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  1. so ugly it's almost cool...

    All day long. I love things like this.
  2. Brescian Viola Thickness

    In one of his articles on Brescian instruments, John pointed out that there were no flat gluing surfaces for the top and bottom blocks. Rather, the whole plate was hollowed, and the blocks shaped to fit. If I remember correctly, the top block was made in more than one piece. It's a long time since I read it, but i don't remember thinking through neck. Keep us abreast of the progress please Pietro.
  3. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    But that could have been done 150 years ago. Amazing how well those chop jobs can hold together. It might have been harder to see when it was done.
  4. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    Ha. Who needs it? My spindle doesn't go in reverse anyway, so it can't wind itself off. If the Taig machines are as good as Chris says, they look like great value.
  5. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    What do you mean 'no camlock'!
  6. turtle shell frog bows

    Funny, I've bought lizard skins from the US, but I've heard lizard thumb leathers can raise eyebrows at US customs.
  7. Del Gésù 1743 "Canary Bird"

    Wonderful, and what a lovely head. Thanks Christian.
  8. Laser Burning Bridge Name

    They tend to stamp the stripey side, which most people put to the back. Funny, I always put it to the front, and thought it was standard for the old shops, but i had a look through my box, and found that Hills tended to have the rays straight at the back. Lots of others the other way. I think I'll stick with what I do. I think it looks nice, and I don't seem to have a problem with my bridges bending.
  9. Laser Burning Bridge Name

    I can't recall ever having seen a bridge branded by a European maker on the back, and I have a box of old bridges going back well over a century.
  10. Laser Burning Bridge Name

    Looks like there'll be a run on them. So cool!
  11. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    Strong words! I am affronted. Actually, I'd like something bigger, but you can do a lot on an Ml7! My fear is that if I got a big lathe I'd start needing a pillar drill, and then a mill, and then a shed....
  12. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    I got an Emco Unimat in virtually new condition on eBay, complete with milling head and tooling, for €375. It's very accurate, and adequate for making buttons and the like. I also have a Myford ML7. I enjoy it immensely, and wouldn't be without it. I use it for splining heads, but it has no place in a violin workshop - it's an oily beast. As long as it's fairly tight, an old machine can be really good value, and many hobbyist lathes can have had very light use.
  13. Perry Sultana...

    Looking good Ernie. I don't know how you drink that stuff!
  14. Original Baroque Fingerboards

    I think the central area is probably hollow, in order that the whole thing would glue petty tight.
  15. Rehair turning stick?

    Rehairing a bow. Here's how much the hairs differ in length.