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  1. When Trees Sing- Violin Making DVD's- Peter Paul Prier Disc One-model, mold, blocks and DISC ONE SOLD Disc 15- pegs, bridge, fingerboard and final set-up.-Disc 15 sold Both new and still in wrapping -$25 each (half price)
  2. UPDATED March 14 It's been an awesome response to my post to sell off my barely used/never used luthier tools and materials. While I'll probably always wish I had actually pursued this work, at least I'm recouping some of the cost and the supplies and tools are finally getting used. Most items have been sold and delivered already. Here's what's left and up for sale still. I'm pricing everything at 50% of my cost or sometimes less. Pics supplied upon request. Jeweler's saw pick for plug removal bridge and fingerboard templates roll of waxed thread-bows 2 rolls of silk thread- bows. parallel jaw pliers- flatten knots alcohol lamp- small Violin Maker's Notebook- Henry Strobel I've also got many bows in need of repair/rehair that I got to use in my classes and practice on- I'll sell those off cheap- mostly shipping cost. So if you're looking to work on some bows I've probably got over 50 of them- mostly full size violin. Nothing looks like a "find" but many would make decent bows to resell after you've done your work on them.
  3. I took some classes in bow rehairing and repair as well as violin repair and construction but never continued with it. I've decided to sell off all of the materials and tools as they were costly to purchase and are not doing anyone any good just stored in a box(and I need to recoup at least some of the cost!). If you contact me I can provide you with a list of items for sale or if you are looking for anything in particular just ask. I also have 2 DVD;s, still in wrapping unused- When Trees Sing- Peter Paul Prior; Disc one and fifteen. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about this or not but if you are planning to take some classes at UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute,, etc. this will be a good deal for you. Clarification; I'll send you my original receipts so you can see what I bought and paid. Let me know if you are interested in the instrument repair/making items or the bow rehairing/repair ones as the lists are different. My bow classes were at UNH @ Lynn Hannings so if you are doing that, I've got what you need. The instrument classes were at UNH @ Horst Kloss plus at MCLA @ Hans Nebel if that helps any. I also have a set of unused plans for the "Titian" violin in a mailing tube.
  4. This is interesting- and it does seem to echo what I've heard elsewhere that the schools seem to have become the expected path that prospective luthiers wil take- and in fact many students graduate unable to properly set up an instrument and still have to learn all that at a shop- but the 3 year school is becoming the needed credential to even approach the shops- which is different I guess than it was years ago when it was more common to apprentice with someone in a shop. I would stick some of the other info from other posters in as "quotes" in this post as well but can't figure out how to do that from multiple posters. re: Chapel Violins in the UK- I've seen info on the school which is a new one- but don't know anyone with experience there- any more info out there?? also interesting to find that one could perhaps finish in less than 3 years at a school if one really applied themselves- that's a possibility re; making vs doing other work as well- I'm very interested in restoration work so really want to eventually do a lot of that as well- but really feel that I need to be able to make violins and do that well first- I know that not all believe that- some repair/restore and have never made instruments but this is the path that I feel best works for me. So not planning on just making instruments to pay the bills- I've been "gifted" with 4 violins in need of major work- but not sure of some of it yet- or why some people have done such awlful things to them already. But I am guessing I will acrue quite a collection of them by the time I figure out what I'm doing. The bow "collection" is way larger and has been very useful..... I really appreciate the comments here on this thread- and that people are discussing this and sharing info- it is giving me ideas to consider. I did order the Titian Strad poster in any event so will do some work on my own shortly-
  5. Interesting responses- varied of course. Re some of the suggestions- re:"Red Wing" is a 9 month basic repair course- there is an optional building class- but not sure this is the route I want to take. I've never heard anything positive about "the Chimney's" but it's always second-hand info so I don't know...... Thurmond Knight is sort of semi-retired now- is in Florida part of the year and not working with students there- not sure this would work for me- thanks for the suggestion on the Titian poster Andres- was wondering which one to use if I went that route on my own. I don't own a bandsaw or drill press but can have access to one- have a number of the hand tools I will need already- the specific ones used and not local hardware store ones- just not sure if teaching myself is the way to go and would really rather learn from someone who makes nice instruments, at least to start. re; just jumping in the deep end- making the 3 year commitment is a a major one- and a major financial step- so am trying to ease into it to some degree; if money were not an issue, I would go that route for sure but that's not the case. Where did all of you who are making get your training??
  6. yes- sounds great- but who?? Ideas?? I don't know of any who fit in that category. And yes- I'm looking for soneone to learn from who makes really nice instruments- I've seen some of the work that some people have done while studying with someone- and perhaps it is their lack of skill, I don't know, but the instruments they produced were sort of "folk" quality as it's often described- not what I'm aiming for. So I'd like to learn from someone who makes instruments that have the quality I'd like to achieve someday myself.
  7. Thanks for the responses so far, but I guess I should clarify that what I am looking for is a way to learn that is mid-way between the come for a few weeks or even a month classes offered at places such as in NH and LA- where one only gets so far on an instrument and must return each year to make more progress if they want help from a teacher- or the alternatives such as offered in Boston at North Bennet School- 20 grand/year for 3 years now- ouch . It can be either in the states or not- although I am pretty limited in anything other than English unfortunately. So where did you learn? Did everyone here either do the 3/4 year school, the come for a few weeks/year approach or hole up with a copy of Johnson and Courtnall clutched in one hand and the gouge in the other?? I'm looking for some other alternative that is mid-way between these for now. I'd love to go to say the College in Newark in the UK- but can't even begin to consider it until I'm actually making instruments as I'm from the states and they have different standards for admission for us than for those who live in Europe.
  8. I am looking for suggestions on people/places to study violin making with that are longer than the week or two options such as offered at places such as UNH but not as long as say the schools in Chicago, Boston etc that are 3 years or more. Location is flexible. Ideas??