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  1. Hearty Congratulations! That's awesome. =) Wonderful job.
  2. Hey I remember back in fifth grade when I started out, we had a small competition at the end of the year. I played "La Rejouissance" by Handel (4th mvmt of the Royal Fireworks suite)...thats really not a solo piece, but I consider that my first real piece. Now looking back at what I typed, I see that does not answer your question at all. I'd say go with Suzuki. The first few books are excellent for beginners.
  3. Quick question: Say a conductor is beating 4/4. The second beat, does the baton swing left, or swing right? I always thought (and heard when i asked a friend a long time ago), that it was downbeat, followed by swing to the left, swing to the right, and back up for the fourth beat. Tonight at rehersal however, my conductor swung to the right on the 2nd beat. Clarification please? And I'm assuming one consistent way holds no matter if its 4/4, or 3/4 and different time signatures. Thank you.
  4. I play with a bent left thumb. I was taught like this when I first started. The neck of the violin sits on the pad/joint of my thumb, and it is supremely comfortable for me. I've tried to rest the neck of the violin in the 'v' of between my forefinger and thumb, but it was awkward. It's all about personal preference. Just because that's not the way you do it, it isn't wrong or 'ugly'. And I'm sure they still produce a wonderful tone.
  5. Kogan has also recorded the piece. I am listening to it right now, it's wonderful. I have not seen the music for it, but it seems like a ridiculously difficult piece.
  6. Point taken that the Mendelssohn is harder to play musically. Technically...personally for me, i can see them being comparable, but the edge in difficulty goes to the Lalo. I don't know anything about the Conus. Wieniawski 2 is a good suggestion, but that too is pretty difficult. But it's a really nice piece.
  7. Hey....I find the Lalo harder than the Mendelssohn (but I'm not saying the Mendelssohn is easy by any means). The Mendelssohn is a cornerstone of the standard repertoire, so if you wish to start this, and if your teacher agrees, go ahead by all means.
  8. I don't have a teacher, and haven't had one for a while. (I hope to audition to get lessons in the fall of '03) I've learned concerto's by myself. Kabelevsky to Elgar is too big of a jump in my opinion. Bruch / Mozart 3,4,5 / Mendelssohn would be good bets to start on next. I have done exactly what iupviolin stated: I've taken passages from different concerto's and worked on them at different times. This not only made learning the concerto easier, it helps in other pieces you are working on as well. I have done passages of the Mendelssohn while working on the Bruch and vice versa. I wouldn't go with something technically out of your range because you might develop bad habits (which I am probably guilty of). You also want to focus on what your teacher wants you to play, and keep your independent learning second. Other than that I see no reason against learning a piece by yourself.
  9. Hearty Congratulations Sir! I'm happy for you.
  10. Define intermediate a little more, but as far as catchy, the Allegro by Fiocco (Suzuki Book 6 or 7, forgot which one) is a really fun piece to play. I also liked the Accolay Concerto.
  11. We're playing Eroica and Pastorale in April. Both are wonderful pieces. This will be our last set in the Beethoven Cycle. We played #9 last spring, 1&4 for the first concert in the fall, 2&7 for the second, and we're playing 3&6 in the spring. We didn't play 5 or 8 because they were played recently.
  12. God I hope she does the Sibelius and Tchaikovsky combo soon! That would be unbelieveably amazing!
  13. The Julliard quartet was here tonight, and they were simply fabulous. The concert was lovely. The radiator in the background was kind of loud, but it was an excellent concert. They played the Beethoven Op. 18 #2, then the a new work by Schuller (Quartet #4), and then the Rasumovsky #3. Their precision was incredible; 4 players immersed in their own parts but sounding like One. Simply excellent.
  14. The Julliard Quartet is coming here Saturday. My Quartet and I are going to see them, and hopefully get some tips as well. Looking forward to it, it will be a lot of fun. Our violist has studied with the Quartet's violist before as well.
  15. I too love this quartet, it's beautiful. I have played it recently. I don't think it's too hard, easier than Schubert, but there are nuances that need to be worked on. If you give us an idea of where your playing level is, it might be easier to describe.
  16. DH Lawrence is a 'complicated' writer, but Sons and Lovers was a fabulous book. T_D is right...it depends if you mean technical books, or repertoire books. Technical: Kreutzer 42 Studies Paganini 24 Caprices Bach SP Flesch Scales I can't really think of a fifth, but if it were an advanced player, I would go with Ernst. Repertoire: Beethoven Sonatas Brahms Sonatas The Sarasate favorites Can't think of 2 others at the moment.
  17. Same here...I love table tennis..don't play that often, but I'm not shabby.
  18. can anyone post this piece so we could all hear it?
  19. I sadly haven't heard the Lin version, although I've heard it is spectacular...I need to get this recording. I wonder (and hope) that Hahn will record this in the future.
  20. I LOVE (!!) the Sibelius...I think its such a powerful and beautiful piece. It is one of my 3 favorite violin concertos..and probably comes in at #2. I have heard Heifetz, Oistrakh, Vengerov, Midori and Francescatti, and Kennedy play it. I think Heifetz and Oistrakh play this piece superbly...and I just recently got the Francescatti recording (NY Phil with Bernstein in '68 I believe) and that too is extremely good.
  21. Congratulations!! Enjoy the music!
  22. Hey turbo, you'll have better luck if you post this in the Pegbox.
  23. Superb rendition, I tremendously enjoyed it! Thank you much Stephen!
  24. Happy Birthday Jane and NT!
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