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  1. Measure twice add to forum twice The measurement is 35.7 not 36.7
  2. I measure 36.7mm from the base to the outer edge of the back. Incidentally, I mention on one of the label pictures (but don't know how to access the information) the following: Lorenzo Ventapane Fabricante de Violini ed Arpe strada donnaregina a date of 1810 has been handwritten in the space below strada donnaregina There are also pictures of a harp and violin on the label Thank you for the information so far, Pop will get a large measure of enjoyment from your responses. I will probably get it appraised as recommended but never even considered selling it.I plan on making it sing again!
  3. Good morning, I'm a newbie learning to play my dad's violin. He is 87 with Alzheimer's and a karma chameleon memory. It comes and goes. Being curious, I looked at the label and googled the maker. Ventapane! Wasn't I excited until I learned that the label on a violin is about as worthless as the proverbial whatever. I took it to a dealer and he said it wasn't a Ventapane but it was an interesting violin and he would be interested in purchasing it when I realized how difficult the instrument is to learn. I of course scoffed at the comment having learned how to play Foggy Mtn Breakdown on the banjo at a much earlier age. Anyway, I digress. The facts as I know them. The violin was purchased c1933 for $200 to $250. It was purchased from a gentleman named Leon Mayhood. Leon was a rancher in the small town of Cordelia, Ca. He was a fiddler and neighbor of my grandparents. My grandmother insisted that my dad learn the violin and Leon had some in his possession. My father remembers Leon saying "This violin is the one you need." The violin was old when my dad started to learn on it. When I learned that a significant number of violins are misrepresented I asked my dad if he cared if I determined the true facts about his instrument. He said he would be interested but he felt that it was real. I guess the real question is if anyone knows or can tell from some pictures the origin of this instrument. If I get any responses, I will read them to the ol man, even flamers! We'll get knowledge at the very least. I've included these pictures:
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