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  1. Gizzard, I'm sorry to see you are having trouble with MCS like I did last summer. It seems that she's up to her old tricks again. I was the one who posted the warning about MCS both on the fidldleforum and here. It took me most of last summer and some digging to get my strings but I finaly got them. If you are still having problems with her e-mail me and I will give you an alternate contact number that she usually does answer.FiddlinJim
  2. Wow! A hundred years of flight! Thats cool! I'm going to have to look for those shows. I saw a replica of a wright flyer at the Evergreen aviation museum, along with the Spruce Goose and the SR71 Blackbird. Its amazing how far flight has advanced since the Wright brothers. My favorite airplane is the " forked tail devil" the Lockheed P-38 lightning. I dont know why I like it, Maybe because its "the Forked tail devil" and I play the Devils Box!" The Devil if I know!! FiddlinJim
  3. OH NO!!! Next youll be telling me that he isnt a sailor either!Or that Arnold isnt a machine!That Keanu Reeves cant really fly through the air and fight like that!OH MY GOD!! Can it be? Is it possible that Bugs Bunny IS just a cartoon and cant really play the piano at all?NOOOOOO!!!!World is crumbling!!!Spiraling down into depression!Everything is going black!I want my mommy!Maybe I'm not,FiddlinJim
  4. I remember when I first came to maestronet, before it was split into multiple forums. It was a wonderful place where the more experienced would take the time to help out the beginners or anyone else with a question. There was a spirit of sharing and comraderie here. I think thats what Staylor misses, and I miss it too. But somehow, something happened and all that changed. People became arrogant and didnt want to be bothered with helping others. They took the attidude that the board existed only for them to express their own lofty ideas. People who were brand new here and posting a question for the first time were berated and told that they should have searched the archives before daring to post their miserable question. I have posted questions that I honestly wanted some insight on, only to have someone who was trying to show how clever they could be, give some smart aleck answer and be absolutely no help at all! I like a lot of others left the board to try to find someplace where we were included instead of ridiculed. I know what Staylor misses but I dont know if it can ever be brought back. I do know that if you get bit by a snake, bringing back the snakepit isnt going to cure it.FiddlinJim
  5. I dont miss the soapbox! It was nothing but a filthy snakepit whose venom was spilled over into the other forums poisoning everything! There was no discussion, just a lot of name calling and people at each others throats! PLEASE DON'T BRING IT BACK!!!!FiddlinJim
  6. Hi Ken,Sorry I couldnt make lunch. If you see this first, I sent you an e-mail.Let me know if you want to try again!FiddlinJim
  7. I FINALLY GOT MY STRINGS!!!!I had to do some detective work to find the person running Music City Strings. I managed to get the persons name and a local unlisted phone number. It rattled this person when I called and asked for them by name. I had to make it very clear that I knew who they were, where they were and how to reach them, before they would send my strings. In talking with this person I got the impression that they didnt give a damn if I ever got my strings or not! They had my money and would have been happy if I just gave up and went away, but since I was becoming more and more of a pest, they decided to send my strings to get rid of me!All of the information I obtained about this person was from legal sources and public records. I'm not sure Admin would want me to put this persons personal info on here. If anyone is having trouble with MCS you can E-mail me at FiddlinJim@webtv.net and I'll give you what I've got.I will tell you this:HER NAMES NOT JANE!!!Thanks for all the support!!!FiddlinJim
  8. Uprising! I like the sound of that! FiddlinJim
  9. Arsweet, Do you have a street address for MCS? All I found on their website was a p.o box.I was finaly able to contact MCS today! Thay said "its been a rough summer!" That was all the response I got when I asked why they never answered my messages and e-mails. They then told me that they had my strings right there in their hand and would go to the post office and mail them to me in the next twenty minutes. When I reminded them that they had told me back in july that they'd already sent them, they just repeated that they had the strings and would mail them in the next twenty minutes. So I guess I just have to wait and see, I'm not holding my breath!FiddlinJim
  10. I have contacted the Massachusetts Attorney Generals office, They have mailed me a form to fill out and send back. I am also looking into other ways to get a hold of these people!I'm not going to let this matter rest! MCS cannot be allowed to hide behind the annonimity of an 800 number and po box! Someone must be held accountable!FiddlinJim
  11. I would like them to defend themselves also. I'd at least get some kind of expaination. I dont think thats going to happen. Their stradegy seems to be that they'll just lay low and hope I'll go away! Aint gonna happen! At least not any time soon!FiddlinJim
  12. I feel they lied to me because the one time I did manage to get a hold of them, THEY read my address back to me! They had it right! That and their constant refusal to respond to my many messages (in which I always incude my address and phone) It is going on three months and I've got Nothing! Zip! Nada!!!You would think that after getting so many messages and e-mails over so long a time that they would respond, if for no other reason than to shut me up!!!I dont think that I've jumped to any hasty conclusions, I gave them nearly three months to at LEAST contact me and work out whatever the problem is, before I posted this warning! I stand by everything I've said. I think Music City Strings is a disreputable company that lies to, and cheats its customers. The onus is now on them to prove me wrong! I dont think it will happen! Mostly I dont want anyone else to go through these hassles! FiddlinJim
  13. Arsweet Unless you have some connection to MCS you shouldnt take this so personally, I'm not saying all small businesses are rip offs. I'm only talking about my experience with MCS.These people are more than just a small business that cant get their act together! What do YOU call someone who takes your money, sends you nothing in return and then LIES about it? A small businessman? I call them lying,cheating thieves!If there was a problem then these people should have had the decency to return one of my many phone messages and e mails. If they would have had the courtesy to communicate with me and let me know what the problem is, I would have been willing to either wait or work it out. All of this could have been avoided! The problem is, the one time I managed to get a hold of them THEY LIED TO ME!! They said they had already shipped the strings to me. that was in the middle of July! This is the middle of September!!I'm sorry, but I dont think that lying to your customers is an acceptable business practice! As far as toning down my rhetoric, you will notice from the subject title that I posted this as a warning to others. So they wont fall prey to Music City Strings like Daniel and I did. Consider it a public service announcement.When I have been RIPPED OFF and LIED TO, I will continue to say I have been RIPPED OFF and LIED TO. As far as I'm concerned MCS are a bunch of THIEVES, but as a personal favor to you I'll tone it down just this once.Music City Strings are small businessmen!howzat?FiddlinJim
  14. Thanks, DanielI feel better Knowing I'm not the only one who's had trouble with these people! If they are not Rip Offs then they certainly have the worst customer service I've ever seen! They should be avoided like the plague just on that score! Although I still thik they are Rip Offs!! FiddlinJim
  15. Do not order strings from a company called Music City Strings! They are a RIP OFF!!!!Last June I ordered a set of strings from MCS and have yet to get anything! They are next to impossible to contact. they will not respond to either E-mails or phone messages. Thier voice mail is always full. I did manage to get someone to answer once. They had received my order and told me the strings had been back ordered, but were shipped two days previous to my phone call. THEY LIED!!! That was in July and it is now September and I have got NOTHING!!! These people are thieves and con artists! Do not buy from them! BEWARE!!!!!FiddlinJim
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