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  1. Measure twice add to forum twice The measurement is 35.7 not 36.7
  2. I measure 36.7mm from the base to the outer edge of the back. Incidentally, I mention on one of the label pictures (but don't know how to access the information) the following: Lorenzo Ventapane Fabricante de Violini ed Arpe strada donnaregina a date of 1810 has been handwritten in the space below strada donnaregina There are also pictures of a harp and violin on the label Thank you for the information so far, Pop will get a large measure of enjoyment from your responses. I will probably get it appraised as recommended but never even considered selling it.I plan on making it s
  3. Good morning, I'm a newbie learning to play my dad's violin. He is 87 with Alzheimer's and a karma chameleon memory. It comes and goes. Being curious, I looked at the label and googled the maker. Ventapane! Wasn't I excited until I learned that the label on a violin is about as worthless as the proverbial whatever. I took it to a dealer and he said it wasn't a Ventapane but it was an interesting violin and he would be interested in purchasing it when I realized how difficult the instrument is to learn. I of course scoffed at the comment having learned how to play Foggy Mtn Breakdown on the