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    Almost finished my form...anyone interested to see photos?
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    Thanks for your advice, Manfio. I believe that I will leave it as is and go ahead with some bending.
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    I am making some forms to help me bend sides...heat the maple and clamp them in. I am using hard wood...some scrap maple as a matter of fact. Should I leave the wood bare or does it need something to seal it? If a sealer is needed, what would be a good moisture and heat resistant barrier? Thanks for your replies!
  4. Ed... That is AWESOME!! Thanks very much! Tom
  5. Thank you for the replies and opinions. I am of the mind that there is worth in the study of, and construction of, any and all depending on the end result you wish to achieve. More than one way to skin a cat... I appreciate all I read in this forum. The knowledge and experience shared here is an astounding wealth of riches that I use constantly. I only hope to be able to give back at some point...I am a beginner! In my former life, I played clarinet and saxophone as military musician (U.S. Navy). Along the way I formed an interest in instrument history leading me to construction. The
  6. Excellent! Thanks for the reply...I am very excited about making instruments in this manner.
  7. Anyone know where I can get some measurements and information? Sort of winging it but would like to know more. I know about the one article in the "Trade Secrets" book from The Strad...that is what got me interested. Thanks! Tom
  8. I stayed in Piacenza in 2009, riding the train to and from Cremona. No parking worries, much less expensive than a room in the city. Cremona ain't a big place...there are special city buses to take to and from the exposition site, everything else is a short walk from the train station. BTW, Cremona would be worth a visit anytime. My 2 cents...