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  1. aksockeye


    I am very satisfied with the quality of the product.It bothers me that no one had first hand experience with OVH ,but complained
  2. aksockeye


    I have bought two violins from this shop. Everything said about set-up is true.
  3. Stephane Grappelli / David Grismann ~~Live~~is the best LP find I have yet.
  4. Helicore metal strings might work for you.
  5. Thank you everyone, all my instruments are in one room 40-45%.
  6. Is there a general agreement for optimum level of humidity for instrument stability? I did search pegbox posts. I live in Far North location. Running 40-45% now.
  7. Nobody here seems to answer the OP question!! OVH is a very reputable business. Get over it guys, not everyone can afford custom made instruments!! Most of these kids will not be playing in three years. Read the original post. Can you offer a better deal for under $500? That includes reasonable set-up? So put up or shut up!!
  8. Fired up by two post by new members? 2 Posts each? I bought 2 OVH violins. Every thing said about set up is right. These are an excellent value, IF you have someone to finish the deal!
  9. Let me get this straight. Two years after OP you say OVH makes lousy instruments? What is your purpose here?
  10. aksockeye


    I have always used water evaporation wick style humidifier in my studio to maintain humidity. Here in Alaska the winter months are quite dry. It seems the new model humidifiers are cool mist, or warm mist. I remember the old cool mist models left a white powder on glass. Is anybody familiar with the Pros and Cons of the new models? As in effect on wood instrument. The new models dont need filters. Thank you
  11. I will never be able to try 10 grand bows!! I bend my knee.
  12. The reason that I posted this is because nobody seems to talk about bows. I realize a subtle difference between my wood /carbon fiber bow! Both are around $700 trade. The wood resonates better. The C/F plays more consistently. Why is the bow ignored?
  13. Who do you think produces better quality bows? #1 design/ which model/ why? #2 value/ best stick for the price? #3 old stick/ which would you prefer?
  14. For under $300 There are a lot of the pro+ models that might work for you, they are solid. I have one, you can not go wrong.If you want to spend more than 1k you should listen to the instrument before you buy! The sound on your ear while you play, The sound when your back is turned, someone else playing many instruments!!
  15. Shirley - This is a very nice after school program that keeps students occupied with positive, healthy, activities. This group operates on volunteers, and , donations. Anything you donate is greatly appreciated, used strings, old student instruments. If you know anybody else that might want to contribute, I am sure it will be put to good use. If they want to see how it will be used go to KTUU.com and check out the television articles on Fairview Homebase Orchestra it aired on Dec 31. Thank you very much, David send to: Shilo Babtist Church ( they are a major donor) 855 E.20th Anchorage Alaska 99501 Attn. Pastor Patterson