springs, Maryland. I don't know if they carry the scale books though. Maybe they could order it for you. They have an incredible selection of books, sheet music, methods, scores, etc. Dale's has a web site but I don't think you can order from it. If you can't find it or need the phone number let me know. :-)
  6. Casein could be interesting as a ground because of the way it takes light and bounces back color. I used to design costumes for the stage. When the set designers and crews were ahead of schedule they would use a classic casein paint recipe to paint the set. The colors looked flat and boring before tech-in but once the stage lights were set these same sets popped and looked so rich. They seemed to suck in light and look like velvet under the lights. I could always tell when they were running ahead of schedule. The smell of this paint was horrible for about a week!
  7. I came home Friday to find a coffin violin case sitting on the floor beside the door. Of course I thought I had died and gone to heaven But there was a more earthly explanation: A friend gave me her Stradivarius in the attic because she was moving. My heart was beating hard until I opened the case and saw... A ca 1890 Strad copy someone tried to refinish ca.1940 when they accidentally stepped in it. It comes complete with beautifully patinaed machine pegs. I am beginning to realize my obbsessive nature. I have to put it back together. I don't want to play it...I just have to put it back together. How scary is that? There are two pieces of wood missing on the top and bottom wing (lower bout ?) How would I go about finding repair wood? Should I look for another violin and cut off the pieces I need? These go for a rather high price on ebay. Should I buy a top and bottom from international violin company? Thanks for any help you are able to give!! BTW, there was a beautiful full silver mounted old German bow in the case. The "restorer" didn't touch it
  8. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm. This is so waaay exciting. I feel like a kid again My teacher started out playing classical violin many moons ago. She feels that playing and understanding scales, key signatures and progressions really helps with the music and later improvising. She is in two bands playing Bluegrass, Contra, Western and Swing. She said her first love is Swing. I began learning Classical violin hoping one day I could play the Meditation by Thais. I never got any where near it! I told my six year old that's what I want for my birthday! But, alas, he's still playing, Ode to Joy. I still practice with him daily. Maybe I will make it to play the Meditation when he gets there My teacher lent me a bunch of old copies of _Fiddlin' Magazine_ and there are a lot of cross-tuning songs in there. Bosco, do you have to have specific strings to do that. Will the extra stress affect the strength of the strings? Oh, I'm going to a "slow jam" on the first of May. I think that it is a jam session with a group of beginners where the tunes are taught slowed down. Time to practice! Playing a smooth chord is not easy.
  9. I'm still smiling but my right arm is a bit sore Maybe I was a bit hard on my classical training but when I started I was taught through the _All for Strings_ and _Strictly Strings_ methods. I progress I guess but I found myself bored so I would stop after a year or so and then start again. My two teachers never talked about all of the technique that you discuss here. They would say, "Work on #22,23,24 for next week" I would and then we would move on. We didn't work on scales unless they were #25 and I had never/ever seen an arpeggio until recently when my 6 year old (then 4 1/2) received them from his teacher to learn along side the scales. I practice scales and arpeggios everyday with him and are really learning them for the first time. He has a fun time helping me with them. I have to say that being familiar with scales and arpeggios helped me to get more out of my first fiddle lesson. She could explain what she wanted and move on. Maybe what has happened is that I've come accross an excellent teacher. She asked me what I wanted to learn (Blue Grass and Blues fiddle) we covered three major scales and coordinating blues scales, all of the arpeggios, chords, two bow techniques, and a rhythm technique and...Boil the Cabbage (my signature song all in a 1/2 hour lesson. I've already practiced for an hour this morning! Who needs bicep curls at the gym. Just fiddle!
  10. I've been an adult beginner for give-or-take 20 years trying to learn classical violin. I didn't progress very far. Well, I took my first Blue-Grass fiddle lesson yesterday!! It was so much fun! I played Boil the Cabbage by ear with a droned(?) E. How cool is that? I had anticipated that playing by ear would be difficult. It wasn't and when my teacher tabbed (?) out difficult parts I found it more confusing than using my ears. Thanks to the fiddlers on this list. You opened my mind to alternatives other than classical which I still love. I will enjoy it on CD and at the symphony but now I'm gonna JAM!! I'm very proud of myself today and have an extra spring in my step and song in my heart.
  11. BP and Moxie, Is "Bret(t)on" branded in the wood below or above the button like is done with hopf or stainer?
  12. Fiddlin & Steven, I have some which I haven't as of yet used. Do they have a long break-in period? BTW, I really like the Piranito strings. They really work well on fractional sized instruments. [This message has been edited by Eclectic Lady (edited 04-01-2002).]
  13. I have a Hopf that I absolutely know is a copy. It is a beautiful sounding instrument though. If my memory serves me, the branding of "Hopf" on the back below the neck kind of guarentees it's a copy. Also, has this instrument been re-varnished? If it is authentic I think it may be a problem in terms of value or rather devaluation. I'm certainly no expert. Check the archives for "Hopf" and "Stainer". If there aren't too many replies over here you might want to consider posting over at the pegboard. Oh, go to ebay and then to 'advance search' run a search on completed auctions with Hopf in the field. The prices there will be way cheaper than what you'll be paying. Don't just look at price though. Things that seem cheaper rarely are. Look at the images to compare with the instrument you are thinking of buying. Ebay's past auctions can be a great source for looking at certain instruments. Good Luck Whether it is a copy or not they are really beautiful sounding instruments.
  14. I'm going to keep the bow and try to work on it as much as I can then have it rehaired. The seller said, 'nice condition' but I really should have asked some questions. I've had pretty good luck up 'til now but this experience woke me up a bit as to how many violins and bows I really need. I think that I have been chasing the better 'high'. That perfect violin is going to be just around the corner. The auction closes in 30 minutes and the high bid is $55.00 on a fabulous violin that everyone but ME has slept. I am victorious Ha,Ha,ha, ha, ha. Thanks for your advice. When I recover and go back into the lion's den I will be savvier(sp) and not driven by the adreneline high.
  15. Congratulations! That must be a great feeling! Oh, and...here's to you
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