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  1. Love this; http://www.usatoday.com/story/todayinthesky/2015/01/01/dot-musical-instruments-airlines/21148791/?csp=travel
  2. It's much to hard to get the brush and/or tip of the spray gun thru the f holes. DUH
  3. Why thank you, Mr. Roger, for the lesson about the nuances of the Queen's English. It's much appreciated.
  4. I have 4 of his bows and they're pretty good by German bow standards.
  5. Unsav-ou-ry It's fun to see it spelled all weird.
  6. Why isn't there going to be a Mondo Musica NYC in 2015?
  7. Those Evah Pirazzi string are probably more valuable than the violin, IMHO.
  8. GREAT! When are you coming to the USA to adjust my collection, please?
  9. I was a very good play but the last concert of his that I went to a few years ago was lacking. His playing was very muddy & lifeless.
  10. Nope this isn't a legit David Burgess because it doesn't have the characteristic hard, candy apple red, varnish.
  11. This label's for a lower level IVR Strad model. Even though all of this has been covered on other threads here it is again; The IR (lowerest level) to XIR (highest level) has the fancy dated label. The model can be told by the year and maker's name of the original that was copied. IR Strad 1714 IIR Guarneri 1734 IIIR Amati 1670 IVR Strad 1718 VR Ruggeri 1685 VIR Guarneri 1732 VIIR Red Strad 1722 VIIIR Strad 1724 IXR Guaneri 1736 XR Strad 1725 XIR Various made to order bench copy violins with the handwritten signature across the label.
  12. …very beautiful Chinese violin. Don't ask how I know, I just know. And of I told you how I know, I'd have to charge you for an appraisal.
  13. Nice work but you haven't fooled me! This is clearly a DAVID BURGESS fiddle. I'd recognize that red varnish and detail work anywhere!
  14. I just threw up, grandpa.
  15. You came off that way at Mondo Musica...
  16. Sir! That sort of thing has never even crossed my mind. I would never brag about my instruments nor about my wonderful clients.
  17. Nice plug for yourself and nice "humble-bragging".
  18. First of all, what do you play on? Secondly, for generalization about "shiny 700 dollar Chinese violins" and $20,000 violins is just wrong. I suggest you try variously priced violins, student and otherwise, while blindfolded to prove to yourself that price and tone have nothing to do with value.
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