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  1. Hi, Does anyone know where to find that lovely, ancient looking "tree" chart of violin makers? Saw one hanging on a wall at a music shop here in NJ but they could care less unless you want to buy an instrument! Perhaps someone knows where I could order/buy/print one? thanks bunches.... Jackie Bell
  2. Whoops, I meant second violin, not chair. I, too had misgivings about this and wanted to wait a year. But, after playing for my teacher, and have called her this evening, she has reassured me that I'll fit in just fine as she is familiar with this group. Heck, it doesn't hurt to try.
  3. Hi, The response from my "Over 40 Years Post" has been significant! Thanks! Anyone have any experience with small orchestras? What I did in addition to lessons again (I dragged out the old books and played catch up on my own for two months, to feel this out) was to join ASTA (for the instrument insurance discount through Merz Huber). Each state ASTA branch lists orchestras for everyone. We have a community (county?) orchestra here in NJ, got in touch with conductor and she said no auditions but come on Sept. 11 for first rehersal. I am scared! But in preparation, I got a hold of the sheet music for second chair, xeroxed it big at work (don't laugh) and have been using it in lessons. Oh, have I learned alot in the last month. The pieces are Poet & Peasant by Suppe, Trumpet Concerto by Haydn and (yikes!) Sibelius' Symphone No. 2 Had it not been for the pressure of this, I'd never pushed myself from an elementary first position to shifting and third position in less than two weeks! How the heck can I play so many notes in one measure when I can't even think that fast? Let's hope the community orchestra will cut some of it and go alittle slower. What I've been doing is listening to CD's on how it is "supposed" to sound. I have two weeks left. Anyone have any experience? There was no audition for this, just a reference from my teacher ...Jackie
  4. Isn't it weird. These instruments will go on for hundreds of years, long after we are gone.Maybe alittle bit of whomever owned/played will be a part of that, too. ..Jackie
  5. Ben, I went to site and nothing came up. Even hit Reload. Just a pretty background (blue) ..Jackie
  6. Hi, glad to hear from ya. Actually, I didn't have a violin to put down as that was just a school instrument. I did however, get one ten years ago just "to have". When you raise a family/work/go to school, just no time. Now there is time!
  7. Ok, Ok Well, 'bout 10 years ago, my daughter Becky was taking dance lessons from someone who lived in the city (NYC), here in NJ and he brought in a stack o' instruments to market to us NJ housewives (as a music teacher had passed away in his apt. building and he was to sell these instruments). On the dance studio floor was this beat up violin with mismatched pegs/etc. I took it to a shop and they said it would be good to practice on but the bow was probably better than the violin. I bought it all for 75 bucks. Ten years goes by and the violin in old case is propped up against the wall in the dining room (case tattered). I vacumn around it, life goes on... Becky is now off to college, I retired from breeding/showing cats, have all this time. I think, what the hey, maybe I can do this. I take the violin to a well known luthier for a set up and they said it was worth at least a 1,000 so I went for an appraisel for insurance purposes. (no label in this instrument) What they certified was that this is an Italian Guarnerius (model) worth 15K and they wanted to sell it on consignment. Everyone is telling me to sell it. No way. When I had the bow rehaired (a Tourte copy) another luthier (who really hates the first shop) said, "Lady, this ain't no Italian Guarnerius". So-o, who cares? It sounds wonderful. I'm lucky to have it. My teacher and I will go to her appraisor in Philly someday to exactly figure out just WHAT this is. In any case, now I have to get good enough to justify playing such a wonderful instrument. I've been playing 3 hours a day for the last three months like there is this other person's spirit who flew into me. I'm possessed, ha,ha. Nice story, don't you think? ..Jackie
  8. But Weefiddler, you had the fortitude not to let that bad sounding first violin discourage you! At some point you must have realized it was not you, but "the thing". Good for you!
  9. Squawk, Me thinks you may sound better than you think. Someone once said, "why not record yourself practicing?" Yeah, right. I don't know where you live, but all over are these community orchestras. What I did last month was sign up (no audition, bless them) Got the sheet music ahead (rehearsal starts 9/11) and have been playing Violin II part of Haydn's Trumpet Concerto, Suppe's Poet & Peasant Overture and the killer, Sibelius' Symphony No. 2. Oye, am I overwhelmed. What have I gotten myself into? In one week I learned to do 1/2 position and third. Had to for those pieces. And me only knowing first position in high school. Wish me luck. ..Jackie ps. the point is, join an orchestra and necessity pushes you real far! yikes!
  10. Well Hello Bud. Have you been playing long? Do you teach? My first teacher was so high strung (no pun intended) I couldn't think as fast as she spoke! By the second lesson (she charged 75 per hour) I got to only play three notes. I said, Goodbye. The second one is much laid back and let's me charge ahead (with guidance) The Korg tuner helps. Thanks for listening!
  11. Any interesting stories on how you acquired your first (or only) violin? Any attic finds? I will save mine for last! It is a doozie. ..Jackie
  12. Hello all, This list is wonderful. I've learned alot in just the past few days. Thank you to whomever posts. But, I can really tell many of you are young (which is very refreshing!) Are there any of you who are in their late 40's or older who have (like me)recently began playing again? I'd love to get some experience posts on how we older students are doing. While music and enthusiasm is ageless, alas, the body is not. Has anyone out there (regardless of age) feel like there is this driving force within them to learn this difficult instrument? I used my violin/orchestra to get out of class in high, I spend each waking moment, determined to work at playing well. ....Jackie
  13. Where am I from? Well, I've lived in Boston/Flordia/South Carolina/Monterey,Ca/Indianapolis and am now back home in New Jersey. Why so many places? In the 60's we hippies moved around alot. After 40 years, I am now playing again (3hrs daily) and taking lessons. I think I'm possessed? ..Jackie
  14. Hello all, My first post here... I'd love to know what violins (models) are best for playing Irish fiddle tunes. I have an old wonderful Italian Guarnerius for concert use, but want to get a violin to set up with steel strings for my Irish fiddle class in Sept. Should I use the Guarnerius that has the Perlon, or look to get something that would sound more authentic for that type of music.