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  1. This guy is funny. He puts a bag over his head with funny little ears and plays the cello really good. He has nice spiccato and vibrato. You should put a chicken bucket on top of your head too like that guitar player BucketHead.
  2. I didnt know they are aluminum but when you get the built in tuners that are farther back than the add on tuners its supposed to sound better. Because people say the length between ball end and bridge is important. Ive tried no tuners, one tuner, and 4 tuners ( add on ) and I couldnt hear a difference but there could be a small difference.
  3. Thats really funny. Maybe its because the sound... of the strings slowly diminishes and they dont notice. Ive always hated when rich guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen put a new set of strings on before every concert. Because that seems wastefull if there isnt an unlimited supply of metal. I played really hard and abused them alot but I made guitar strings last 6 months with alot of rubbing alcohol every sunday. And if you use big strings tuned a little loose they last longer.
  4. Darn wipper snappers these days. Alot of them are disrespectfull... but I think that is always true - I was and I regret it alot now. But I wonder if those pentacostal preachers are right - every generation does seem worse than the last. Maybe from music lyrics, tv.... They need better influences. Like Hilary Hahn.
  5. It looks awesome in direct sunlight where the oil made it darker. Its a nice dark blood red. I never noticed untill this morning cuz we almost never have direct sunlight in the Seattle area. Maybe I like it. Its dark brown under dim artificial light.
  6. Yeah it only got darker and it looks OK but that reddish brown was one of the prettiest colors Ive ever seen. I took it off to clean it. And you could never say that enough about alcohol. Alcohol works great all over electric guitars but its a different kind of paint I guess. Im lucky I knew that right before I bought my violin or I might have used alcohol all over it if I hadnt.
  7. One reason I choose my violin is cuz it had pretty reddish brown boxwood fittings and now its all dirty from my face oil. And a little on the tailpiece too. I tried rubbing alcohol but it didnt work. Is there any way besides sanding it to get the color back? I tried google and couldnt find anything about it. Its not real important though cuz I got a nasty lump on my neck where I used to have a hicky so I tried a cloth like Perlman and I like that so much I would never play without it again.
  8. Thats a horrible idea. It could keep them from ever liking classical music. Maybe they should use the BG's and yodeling instead. That temporary blindess is a cool idea though if its safe.
  9. That post made me think it would be nice to have other accompaniment things and I looked it up and I found this - http://www.music44.com/X/product/MMO-CD-3102-Q I dont know anything about that company but the idea is awesome. It even comes with the notation for the whole concerto. Thats alot less expensive than hiring an orchestra.
  10. You can learn alot by looking up all of Andrew Victors posts. He has played violin for 70 years and he knows alot. I love playing without a shoulder rest now. Like the shoulder rest is good for beginners like training wheels and the its better with only wood on your shoulder.
  11. Every violinist I watch has high strings exactly like mine. Ive been playing without a shoulder rest and I feel like with the violin lower its easier to push strings and balance the bow. Maybe Ill like that more. It does sound better but I wonder if that is only better technique? Stiff arm I thought is what you call fast elbow spasms when the bow hair doesnt leave the string. And spiccato is bouncy wrist movements like knocking on a door? And they have a different tone. Thats funny that Perlman would break hairs on purpose. But couldnt there be a shortage of horse hair if everyone did that
  12. Im used to a tough solid body violin I made with big guitar strings and I just bought a nice acoustic Scotti violin with thinner strings. Does bouncy spiccato break hairs and strings alot? I like Perlman's spiccato tone but Im afraid Ill break strings and he breaks alot of bow hairs in the 1979 Tchaikovsky concerto DVD. I dont know if its because of spiccato. I enjoy only stiff arm staccato enough. I think Spohr only did that? And on this violin the strings are 3.5 and 5.5 like they are supposed to be and thats a little hard to push past position 5. And if you do push them all the way down
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