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  1. an audiophile who is interested in manuscripts. Interesting...
  2. ^We wanted to emphasize the speculative content of the manuscript (and the cover).Of sentimental there is very little ...
  3. These sonatas and partite were probably written before 1720. The manuscript was probably created for a future print, confirmed by the writing:
  4. Sei(6) sonate e partite per violino solo
  5. Quasi sicuramente si riferiva a queste:
  6. I do not prefer woman first. Second much more interesting.(cit.)
  7. It is not "pervebere" but "perve-here"
  8. I seem to remember that the concert is in B minor.
  9. Fantastic. Remember to always put the seat belts.
  10. Llol! you've never driven a Ferrari, perhaps even a Corvette, let alone a Lamborghini.
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