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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for sound file for Canon in D played by harp instead of the usual arrangement in the internet for a friend's wedding....do any one know where can I find it? And hmmm......the discussion board layout has certainly changed a lot....it looks nicer... ...think I have been away too long.
  2. Firstly, thanks for all the suggestions. I do agree that setting a time aside is very important. I guess it's the discipline that require this time to be used as it should be. It's very interesting to note that majority of you advocates mental practise. This is something I have not tried. I do remember that my teacher did ever mentioned that dreaming about a difficult passage do helps her conquered it. Since I don't dream about any pieces, it does not work for me. I will definitely give the mental practise a try. Thanks [This message has been edited by Sound Dreamer (edited 04-18-2002).] [This message has been edited by Sound Dreamer (edited 04-18-2002).]
  3. Hi Recently, I find that I'm struggling against lack of time to practise the violin as I progress along the violin lessons. What is simply sufficient time 3 years ago is simply not sufficient now for the violin practice now. Then I work during the day too...I would like to hear especially from those who are learning violin and working at the same time, how do you find quality practise time? What did you do to enhance the quality of the practise time? Do you think that buying a yamaha electronic silent violin to practise during lunchtime in office a good idea? I really welcome any suggestions
  4. Wish there are orchestras at school when I'm schooling. Just make the best out of it, where there's a negative part, the opposites is there as well if you look hard enough.
  5. Muon, can that really be played??
  6. Because I can't go back to the piano anymore with the amount of BAD habits I had formed and I want to play music again and I like the expressiveness of the violin and I can at last carry my muisc instrument with me ;P
  7. Well, both hands may be pressing keys but the controls that goes into each fingers are different at all times as melodies line flows from left to right and vice versa at all times. If you ask a pianist to try holding a pen and writes with the hand he normally don't, he will probablly have better success than a non pianist as his mind is already geared or rather trained towards such controls. If a handicap painter can paints with his feets or mouth, what is diff between left handed and right handed. It's all in the mind.
  8. I can't memorise music ever since 10 years old even exam pieces that I have practise everyday for 6 months.But strangely I can still remember the pieces that I memorised before 10 and yet I can memorised my academic stuff. I think it's a matter of different selective development speed or training of senses. Anyway, memories isn't the only determining factor of how good a musician is. Your son probably need more encouragement, assurance and patience. Just don't make him feel inferior because of it. [This message has been edited by Sound Dreamer (edited 12-30-2001).]
  9. I don't think left handed or right handed matters much as both hands are trainable (ask a pianist). It's the attitude that determines.
  10. Ebay seems to be selling lots of junk , yet even more strange are the people biding it.
  11. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Victor: Jane, What do you clean up soapy pegs and holes with? Andy water?
  12. I have managed to clean some of the rosins off the pegs and pegholes using eyebrow brusher. The pegs have started to be slippery again! Boy! I would never dream how relieved I am to have slippery pegs. Can I aske, is peg compound supposed to give the peg more friction or make it more slippery? What about chalk? Thanks. [This message has been edited by Sound Dreamer (edited 12-25-2001).]
  13. It's not my intention to insult any luthier here, just that they are hard to get to here where I live. Please take my comments with a pinch of salt. THanks for your advice.
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