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  1. jelled eel ? perhaps a digital something or other might help you calibrate your eyes my rule is look -judge- verify, look judge verify
  2. in my experence with flute consruction all thing being equal wall thickness has no effect on the primary tone, only the partials. volume of cavity = percived pitch. internal finnish materal and thickness affect the tambor, a high side on a violin would seem to supurt longer wave form lower partials resulting in something more like hot choclate than lemon aid do you like hot choclate? thats my theory for now
  3. yes it relates to the whole tool marks are nor considered a fault as much as a signature of sorts a very Italian trait
  4. note the regular intraval of the gouge not a hack job
  5. no the over all effect is what the maker was looking for many old Itialian scrolls share the same feature as wall as contemporary marers ( I just saw ben connovers site Very FINE craftsmanship indeed
  6. I love the way you think we are trying to make the best we can thanks for the insight Michael
  7. by quit I mean for the individual piece of work strad never quit the trade worked into his ninties i belive he was very driven nicolo amati retired in his seventies and lived many more years strad could have had a little obsesive compulsive it is entierly evident to me that he loved his work.
  8. the diffrence between pro and amature is a pro knows when to quit. i belive strad was great but knew almost nothing compared to what we know today and dgu was mustly concerned w puttin food on the table in a world gone mad. both men were great they valued diffrent things had diffrent clients and diffrent ideas of tone and time
  9. I would love to see some of the spectoral graphing and or microscopic proof to the statement that a router destroys tap tones and shatters the micro fibers. put up or shut up. as ct said authority is not an argument.end of story for now.
  10. thanks ML AO = bodycavity mode got it and BO mode + tap @top of scroll mode thanks! I learnded good I am hearing a step in the modes like a fifth is the AO mode a c ? I am hearing higher BO down to the AO feels like an octave but it is hard to tell ,the AO is not pure like a flute. I like the Idea of trimming the sides to adjust the hmz I know that the edge of a flutes blow hole has a lot to do with tone but I wonder how much on a violin FFs
  11. playing for change is a music project you shuold be able to u tube
  12. thanks manfio I love how every body in the world has a unique face that we all see as human .I love to see the artist at work creating a new life unique and fresh if you can watch Playing for Change
  13. I like your additude dude I have many more vices- pun intended- than i need and not nearly enough tone wood! have fun !if at first you don,t succede try a bigger hammer!
  14. The fully closed F-hole made the fiddle sound very much like a Gibson A-model mandolin with the round hole. A0 is in the same spot. wow on the graph It seems to me that ff holes act as something of a valve to let air in and out rarifacation a sort of shock absorber if you will to much ie small ff and the results may be a tight high end responce to little ie a large ff and you will get more of the hollow box sound feathering the edges might have the over all effect of enlarging the ff what do you guys think?
  15. ct are you really getting rid of stuff or making room for more?in my experience the best always seem to work with the least. yuo can lead a horse to water but yuo can,t rip his lips off!
  16. thanks for the tip looks cheaper than the pencils in another recent post
  17. a flutes drums is a very unsopfisticated way to say flutes and drums it happens when you screw up typing I understand many early craftSmen could not read or write. Workmanship of risk says for example if tolarance is +or- 1 inch then really cut it off +- one inch no one needs fire wood any more accurite than that if you dont need to be dead nut square don,t because it,s a waste of time. workmanship of risk is the idea that a person control the outcome of a project not the tooling the specs or to some extant even the desighn. don,t ask me how to spell anything. I learnt my trade from a very hard man to work for as well. structural steel probly not a lot of workmanship of risk as mush as risky workmen http://www.maestronet.com/forum/style_emot...fault/smile.gif
  18. nother newbe here for newbe week my name is James michael Jones born to this life 6/12/66 and proude to be in your estemed company .I have been an artist craftman since 1984 i have made hundreds of flutes drums I am currently finnishing #6&7 violins I am also a trained blackmith and have studied the workmanship of risk method for years. I belive the origin of craftmanship is in the understanding of the language of the material and the purposs it will serve. A fine instrument may lack a fine finish, bee stings on purfling and symetry to the scroll, yet possess solid joints, good arching and graduations, selected woods and great setup. Ask what was the value structure,Intent of the craftsman? tone power resonance or mabe they wanted to just look good I belive some good instruments will be made by poor craftsman but most will not look for tight joints a light quality 450 gm 400-500gm range and lack of structural fault (sound post cracks caved in ffs ect.) the bottom side of most old stuff was left rough not because of poor craftmanship but diffrent vallues
  19. I set mine deep came out pretty nice take your time visulize 2-3 hrs back on track
  20. I guess del gesus intent is to git anotherdone so he can get the cash fiddles rule!
  21. new guy here working artist for 30yrs is it possible that the makers of old were perhaps more sound system producers like say bose or telifunkin , what was the measurable tolarance today simple ole me can measure to 1-10000 in quick easy for strad an his contemps it was all feel guage yes no?
  22. thanks for the great photos! been blacksmithin on to 18 years lots of similarities art science language of materals I belive the scroll knuckle arose from the king of craftsmans' favorate trick both violin and blacksmithing ornamental work rose to thier zenith at the same time in europe. any other blacksmith-violinmakers out there* I am currently workin g on violin 5&6 and working as a artist blacksmith
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