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  1. Was snakewood from South America readily available in Italy c1700?
  2. What kind(s) of wood would have been used for bows at the time of Stradivari in Italy?
  3. Who apart from the Cremonese installed separate bass bars? Were there any violin making traditions doing this without necessarily following the Cremonese example? Apart from other Italian schools of making - Milan, Naples, Venice - I'm thinking about French, English, German, Austrian and Bohemian traditions. Or did these all eventually "convert" to the Cremonese method from originally doing intergrated bars?
  4. Jacob

    Violin ID

    Van de Geest had several labels, but it always had his name on it. The violin about which I posted has a faclimile Gagliano label in it, something which van de Geest never did.
  5. Jacob

    Violin ID

    Thanks for all the responses, much appreciated.
  6. Jacob

    Violin ID

    The back is cleated. The inside of the pegbox is varnished, not blackened. Here is another shot of a rib joint.
  7. Jacob

    Violin ID

    LOB at back button over the arching 360mm.
  8. Jacob

    Violin ID

    The joint is dead centre; I haven't had the top off, so I can't tell about the linings; no pin holes on the top.
  9. Jacob

    Violin ID

    The rib figure running in the same direction all around; shape of the head; the amount of overhang on the corners; the rib corners; the fluting in the throat; the rib heights tapering from 31mm bottom bout up to the upper corners) to 29.5mm at the neck; the extremely close distance of the purfling to the edge; the top arching.
  10. Jacob

    Violin ID

    Accidendal omission. It's been added.
  11. Jacob

    Violin ID

    This one does not look like the average Markneukirchen product. Not French either. The label is a facsimile Alessandro Gagliano one. Any ideas?
  12. Jacob

    Bow ID

    Any ideas on market value?
  13. Jacob

    Bow ID

    If one wants to speculate about the case and violin which accompanied the bow, I would guess about the 1920's. Parhaps even earlier.
  14. Jacob

    Bow ID

    A customer waltzed in with it. Nice stick.
  15. Jacob

    Bow ID

    Yes, that's pretty weird.
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