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  1. Using alcohol to weaken the block glue joints has been mentioned more than once in this forum. http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/332304-tips-tricks-methods-take-off-violin-top/?hl=%2Bglue+%2Balcohol
  2. The degree of joint strength on the neck block can vary from similar to tail and end blocks to surprisingly strong in some cases. In those surprisingly stubborn cases, I prefer to go for the option of fingerboard off for the benefit of less stuff in my way. There is also the advantage that if there is a wood pin hidden by the fingerboard, it will be obvious upon removal. If you don't have access to special tools, (I am an amateur as well and get by with what is available), check out the kitchen knife drawer for one of those long, broad, triangular shaped vegatable knives that you can pass from one side to the other side of the body and have a sturdy pry handhold on both sides for extra control.
  3. I suspect I heard a (intentional?) pattern or series. #1 seemed like the mellowest of the group. The rest seemed more and more intense call it. Could just be my imagination too. Very similar, except to me, there was something going from #1 to #2.
  4. I recognize the yellow plastic beam compass in pics 2 and 3. The mold was built by the company I work for over 23 years ago.
  5. I heard it has its origin in the old Italian method. Many modern taught methods based on the inside form have the builder take the ribs off of the form with linings applied to just one side, then glue the linings to the other side afterward. Current thinking is that the old Italian masters put all the linings,top and bottom on, then removed the rib garland, albeit with not a small amount of distorting of it to relieve it from the inside form. The letting in to the blocks of the C bout lining it is theorized facilitates this stressful removal operation.
  6. I've often thought I would probably pay more for the cases in outfits if they were listed singly.
  7. I'm hoping we'll get to see a good discourse soon between Fan Tao and Fulla Bologna.
  8. At the bare minimum, looks like the E string peg hole needs re-bushed. Nice bridge. What is it, no clue.
  9. Thank you. I see a lot of newcomers who are frustrated by the no pics until hitting 10 posts rule. I didn't think there was any way around this. Proven wrong, again. :-0
  10. Somewhere, probably on youtube, is a simulation video of how your surroundings appear to change as you approach relativistic speeds. Pretty cool.
  11. Mmm, wide set eyes, they say that is a sign of beauty. Apparently well made from the pics. Have you posted here before? I'm curious about how you were able to post pictures if this is your first time posting.
  12. One of my favorites when perusing the auction sites, and I am guessing it's probably correct usage, is "hammered dulcimer", probably made by a hammered dulcimer builder, uh, excuse me, maker.
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