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  1. I saw him a couple of years ago at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. The place was packed and they thoroughly enjoyed the performance. He is quite a showman. If you are into Strauss you will have a wonderful time.
  2. Not all Chinese string instruments are a rip off. SOme are decent when you consider their price. I have seen some lousy Romanian and German instruments also.
  3. The news. BUt the last music I listened to Schubert's Mass in G. My son will be performing it at lincoln Center in June.
  4. There are still a few openings for some string players in my son's youth orchestra's european performance tour leaving July 2nd. It is a three week performance tour and a week of rest in Paris. We are taking some high school musicians who are not enrolled in the orchestra. The info is here http://www.myo.org/
  5. Those books of parts are wonderful. My violist son has gone to an orchestra camp for the past two summers and needed to find parts. The camp told you the orchestral pieces that would be studied in the summer and expected you to find parts to practice so you would be ready to audition the day after camp started. When the kids were at camp they gave them parts to use. Those books and Luck's Music were a godsend to him.
  6. He went to the opera last night to enjoy himself before his audition. He never did eat the banana today that we brought but he came out of the audition smiling and said it went well. I have never seen him that nervous before. Thanks for the replies
  7. Well, I grew up in the 60s and never smoked a banana! Thanks all!
  8. My son has an important audition tomorrow. I thought I'd offer him a banana prior to it since some swear they help with calming. For those that do it, how far before the audition should you eat one? Thanks
  9. It was a fun day. I see you donated a few sets of strings!
  10. I also bought a CC Lee cello from someone who sells on eBay. It is lovely and worth much more than I paid for it. I bought it off line and not through an auction.
  11. I have a beef about youth orchestra page turning. The conductors ought to have them practice the art of QUIET turning of pages. I bothers me to no end hearing 40 pages of sheet music rattle in unison.
  12. http://www.lisfa.org/id7.html There will be an all day ViolaFest at Hofstra University on Long Island on November 6. Violists of all ages are welcome. There will be master classes with Rebecca Young the Associate Principal of the NY Philharmonic. Sounds like fun to me!
  13. Be careful... once they go to viola, they never go back. And it is a wonderful thing!
  14. Yup, he is picking theory over viola. He loves the viola but theory is his real love. He analyzes every piece of classical music he hears. He eventually wants to teach at the college level and realizes he will have to get a PhD. But he is just 17 and who knows where life will take him. He has an affinity for solo Bach and seems to play it well. He will be playing a cello suite in church this Sunday. It isn't exactly church music but that what he has chosen to play. He played the third in church last year and will play the first this time. Thanks for your post!
  15. I am not sure if I posted this here before. My violist son who is interested in Music Theory for a college major is beginning his audition practicing. Most colleges (he is not interested in a conservatory) have the same audition requirements for performance and non-performance music majors. This is what he is working on for his college auditions: Bach Cello Suite No. 3 - Prelude (and will pick another movement). Stamitz in D Major - 1st and 2nd movements Apeggione - first and 2nd movements Some Kreutzer etude and now his teacher wants to add Suite Hebraique Any thought on those selections? Thanks!
  16. I have a question after looking at this list. Is it correct? My son, who seems to have an affinity for solo Bach, thinks that the Cello Suites are easier than the Stamitz and the list has them the other way around. He has also studied the Prelude of the Bach Partita III although he didn't perfect it completely. I guess it is partially what is a good fit for you. My son likes unacompained works.
  17. It isn't always so cut and dry. I know of a young lady who had quite a few AP courses and a rigorous schedule who was turned down by a few Ivy League schools. Even though her GPA was 99 and she scored a perfect 1600 on the SATs. You never know what they are looking for at any particular time. Does that kind of school record help, certainly. But it isn't a sure thing. She ended up at Indiana U and not for music.
  18. My son loves his CODA Conservatory viola bow. We have had good experiences with their customer service. They replaced a bow for him once and then fixed the frog free of charge at a later time. Both times sending the bows back with expedited free fast shipping because my son had to use the bow for a performance. They also took a CODA classic viola bow to a show in Minneapolis in April so my son could try it out when his orchestra was there to perform at the MENC conference. He also has a violin Aspire bow which he likes but since he is a violist it doesn't get as much play as the other. I am contempating getting him a CODA Classic for Christmas since the one he tried out, he liked. I guess I will make sure that I get a few for him to trial.
  19. How wonderful. I see it is somehow associated with Lucy Moses. I know of a few kids here on Long Island that go there. Anyhow, what a nice accomplishment. What did she play for her audition? rainyann
  20. http://www.rivertorivernyc.com/
  21. I have no advice. However, I just want to say what a wonderful thing it is for his parents and you to give this young person an opportuniy to have music in his life. What a nice post!
  22. My son is trying his free set of Evahs on his viola (normally he loves Obligatos). They have been on for less than a week. Right now they sound a bit metallic, hopefully they will calm down.
  23. It isn't that he wouldn't want to try Eastman, (my brother lives right outside Rochester so that would be good). There would be much more competition for spots at Eastman. And I think the performance expectations would be higher. He plays well but I am not sure well enough for a place like Eastman. Most colleges don't give different weight to the audition for performance and other music majors. There are only a couple that have different requirements, at least on paper. I would think that the performance expectations would be a bit different if you don't want to be a performance major. Does anyone know any reason the expectations are usually exactly the same?
  24. No, he wants to eventually teach college music theory. So he is going for a degree in Music Theory knowing that he will have to get a PhD somewhere down the line.
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