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  1. Looks brand new to me, maybe it looks different in person. Seems like too much scroll wear for the rest of the violin
  2. The dependable way is to see hundreds of each that are labeled properly, and then you'll know what the unlabeled ones are
  3. Getting off topic, there was a story recently on NPR about making bicycle frames from Bamboo, I think in Africa. They hope to sell them in the US for $500
  4. I agree it appears to be German, I would have thought closer to 1890, not that I can point to anything to prove that
  5. Pictures would be helpful. If it's in decent condition , it should have some value. The original Bretons were fairly good instruments, but later in the 19th century the name was used by factories who churned out many thousands of them. According to Henley Francois Breton died in 1830
  6. I would have thought it was some kind of tropical wood
  7. I doubt that the screw would be original. Just a warning, Degani is a much copied maker, I'm not saying yours is or isn't
  8. It doesn't seem to be a typical Caussin, but I can't say what it is.
  9. The head looks a bit familiar, never seen a frog like that. Cool
  10. I guess in 20 years you'll know if it was a good idea. Worth a try. I have also cut into bassbars to install cleats. Hard to do as well as when you replace the bar, but doable.
  11. [ One concern is that iron is pretty corrosive, don't know if that would be pertinent in this project
  12. Anyone know why it went for such a high price? Yes, because 2 people liked it more than they liked $6,000 Sorry, didn't look at the bows
  13. I'm not sure if there is anyone in the country who can sort out all the klotzes from their neighbors. Certainly a judgement could be made about it's relative quality. An appraisal wouldn't necessarily address the question of specific maker, that's more the role of a certificate. If you're near Roland, call him and ask if he'd be willing to appraise it.
  14. Since this is a common Mittenwald practice, this feature will not help you attribute the cello , since we already believe it to be from Mittenwald.
  15. I was thinking a bit later, closer to Juzek, but maybe I'd change if I saw the fiddle in hand
  16. If the width is 160, you probably could go down to zero as you suggest. Two other considerations are the split of the wood,(and trying to stay parallel to it), and whether you want toreverse the grain on one of your tops. The more conventional way is to bookmatch with the outermost (closest to tree bark) wood meeting at center joint. Your method will produce one the opposite, or 2 mixed tops. I can't tell you how much difference this makes, if any. There certainly are successful violins with 1 piece tops, but you should at least be aware of it.
  17. The button certainly looks like Bausch school,
  18. I could tell by touching the computer screen and discerning the harmonics of the ribs I don't know any hard and fast rules to tell an outside mold was used. It looks like a Bohemian violin of some sort, and the the rib mitres appear long. There are very good instruments made with outside molds, so I didn't mean to imply it was worthless because of that.
  19. It would depend on how you value your time. From a strict dollar and cents point of view, it's probably not justifiable.I suspect you could buy a healthier comparable one for well under a thousand. But it doesn't look like junk either, so could be a good piece for someone to gain experience with.BTW, probably was made on outside form and I wouldn't be surprised to see fake corner blocks
  20. Funny, they don't even try to tell you it's a Camilli. Probably too easy to trace if they did that. I emailed and asked for a pic of the other side of the scroll, still waiting
  21. I was thinking Ficker or Schonfeld. Are there big initials branded in the center of the back?
  22. My friend told me once that my violin is a cheap violin. I asked him why? He told me that the wood of the rib and back are from different trees, no way to match. All the sudden I learnt something. I get what I paid for in a no-free-lunch society. I hope you didn't pay your friend for that wisdom
  23. Most likely a good grade of Saxon violin from the end of the 19th century
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