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  1. Yes we are in South Dakota in the Eastern part of the state. My MIL decided she would take her violins back (she still believes they she is going to get very rich from them !!) she did not really believe the information I gave her. If you could recommmend where the violins could be taken I will pass the information on to her. Thankyou.
  2. This one has a label inside that say's Guarnerius, label is very faded, it also has a repair label inside from a place in Ohio, I cannot read all of it. I was thinking of putting it on Ebay. As I do not know anything about violins I would like to have an idea what to start the bidding at, from what I have read and been told this is is not the real thing of course. http://picasaweb.google.com/hjmke1/201004282ndViolin#
  3. The nearest Violin store is aa 5 hour drive away and they charge $100.00. I think it is going to have to be up to my MIL if she wants to pay to get it appraised and of course if she wants to drive for 5hrs to just be told it is worth nothing. So I will discuss it with her.
  4. Please read my first post. I did not post to receive insults!! and please tell me where I claim to be a great photographer. The Violin is not mine so I do not really care what it is worth.
  5. The bow has Bausch on the top.
  6. Yes sorry about that, and yes the floor is old!!! I have put some photos on a web album and I will be trying to take some more photo's with a different camera later.
  7. I have put them on a web album, I hope these are better: http://picasaweb.google.com/hjmke1/20100427Guadagnini#
  8. Here are the photo's. I do have more but they are taking forever to upload.
  9. I'm sure my MIL would be very happy, she tells me they are in excellent condition, when she last looked at them (5yrs ago) they have since been stored in hopefully a temp controlled enviroment, hopefully they are in good condition and of course the real thing!! I'm hoping they will be here by late afternoon or I will be driving out to get them myself.
  10. The "Baptiste " part of the name had me wondering too. I should get some photo's taken tonight, I'm trying to hurry my MIL up a little to get them here sooner.
  11. Thankyou Dwight, my Mother in law would be happy too if it is real.
  12. As I said in my first post..I do not know a thing about Violins and will never claim to. I posted on here to ask advice from people who "Do know ". But I would be very interested to know what your experience is with teachers selling to students !! and please tell me what name Sevcik gets wrong? I'm not trying to become rich from this Violin, and do not care really what it is, I'm just trying to find out for my mother in law if she should sell it or take it to "Goodwill".