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  1. I liked that they show everything some times it may seem redundant but I find it all very interesting.
  2. I have the complete set of dvds from Peter Paul Prier When Trees Sing, The Complete Guide to Violin Making I have enjoyed these dvds immensely and thought somebody here would like to buy them. I paid $700 for all 15 dvds I was thinking of letting them go for $500 if anybody is interested please send me a message. Hope to hear from somebody. Thanks
  3. what ever tailpiece it is I am sure it's fake
  4. It's crazy how the Messiah question ruffles so many feathers. Some of you guys really need to calm down. I think my next question should be, Are new violins as good as the old masters violins? I don't think the new ones are nearly as good, what do you think? I am just kidding
  5. I am still not convinced that it is real. You all have good points and opinions but we all have to remember that even some of the experts most of us look up to even thought it could be a copy Simone F. Sacconi comes to mind.
  6. Wow we are already 5 pages into this topic, I guess I should have known I was opening a huge can of worms when I posted the original question. I still do not beleive that it is real. I do not trust violin dealers any further then I can throw them. Also some of the leading experts have been proven wrong in the past with other violins. I think that if this violin came out to be fake it would turn the entire violin world on on it's ear. Every expert opinion from the past would come into question so they will never admit that it is a fake.
  7. I am looking for somebody who wants to sell their The Technique of Violin Making dvd set from H.S. Wake I am also looking for book as well.
  8. My gut tells me it's a fake. I have a feeling Vuillaume made it. I also think many other strads are fakes as well. A friend of my grandfather was a respected luthier and Conservator during the 1920's in Chicago he had worked on several Strads over the course of his career. He also felt the same way that many are fakes. What do you guys think?
  9. I know were the op is coming from with his feelings on collectors, But thinking about it if I had more money then I knew what to do with. I would be buying all sorts of things like art and violins that probably would not see the light of day until I died. So I guess alot of people would hate me too
  10. I have been wondering as a maker how well do you play the violin? I hear that alot of makers make great violins but are not very good at playing them. I just thought I would see what you guys think? Are you playing the Bach Chaconne or are you playing twinkle twinkle? If you could maybe list some of your favorite things to play.
  11. This Documentary was just shown on the Ovation Network television channel this past Saturday evening. Funny thing is they changed the title it was called million dollar music I thought it was a great program and I quickly jumped on the tivo to record it. I also was thinking about contacting the producers to get a copy but now I don't have to yay! So keep an eye out on the ovation channel I am sure they will show it again.
  12. Well I installed the bridge and it works perfectly. Thank you all for the great suggestions.
  13. Nonado I tried your method tonight. I have it clamped flat and will check it in the morning. I will post here tomorrow how it went. Thanks to everybody for all the great advice.
  14. Next question. Do I toss the bridge into a pot of water like boiling an egg? Or Do I put it in a pan with just a little bit of water and steam it with a lid on? Also I was thinking of clamping it flat overnight. Do you think it would it be ready to use the next day?
  15. I have another warped bridge on a violin I bought a few days ago. I don't think it has been played on for years and years. The bridge is only slightly warped. I have heard that you can boil the bridge in water and then lay it flat with some weight on it to get it straight again. Have any of you tried this? Or have any better ideas. It's a really unique bridge that I like and would like to keep it working rather then replace it.