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  1. It definitely looks Polish or Chinese.
  2. I'm looking forward to being there and checking out the latest accessories and student instruments..
  3. Do you think any of the unsold lots are exceptional?
  4. My question was valid which you turned into something else. You're unwelcoming attitude is what lacks class, OK?
  5. I made no comment in jest. You assume too much.
  6. Indeed, I am in touch with the market, Jeff.
  7. Isn't that a rather high retail price?
  8. CCM

    Violin ID

    I disagree value wise because of the bad sound post crack.
  9. When can I sell my cases here and post links?
  10. CCM

    Violin ID

    I see a bad soundpost crack and and lower treble bout cracks. As well, bad overvarninshing/revarnish.
  11. PS The faux ivory tip looks unoriginal.
  12. This bow looks similar to one of my Hoyers but I suspect it could be a viola bow. What's the weight in grams and length?
  13. I don't give info away for free to anyone unless they are very special clients (e.g. verbal nor written; repair estimates, appraisals, condition reports, makers' biographies, photos).
  14. CCM

    Viola bow

    Definitely Chinese, IMHO. Wholesales cost ~$40.
  15. 1920's German factory violin which has been possibly revarnished.
  16. How much was this CNC made violin? I am pretty sure the top varnish coat is sprayed on and polyurethane based.
  17. "It actually has a very plastic look and feel to it, which I don't really like." So why settle?
  18. Regarding item 1- I've never seen one sell for more than $2500-3000 in the secondary market. I actually have one hanging on the wall and it looks just great. I would be interested who gave you the $15,000 appraisal- perhaps one of the maker's friends? Regarding item 2- What model number is the violin? That will dictate what it is worth. Regarding item 3- Eastman recently had them on sale (at wholesale) in the $600-800 range.
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