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  1. Great. Thanks for these suggestions which I will look into. Grateful for any more.....
  2. I play in a small community orchestra. The standard is okay but we are short of brass players. No trumpets or trombones or timps. Can anyone suggest suitable pieces of music which would match our instruments? (Music for a string orchestra is not suitable, unfortunately, because our woodwind section would be upset.)
  3. Songs of the Auverne, Canteloube. I remember hearing these for the first time and wondering why I had tears in my eyes.
  4. I'm a life-long cellist. Playing chromatics on the cello is so easy: 012312301231230 etc But this does not seem to work on the violin. What is the standard fingering? (Similarly, vibrato seems to be so much easier on the cello than the violin. But that's another story.) Thanks
  5. Nice tailpiece. Nice case. Violin, no comment.
  6. If you intend selling it, don't mention the Maidstone label!
  7. There are also some who, 'starting with a dutz or two'. go on to repairing many more dutz. And building up their skills. And refusing to work on instruments which are valuable, and refusing to tackle repairs which require a professional. Isn't there a niche for such people? In fact, as I have been doing it for 17 years, I would claim to have proved the need for such people.
  8. I both buy and sell violins on Ebay UK. I get a little upset about the misrepresentation which one often sees on this forum. Obviously, it is not in the best interests of a professional luthier or retailer to praise Ebay sellers. But to hear that we are all con men is a bit rich. I don't know about the US site, but here in the UK all items are returnable and refundable. Over the past sixteen years I have sold many violins on Ebay. In that time I have had excellent feedback, which is visible to all potential customers. (Such feedback is not available elsewhere, I might point out.) I have described my violins as accurately as possible. I declare earnings for tax purposes. My prices are lower than retail because I have fewer overheads. I have never claimed to provide a service which is akin to that of a qualified luthier. So, although there are plenty of rogues out there, do not tar us all with the same brush.
  9. Thanks for your replies. I thought it was worth an inquiry.
  10. I have a violin labelled Mathias Thomas Werrer It has some other words, unreadable, but the date 1716 or 1776 The only reference I can find to this luthier is in Henley. The brief description of his work matches my violin. Henley give no dates or places. Google provides nothing at all. I wonder if anyone can provide any extra information on this obscure maker? The violin has back and ribs from birds eye maple, so the marks you see are not worm holes and not crude antiquing. It does have blocks in the lower corners. I can't see the upper. The neck joint appears not to nave been altered at all, which would point to a German 19th C copy. But the pegbox appears to have been skillfully grafted. (Or are those just scored lines to make it look grafted?) Any help would be appreciated. It seems strange that anyone would want to copy the label of such an obscure maker.
  11. I noticed the start of a soundpost crack to the belly so here are some photos of the inside of the viola. (No need to criticise my sp patch, we'll take that as read!) As you see: decent shape of bass bar. smooth interior, wide and flat linings (JTL style), fully blocked, linings not inserted into blocks and series of central cleats. Does this help to identify? There is also the pencil inscription shown on photo. The sp crack might explain why the viola might have been out of use for several decades?
  12. The purfling is inlaid. But not particularly well done. I've handled quite a few Medio Fino type violins, the varnish on this is different. Looks more modern.
  13. I've attached some photos of the viola. The label also has the word 'France'. There are a series of flat, square cleats down the middle of the back, as were used by JTL. But the neck looks far more modern. The flame of the maple is genuine, rather than painted on. I included a photo of the case it came in. I know that instruments can 'move home' but there is a good chance that this is the original case. The pegs are rosewood, as often used by JTL. So could there be an 'Antoine Becker'? Or JTL factory made? Or modern, even Chinese?
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